Auckland Sky tower

Sky tower is an iconic landmark in Auckland for its three circular observation levels which offer 360 degree panoramic view.

This 328 meters tall building is well known for its unique design. It is an impressive hub for high end revolving restaurant, sky jump and breath-taking views. Sky tower possesses 3 observation levels including Sky lounge, sky deck and main observation level. Courageous people walk around the tower on 1.2 metre wide platform and 192 metres up to see the spectacular view. Sky jump is the most adventurous part here, where visitors jump from 192 metres height, although they are tightened a cord with a waist belt. Visitors need to buy tickets for 182 metre Sky Café, 186 metre Main observation level and 220 metre sky deck view platform. Tourists can enjoy unbeatable views of Auckland’s skyline from the restaurant 360.

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