Best places to visit in japan 2021

Best places to visit in japan 2021


When it comes to a visit to Japan, the city of Kyoto will really feel like this city is probably the Best places to visit in Japan 2021. Travelers interested in Japanese history and heritage should visit Kyoto. Kyoto, located in the archipelago, has long been considered the cultural capital of Japan. There are over a thousand Buddhist temples and over 400 Shinto shrines, including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Before exploring modern attractions such as the Kyoto Aquarium you can explore the districts of Jiosha Zion and Miyagacho, admire the classic wood architecture and visit the traditional tea houses.


Tokyo is a city that reflects the colors of Japan. Tokyo is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In Japan, the places to visit are endless and it is always impossible to explore all at once. The popular city of Tokyo deserves first place in your journey, thanks to its animated culture and world-class attractions. If historical sites do not appeal to you, there is great culinary scenery in the city! It is one of the best places to visit in Japan.

Mount Fuji:

In Japan, Mount Fuji is a symbol of the cherry blossom and this wonderful city is the Best places to visit in japan 2021. The Japanese people say that everyone should come to Fuji at least once in their life, but if you do this twice you are a fool! You do not have to wait for her to start hiking to enjoy her fame.


Nara was the first permanent capital of Japan, founded in 710 and was once known as Heijo. In 784, when strong Buddhist monasteries threatened the government, the capital was shifted to Nagoya. Within less than an hour from Kyoto, the city offers many historical and beautiful sights, as well as many temples and shrines.

Imperial Tokyo:

One of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks, the Imperial Palace is surrounded by beautiful seventeenth century gardens, walls and lakes and is a must see when visiting the nation’s capital. Don’t give up on the fact that the palace is mostly closed to the public (which is still in use by the Imperial family), because there is still a lot to see by walking around the grounds.

In addition to the many spectacular views of the palace from the many places in the surrounding park, visitors are also allowed to visit the East Higashi-Jon Garden and other areas that are open to the public as part of an organized tour. One of the most romantic scenes is the famous Nijubashi Bridge or “Twin Bridge”, hence the name for its reflection.


Mount Fuji is on the list of places most people should visit in Japan, but the Japanese landmark is too vague to see and it is often obscured by clouds.
There are a lot of places where you can see the mountain (another great option below Kawaguchi), but Hakone is easily accessible from Tokyo and can do many other things in this area if you are not lucky. With a view.


Shibuya Station’s famous “Scramble Crossing” is one of the most beautiful sights in Tokyo. On an average working day, up to 2.8 million people walk through this busy intersection. Yes, that’s 2.8 million people a day! If you are trying to take a perfect selfie in the madness of crossing, take yourself to the other side even when the traffic signals turn red.
In addition to Shibuya’s mind-blowing crossings, Tokyo’s hippest clothing brands can also be found in the area. There are many trendy fashion shops on or around Center Guy Street. The famous Shibuya 109 Shopping Mall is an epic center known to many shoppers, anchored within minutes from the train station.

Island Church in Itzukushima:

A small ferry from Hiroshima to the island of Miyajima, world famous as the Temple Island of Japan. Miyajima is an Itzukushima shrine covering an area of ​​30 square kilometers in the Hiashima Gulf. Shinto Temple dedicated to the daughters of Princess Susa.
Since the 8th century, most of the shrine’s buildings have risen from the waters of the small bay that only supports the pile. The effect of high tides is astonishing, and these structures – including the famous Great Floating Gate (O-Tory) – appear to be floating in the water.


This area in Tokyo is considered to be the main cultural draw of the city. There are several small temples here, the main attractions being the Senso-ji Temple and the surrounding Nakamise shopping block. In addition to this historical treasure, Asakusa is located a short distance from the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asahi Beer Hall. If you live nearby, it is a good idea to check out these two venues. Asahi Beer Hall is one of the best places to visit for alcoholics in Japan!

Osaka Fort:

Osaka Castle (Saka-J), built in 1586 by the famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hidayoshi, was the largest and most important fortress in the country at the time. Although it has been demolished and rebuilt several times since then, the current structure, built in 1931, remains the same.
The five-story and 42-meter-high main tower is the highlight of the visit. The tower is built on a 14 meter high stone foundation. There are many exhibits here that tell the history of the fort and the city. Stunning view of the sunset Visit upstairs for better views of Osaka.

Atsuta Church, Nagoya:

Atsuta Shrine, located in the heart of Nagoya City, is the most important Shinto Shrine in Japan and attracts over five million visitors each year. Founded in the 1st century, this place of worship is only a third of the country’s imperial symbol, the “sword-cutting sword” (Kusanagi-no-Surugi).
Hong Kong is its main place of worship with a treasury of artefacts including old and modern paintings, ceramics, ornaments and traditional masks.


Kamakura is an hour-long train ride south of Tokyo, surrounded by forested hills along the beautiful coast of Sagami Bay. As the capital of Japan, the coastal city is home to many important sites, beautiful temples and shrines.

At a height of 13.35 meters, Kamakura is the symbol defined by the great Buddha and the most famous sight. Built of bronze, this magnificent structure stretches across its surroundings and is one of the most famous and photographed attractions in the city. Like the beautiful and serene Zen temples of Kenchoji and Ngokuji, the huge Surugoka Hachimangu Temple also attracts visitors.

