Best Hotels in Syracuse NY

The best hotels in Syracuse are often the ones that offer the most value for your money. While luxury hotels may be more expensive, they generally come with additional perks such as higher standards of service and amenities. If you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re visiting Syracuse, consider one of the following establishments:

The Westin Hotel at Destiny USA

This hotel offers many reasons to stay at this hotel near Destiny USA. For starters, it’s conveniently located across from the mall itself, which makes it easy to get around if you’re visiting for an event or if you just want to take advantage of all that Destiny has to offer. The rooms themselves are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for guests to spread out. The hotel even offers complimentary shuttle service to and from Destiny, so if you’re staying here for an event or just want some transportation within the city itself, this is definitely one of the best options available!

Hilton Garden Inn Syracuse Downtown

Located right on Erie Street between Seneca Street and State Street, this hotel offers easy access to all sorts of shops and restaurants along Syracuse’s main thoroughfare. In addition to being close enough to walk everywhere but far enough away from noise

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