Best places to visit in Washington State

Best places to visit in Washington State

Best places to visit in Washington State

Chelan Lake:

Chelan Lake is probably one of the Best Places to visit in Washington State. At the foot of Washington’s North Cascades Mountains, Lake Chelan is home to Pacific Northwest landscapes, Dodor entertainment, and wine tasting. A visit to the vineyards is the main attraction of the area, and you can visit places like Win du Lock Winery, Karma Vineyards, or Mellisoni Vineyards one day. To get a closer look at the incredible natural landscape, take a seaplane to the lake or try water skiing in the summer. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, and on historic Main Street, you can dine on farm-to-table dishes from many independent restaurants.

Kerry Park:

Seattle is one of the most famous skylines in the United States and the best place to see it is Kerry Park. This small public park is located on the top of Queen’s Hill, which has become a mecca for landscape photographers. Space Needle, Elliott Bay, is a perfect place to watch the sunset and enjoy the views of the city on a clear day.

Granite Mountain:

From its summit are Granite Mountain Crystal Lake, Calitan Peak and Rain Rainer. Climbing a granite mountain is a steep climb, reaching 1,000 feet for every mile you go. Sometimes the weekends are a bit busy at the peak so the best time to enjoy the spectacular views is during the week.

Diablo Lake:

Lake Diablo is a body of water created by the Diablo Dam in the northern Cascade Mountains. There is a good fish in the lake and you can see many boats and kayakers going into the water. The water in the lake is turquoise, and the surrounding glaciers send fine dust into the lakes.

Columbia River George:

South of the hills in the middle of the Columbia River Plateau is the Columbia River George. As you walk through the Cascade Mountains on the border between Washington and Oregon, you can get a beautiful view of the deep valley from the top. Multanoma Falls turns into a valley at one point, which enhances the beauty of this particular destination. The best way to see the Columbia River George from the Washington side is to drive along State Route 14, stopping at several beautiful places for photos.


There are more in Washington than on the west coast. I grew up in Spokane, recently moved back, so call me biased, but I think Spokane is the cheapest city in Washington. Each season has activities to do for kids and adults, great restaurants and lots of fun events. If you do not go to Spokane and do not visit for a while, you will be amazed at what this offer has to offer.

Spokane’s Gem is a 100-acre city park with a riverfront park, and the views of Spokane Falls above – especially in the spring when the snow melts – are breathtaking. It’s a beautiful park to turn around, and even a large red cart for children, a playground, a carousel, a gondola ride to get the best view of the waterfall, a trash-eating metal goat, and a new snow tdor ice skating ribbon. After a short walk in the park, grab a cup of coffee at Indaba (try the lemon vanilla latte), and look at the nearby attic for unique gifts, books and souvenirs.

The Historic Devonport: A Spoken Landmark:

Stay tuned for your Spokane at this century’s milestone. Experiment with the indoor / indoor pool whirlpool and dine at one of the on-site restaurants – Peacock Room Lounge, Palm Court Grill, Devonport Lobby.

City Life in Seattle:

Seattle serves as the ultimate destination and home base for most travelers to Washington, where you will have to spend at least a few days. The natural areas that make up the city are absolutely stunning, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and waterways seen from many parts of the city. Mount Rainier climbs over city skyscrapers to remind you why Seattle is the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. While in the city, visit the historic district and surrounding areas as well as the many museums, cultural attractions and sporting events that take place throughout the year. Popular attractions include Spacecraft, Monorail, Pike Place Market, Chihuahua Garden & Glass Artwork and Olympic Sculpture Park.

Port Townsend:

Port Townsend easily combines Victorian beauty with modern and sophisticated vibe to create the perfect combination of old and new. Many visitors make exciting trips to Port Townsend to see the fresh sea breeze, beaches and boating as well as the Puget Sound Express and other marine wildlife excursions. At the Northwest Maritime Center you can learn how to navigate and build a wooden boat and at Fort Welden State Park you can visit the Marine Science Center and the Port Wilson Lighthouse to explore the tidal pools and hiking trails.

Boeing Tour:

The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is a fantastic opportunity to visit the world’s tallest building by volume, assemble the 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliners, and gain access to the aerospace gallery and strato decks. Tickets sell for more than $ 27 per person, so buy yours online.

Olympic Peninsula:

Throughout the noise of Puget from Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula is filled with its jungle, high mountains, dense rainforests, fantastic waterfalls, port cities and American reservations. The best things to do and see on the Olympic Peninsula (“OP”, for short).