Fuji – The Miracle of Comfort:

Heaven for those who want adventure! Mount is world famous for providing the most exciting experience in Japan. Fuji is the ultimate destination to visit and definitely one of the most romantic places in Japan. With the clumsy climbing season starting in July and ending in September, you can see the beauty all year round. This is one of our favorite places in Japan. Needless to say this place should be on your list!

Ishigaki Tourism – Overseas Destinations:

The Most Trending Travel Destination in Japan! Chosen as the Most Trending Travel Destination in 2021, Ishigaki Island is definitely one of the best places to visit in Japan. Despite the size, the island offers a unique experience to tourists and there is no limit to celebrating holidays on Japanese land. It was also chosen as the best place to visit in Japan during the cherry blossom season.


Since the city was the site of the world’s first atomic bombing in 1945, there are many memories of the Battle of Hiroshima. But today, Hiroshima is the city of peace, the Peace Memorial Park, the Children’s Peace Monument and the UNESCO certified atomic bomb dome. It is also a city of great beauty. Tourists can take a scenic walk through the Shukin Garden, see exhibits at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, or take a walk through the beautiful waterfalls, caves and caverns.

Jesus Peninsula:

Located 62 miles southwest of Tokyo, this peninsula is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks to the hot springs and the stunning white sand beaches. These can be found in cities such as Atami and Shimoda on the east coast of the Isu Peninsula, as well as various museums and riocons (Japanese-style ins). During spring visits, travelers can see Kawasu’s powerful cherry blossoms. On the other hand, on the south and west coasts, tourists can find rugged, but equally beautiful beaches like Dogashima.

Uno Park:

if Your tours only allow you to stay in Japan for a short time, which is not likely to explore better places than Uno Park. If you have come to this city Then I assure you this the Best places to visit in japan 2021. The area offers a smorgasbord of attractions, which allows visitors to sample many of the country’s attractions in a single venue. In addition, there is a wonderful shopping bazaar called Ameya Yokocho, which contains the remains of an ancient black market.
Finally, if you like off-beat destinations, we also recommend seeing the nearest Yanaka. The area is one of the few survivors of the devastating devastation of World War II, thus providing an authentic gateway to Tokyo’s historical and cultural past.


The small island of Miyajima is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea northwest of Hiroshima Bay. Popularly known as the ‘Three Views of Japan’, it has some beautiful scenery and many temples and shrines.
Miyajima – or ‘Temple Island’ – is only a well-known nickname for the island of Itsukushima, and has long been considered a sacred place. Inside are the beautiful and sacred slopes of Mount Mausen, where you can see various Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and five-story pagodas. Its delicate hills and dense forests make for great mountaineering, and you can often see moose around the island. The Japanese also believe that it is the Best places to visit in japan 2021


Odaiba is a large man-made island over Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge. Because there are so many beautiful shopping centers on the island, including the Ferris wheel and other interesting attractions! Japan! At the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, Odiba will host some sporting events, so enjoy it before the crowds!
Thank you for building the life-sized Goon Statue built outside the Diver City Mall. Odo Onsen Monogatari, a natural hot spring theme park, can also be found in Odiba. If you do not want to visit someone else on your trip, the Odo Onsen Monogotari entry fee is definitely appreciated.


Kawago, 45 minutes northwest of Tokyo, could be a modern machine! Known for its historic warehouses, the place got the nickname “Little Edo” (formerly Toko’s Edo). This area is a historic day trip for travelers and locals from Tokyo.
One interesting thing is that Kawago’s Kita-in Temple literally contains only the rest of Edo Castle. Following a major fire, parts of the castle at Shogunet had to be rebuilt on foot from central Tokyo to Kawago. Now you can impress your friends with Kawago Trivia… Welcome!


With so many exciting stunts and fun things to do, Yokohama is very close to Tokyo but it is a little unfortunate that it does not attract as many visitors as Tokyo. This place is definitely worth a visit as it has the beautiful Minoto Mirai waterfront, one of the largest Chinatown areas. explore more Best places to visit in japan 2021

All best Place of Japan :

  • Tokyo – Summary of Japan
  • Kyoto – sacred and serene
  • Nara – Cultural city
  • Fuji – The miracle of comfort
  • Hakkaido – close to nature
  • Ishigaki – a foreign destination
  • Hiroshima – a city of historical significance
  • Sapporo – Forget heat and moisture
  • Osaka – Cultural Happiness
  • Yakushima – Naturally a gift
  • Hakuba – for adventure activities
  • Kamakura – The abode of the Buddha
  • Nagano – Great for family
  • Kawaguchi – Beautiful view
  • Takayama – away from city life
  • Shibuya – Busy city
  • Naoshima – Rich Green Island
  • Asakusa – for parties and more
  • Akihara – The perfect city life
  • Odiba – For a revitalizing experience
  • Kabukicho – Nightclubs and more
  • Uno Park – to breathe fresh air
  • Yokohama – Beauty and the Beast
  • Nico – Historically Rich
  • Tohoku – Relax in nature
  • Kawago – Return to History
  • Nagoya – Traditionally beautiful
  • Kansawa – for food culture
  • Shirakavago – surreal place
  • Shikoku – A place where serenity welcomes you
  • Nagasaki – a city with a sad history
  • Kobe – Incredibly attractive
  • Fukuoka – The oldest city in Japan
  • Hitzuziyama Park – for great scenery
  • Hakon – Views of Mount Fuji