Best places to visit in Spain 2021

Best places to visit in Spain 2021

Best places to visit in Spain 2021


Today we will talk about Rhonda, which is listed as one of the best places to visit in Spain in 2021. Legend has it that the gods divided Rhonda as a result of much controversy. Thankfully, the locals no longer quarrel, now it is a perfectly friendly group. A jawbone bridge was built to reconnect the two sides of this small mountain town, making Rhonda one of the most beautiful places in Spain.
Wander through the busy streets of the city, take a rumble under the bridge (an epic spot for a shot of the city) and take views from the center of the hill. To reduce costs, take public transportation here (there are train and bus stations in the small town) and stay at one of the local hostels in the city.


The second largest city in Spain offers a completely different travel experience compared to Madrid. Its coastal area offers a resort experience with warm and sunny weather to enjoy most days of the year. It is located on the northeast coast of the country, near the Mediterranean Sea and seems to have a more modern and progressive earthquake than Madrid and other Spanish cities.
The city’s (usually unfinished) Sagrada Familia Modern Cathedral and the Joan Miro Museum are some of Barcelona’s tourist attractions. Other good places to see in Barcelona are the city’s three miles of beaches and La Rambla, a tree – lined, pedestrian – only street. The whole city seems to be coming for the tour.
The Greatest Church in Crodoba (Mesquita):

Also known as the main mosque in Western Islam and Mesquita, the Church of C Ridoba is the largest in the world and one of the greatest achievements of Spanish Moorish architecture. Despite later changes and the formation of the Catholic Cathedral as its center, the Great Church, along with Alhamora in Grenada, is one of the two finest examples of Islamic art and architecture in Western Europe.

Construction began in 785, using construction materials from Roman and Visigothic buildings, and by 1000 it had grown to its present size, with the chapel no less than nineteen corridors. Wherever you stand, in any direction, its pillars and circular Moorish arches are lined up in symmetrical patterns.

Pablos Blancos:

The white villages in the rugged hills of central Andalusia almost negate the gravity of the place. Many were harmed when the younger generation, formerly agricultural villages, moved to the cities for work.
Now locals and foreign visitors have rediscovered their beauty, restoring narrow streets, flooded houses, old churches and flowering squares. Particularly beautiful villages include Grazalema, Veger de la Frontera and Arcos de la Frontera.


The Holy Grail of Ibiza Nightclubs and the Mecca of the Best DJs; It is a paradise for beautiful beaches, cocktails, ferns and evergreen parties. Book one of our best rating activities in Ibiza for beginners such as scuba diving course, 1 hour jet sky tour to Margarita Island or 2 hours. Parasailing Adventure Tour. Ibiza is an ideal place for sports and boat lovers and window shoppers; It is also famous for its nightclubs Amenzia, Eden, S Paradise, Moma Ibiza, Green, Privilege, Ushaya, and 2 casinos, Bigo de Ibiza and Casino de Ibiza.


Marbella (pronounced Mar-Bay-Ya), a city and resort destination near the southern Costa del Sol in Spain, is supported by the Sierra Blanca Mountains and Mediterranean waters. Among them, visitors can see those luxurious resorts, sparkling designer store fronts, visible and visible restaurants and the ruins of historic Andalusia in the twisted cobblestone corridors of the city’s old quarters. Although Marbella is a favorite place of the rich and famous – Antonio Banderas lives here – it also invites people. Of course, if done correctly, the other half can enjoy beach days, luxurious holidays filled with delicious food and cultural encounters just like their self-rivals, but perhaps without the embarrassment of paparazzi.

La Rioja:

Spain is world famous for its excellent wines and none other than Rioza. The area of ​​the same name is home to hundreds of vineyards, many of which offer tours and wine tasting. Logro, the capital of the region, is a good place to rely on for yourself, try not only for wine with tapas bars, but also for the kale laurel and surrounding streets.


In many ways, Madrid is like any other international metropolis – it is the largest city, most populous, capital and international business center in Spain. Before you go to the conclusions, hash if you pay close attention, the melodic melodies of the Spanish guitar, the suede of the flamenco dancer’s skirt and the joyful laughter from the meal all blended into Sangria. Yes, Madrid is for travelers interested in famous paintings and stunning architecture, but also for those who are looking for more time, busy and good time.


The rising sun, sea and rock formations make Alicante the main coastal center of Spain. When most foreign tourists go to the airport and go straight to the resorts on the coast, they get lost, because Alicon has to explore himself. The port city has an active beach, set against the backdrop of a mountain in Benacont; At the top of the ninth century Santa Barbara castle. Take an evening walk through the marina before checking out the tapas bars in the old town.


The capital and largest city of the province of the same name is Salamanca, located on the banks of the Torres River on the northern plateau of Spain. Widely considered one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Europe, its historic center is rich in architectural treasures and magnificent monuments.
City life revolves around the busy and bustling Plaza Mayor, which is filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. The spacious and beautiful square looks magical when the magnificent buildings are lit up at night.

San Sebastian:

Situated on the shores of the Basque Country, this beautiful city is a must for food. Pinto City Gastronomic Calling Card – The Basque version of Tapas, featuring delicious morsels that are balanced on regular Krusty bread, with Old Town bars placing their Pintosos on the bar tops so you can see everything on offer. Kancha Beach in the city is a beautiful, shell-shaped cove, popular with families, and nearby Suriola Beach is great for surfing.
Canary Islands:

You are right to compare the Canary Islands of Spain to a tropical paradise. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the southwest coast of Morocco, the seven islands of this archipelago show the striking coastline of the aquamarine. Surfers, windsurfers, scuba divers and sunbathers all come to different shores. If you visit some big islands like Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote, you will find the most expensive resorts you need. These luxury amenities include gourmet restaurants, spacious golf courses and prime beach access.


