Auckland Westhaven Marina

Westhaven Marina is the magnificent marina, which is situated in the western side of Auckland CBD. This marina is full of boats and yachts, which highlights Auckland’s renowned sailing heritage.


 Westhaven Marina is arranged with 2000 boats including yachts and speedboats, with all shapes and sizes, making it the one of the largest marina in the world and the biggest one in the Southern Hemisphere. For this busy harbour, Auckland is well known as ‘City of Sails’. It is the most ideal place in Auckland, where people can swim, catch fish, scuba, surf and sail, so it is like a paradise for locals as well as tourists. New Zealanders can buy yachts, dealing with yacht-authorized agents and sell them privately. Locals who stay close to marina, live by fishing and tourist trip to the sea, thus living a diversified life.

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