Jade Lake:

Lake Jade is 11 miles from the start of the trail, but it is a hike. The lake is a beautiful sight, and every hiker should have his bucket on the list. The lake gets its unique color from the surrounding ice.

Mount Baker:

This legendary mountain is beautiful all year round. Whether you come for winter skiing or want to go hiking when the snow melts, Mount Baker is a sight to behold. We visited in winter and summer and could not decide what season we wanted. Summer is the perfect time for hiking and photography in the North Cascades National – clear views of wildflowers, sunshine, and famous peaks – Mount Baker, Mount Shukson.

North Cascades National Park:

Glacier, Yosemite, the Great Smokey Mountains and the Yellowstone National Parks are all loved. If you choose nature without congestion, the North Cascades of Washington State is one of the least visited national parks in the US so you will be in for a treat.

In fact, North Cascades National Park saw just 30,000 visitors in 2018, while Great Smokey National Park saw 12.5 million visitors in 2019. And when you consider that the North Cascades cover an area of ​​500,000 acres, there you will soon realize that there is so much desert to explore!

Chelan Lake:

At 50.5 miles long, you may be fooled into thinking it’s a river when you first see it on the map. But make no mistake, this is the largest lake in Washington. It is actually the third deepest lake in the United States (28th deepest lake in the world!).

Spending the weekend on the lake is a summer tourist attraction for most Washington families. With opportunities to go boating and winery hopping, Chelan (did we mention there are vineyards nearby ?!) is a hotspot for bachelorette parties and girls’ trips!

St. Helens National Volcano Memorial:

When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, it lowered the summit to 1,300 feet and leveled the surrounding area. The gray cloud rose 13 miles into the air. About 150 square miles of jungle was destroyed, houses flooded, muddy and 57 people lost their lives. The landscape of Mount St. Helens is still recovering from an extensive event, encouraging visitors to learn more about the geological processes still taking place at the Mount St. Helens National Volcano Monument.

Nisquali Vista:

Nisquali Vista is easy to walk in a loop. The loop is 2 miles long and is suitable for all levels of fitness. Along the trail there are plenty of beautiful wildflowers that make this area famous. The best time to explore this area is from July to August, which allows you to see the maximum number of flowers.

Riverfront Park in Spokane:

Riverfront Park is a 100-acre park that contains the Spokane Falls, but the main feature of the park is the 145-foot-tall pavilion created during the Expo ’74. There is a lot to do in the park, and a walk along the Spokane River Sensational Trail offers some beautiful views.

Bavarian Town of Levenworth:

Leavenworth, a Bavarian themed village, is one of the most exclusive cities in Washington DC, with festive shops, live music, theatrical performances and beautiful facilities. It is located on the slopes of the Cascade Mountains and celebrates German culture. After the collapse of the railway and timber industry, city dwellers revived Levenworth in the 1960s and boosted tourism. The city is located near the Wenatchee Valley, which hosts the Apple Flower Festival. There are also tree paths for hiking. If you visit in December, you can see the Holiday Lights celebration and other Christmas themed events.

Puget Sound Retreats and Resorts:

There are many cities that have communities of Peugeot Sound, and seawater flows inland from the Pacific to provide ports for ships at sea. From Stanwood to Olympia, the region includes Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Port Orchard and Shelton. This is an ideal place to plan a place to relax, as there are plenty of retreats and resorts to choose from. Consider a comfortable bed and breakfast and visit the local natural food markets and restaurants. Island Wood, a non-profit doctoral education center and Telecom Village are some of the attractions with its salmon buffet and cultural entertainment.

Walla Walla :

The beautiful Valla Valley is known as the premier wine growing area with more than 150 wineries, but the town of Valla Valla is just as fascinating. Before you embark on a wine tour, spend some time exploring the main streets of Valla Valla on your own, where you can take a self-guided tour of several impressive public art installations and enjoy the door-to-door architecture of Whitman College. Wala Wala represents the performing arts well, you can attend a show in many theaters or listen to any Wala Symphony Orchestra. During the months of January and June, many famous musicians perform at the Valla Chamber Music Festival across the city.

Kolchak Lake:

Relatively easy to access, Lake Kolchak offers a wonderful day and a great place to spend a few nights under the stars. Note that you need permission to camp here for most of the year. This alpine lake is amazing blue, you have to see it personally to believe. The call is also fantastic, but it is also the gateway to the Enchantment Wilderness (see # 17 for more information), one of the most natural and beautiful places we have personally seen.

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