We have a crush on Malaga. There is no other city like Malaga with history, heritage, modernity, shopping, contemporary, modern and classic art. Malaga and its beaches, leisure areas, gorgeous mm yala, small authentic restaurants, marina roof views, a ferris wheel, a cathedral, a castle and school buildings overlooking the sea.

Magalaga is the Miami of Europe, where life feels extra sweet and safe; Families meet at night and appreciate the lights. Discover Malaga anytime of the year. If you want to think outside the box, visit the Christmas Market in Malaga, whose lights are classified as one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe!


Seville, the majestic capital of the Andalusia region, is full of beautiful scenery, exquisite flamenco dancing, fine bars, shops and restaurants.
The magnificent Plaza de Espana is one of the fascinating attractions of the city. Designed by local architect Anibal Gonzalez for the great Ibero-American exhibition of 1929, the city went bankrupt. It is a feast of colorful towers and colonies adorned with tiles and motifs.
In the middle of it, there is a large fountain and canals that allow visitors to flow over the huge pedestals. In movies – especially Star Wars Episode 2 – this is a great place to attack clones.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao:

You really have to look at this building to believe it – no photo does justice to the shapes of these photos, so it looks like they are ready to fly alive. American architect Frank Jerry used limestone and titanium sheets to revolve around modern architecture. He was completely successful in creating two new words out of it: the “Bilbao Effect” – the ability to build a world-class building and turn a city into a destiny – and the whole part of the industry journey around the milestones of contemporary architecture, “archeology”. Inside the museum are travel exhibitions and collections of its own modern art.


Valencia is a port city with long ties to the Spanish Ocean and the world, especially trade in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea on the southeast coast of the country. There are some beautiful beaches to enjoy as a coastal city. Another place to visit is Albufera Park, the beach side wetland reserve and a lot of hiking (some good beaches).

There are many museums in the city. The Museum of Fine Arts (Muse de Belle Arts de Valencia) has a collection of the best Spanish artists such as El Greco and Goya. In the center of the old city is a large Gothic-style cathedral, with the ruins of the old city walls, a castle and a prison.


Menorca is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Spain and should not be reduced to a tourist trap. Visit the historic city of Mahon and explore the stunning rounded streets and picturesque beauties. For the best views of the island, head to Monte Toro, the highest point in Menorca. On a hot summer day you can not rent a kayak at S Gru; Clear water will scatter you.
If you want to make your backpacker budget a little more special, head to the Cova de Soroi, a unique bar and club that cuts across the cliff face. It’s more expensive than many other bars on the island, but it’s cheaper than most clubs in London on entry 10, and the comfortable views are worth every penny.


This ancient city in the Andalusian region of southern Spain allows you to explore the history of Spain dating back thousands of years to its time as part of the Roman Empire. C Ridoba is a major Roman city (known as C Ridoba), with many ruins and preserved Roman sites left over, including the 16-arch bridge over the Guadalquivir River.

C Ridoba was an important Islamic center in the Middle Ages, has had much incredible architecture ever since and is home to the city’s largest mosque. The church, known as La Mesquita, was built in the 8th century and later became a Christian church in the 13th century. The city has a long Jewish history (throughout Spain), and a fourteenth-century synagogue can be visited in medieval Judea or the Jewish highlands.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid:

The mayor of the Spanish capital Plaza has played an important role in the life of Madrid since the 16th century, when Philip II entrusted the task of designing to his beloved architect Juan de Herrera. It served as a venue for ceremonial events – the proclamation of a new king, the canonization of saints, the burning of religious fundamentalists – and public entertainment such as shivaliry tournaments and bullfighting. The cafes lead to a stone walkway for pedestrians only, and the shaded restaurants below the arcades are in Madrid’s living room, a place for Madrilinos and tourists to visit.


Segovia, the capital and largest city of the province of the same name, is a beautiful place growing up in the Sierra de Guadarama Mountains. The sun-kissed streets are not far from the Valladolid and Madrid on the Eresma River on Spain’s Inner Plateau.

Segovia is famous for its historical scenery. The Aqueduct of Segovia, built by the Romans in 100 AD, can be seen inside its old wall. While this engineering marvel serves as a symbol of the city, the magnificent and majestic Gothic Cathedral, with its numerous churches, convents and animals can be seen nearby.


Those interested in history buffs and beautiful artifacts will love Grenada. This Moorish gem in the south is worth at least a few days to explore. Alhambra is one of the most visited places in Spain. This enchanting palace deserves fairy tales and is an example of some of the most beautiful Islamic art and architecture in the world. All the colors found in Ination Hello only illuminate the gardens.
Also, you may want to visit Sacramento, a white cave area known as the home of the gypsy community in the city. Flamenco is a wonderful place where music and dance thrive and are missed. Albison is another district, lined with beautiful quality streets. It is a great place to explore for stunning views of the city. The snow-capped peaks around the city seem a little unexpected, however, Grenada has a harsher climate than neighboring cities. You can expect dry heat in summer and chopsticks in winter.

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