Best Things to do in san Francisco

Best Things to do in San Francisco

Best Things to do in san Francisco

Shop at Union Square:

Union Square is one of the largest collections of department stores, boutique shops, beauty salons and art galleries in the United States. So, you might think this is one of the best places to shop while in San Francisco. Additionally, there are plenty of live broadcasts in Union Square – this is not really the place to be! If you visit in the winter, there is also an ice skating rink for extra enjoyment of the visitors.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

SFMOMA stands out from other elite museums in the city for its innovative and exciting exhibits in a state-of-the-art building. You can register your own location at the BART station and at the bus stop next to the Muni bus lines. Architectural firm Sneheta has spearheaded an innovative expansion in which a two-story, half-block-long “living wall” is covered in native plants, and panels fitted with fiberglass on the outside create water in the bay. The collection is packed with huge editors and the museum store is packed with wonders, book-shaped lamps illuminated from Liechtenstein-inspired vases, delicate silver necklaces and a chess set with San Francisco milestones. Staying here all day is definitely not a problem.

Court Tower:

This monumental love letter to the city was added to the San Francisco Skyline in 1933, making it a welcome addition to those traveling west over the Bay Bridge. Named after Lily Hitchcock’s coyote, the affluent extravagant city earned 8,000 118,000, leading to the construction of the 180-foot-high, floating tower at Telegraph Hill. Above is the observation deck of the tower with 360-degree views of San Francisco and the Gulf

Enjoy a picnic in the park:

How lucky is it that San Francisco has 220 city parks (one every half mile) more than any other city in the US? If you did not take advantage of them before COVID, they may now be filled with hiking, green spaces, parks and our favorites: plenty of places to unwrap a blanket and relax and have fun (usually in the form of legitimate food and adult drinks at most SFF parks). Check current restrictions: At least from December 6 to January 4, SF requires people not to collect and eat food (yes, even in a park).

Yerba Buena Gardens:

After a day of hustle and bustle, Yerba Buena Gardens offers travelers the opportunity to experience and enjoy San Francisco’s atmosphere and unique culture. There are 5 acres of landscaped lawns with gardens, trees, water and art. Cho-n Butterfly Garden San Francisco Butterflies Attract Plants (Native), which promotes the growth of butterflies from eggs to adults. At the same time, the Reflection Garden Ohlon serves as a tribute to the Indians and as an area of ​​expression for various oral traditions.

Go to the waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf:

Wharf is the most famous waterfront community fisherman in San Francisco. Here you can experience exquisite food and enjoy the best food the world has to offer. There are dodor stands selling various delicious restaurants selling fresh danganese crab or fresh fish of the day. From here you can also arrange to go to different places like Segway, Walking and Boat.

Shame on St. Stupid’s Day Para:

St. Stupid’s Day Parade is a major event in San Francisco. This event is a special occasion that allows you to behave normally for a while, you are eager to dress as ridiculously as possible, make silly slogans and you don’t have to worry about people judging you or looking at you as a hooligan.

Trek in Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite National Park in Mariposa County is home to stunning venues and major hostels. Famous for its waterfalls, granite peaks and giant sequoia trees, you can spend weeks exploring Yosemite National Park. Shoulder season in the park means only a handful and the opportunity to see the beauty of Yosemite from different angles.

Ride your bike or walk to Fort Point:

If you are not going to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge (or you are), go to Chrissy Field and walk or bike along the waterfront promenade until you reach this castle built for the Civil War that overlooks the Golden Gate. This is a great place to take pictures of the bridge, surfers will miss the jasmine rocks and even if you can’t go inside right now, take a little history while you’re at it. Don’t forget to have high-five or high-10 hopper hands when you get there (make sure you use hand sanitizer before and after). You technically do not have to travel with others until at least January 4th, but we do not want you to bring a blanket and enjoy a sandwich and beer on the beach or on the lawn.

California Academy of Sciences:

The fascinating Science and Natural History Museum in Golden Gate Park was completely restored in 2008. Designed by Renzo Piano, the new building features unique architectural elements such as the roof over native plant life. “Living Exhibits” are probably the highlights. There is a rainforest full of plants, frogs, flying birds and butterflies, and the flood plain tunnel is full of Amazonian fish. Reconstructed swamp, Ruby-red-eyed resident albino alligator and colony of African penguins sharing a tank with playing sea stars, as well as other live animal shows swimming there. Flip. There is also the Steinhart Aquarium and jellyfish and live coral reefs. The “live” exhibits include the magnificent Sheikh Ha Exhibition, which allows visitors to experience (safely) the two largest earthquakes in the city, the Loma Preta earthquake and the earthquake that shook the Bay Area during the 1906 earthquake.

Spend time in Union Square:

The most visited area in San Francisco is Union Square. Here you will find high end retail outlets, fancy hotels, cafes, art galleries and a very active nightlife.

There are so many live events in this area to attend to and there is always something going on to keep you entertained. Must stop on any tour of the city to get experience of parties with locals.

Sample of original California sushi from Chinatown:

The largest Chinese city in the United States. Chinatown is one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco and for good reason. It is easy to spend a day here, exploring the streets and areas full of Asian culture, browsing the shops and enjoying the authentic Chinese food. As one of the most exciting and fascinating destinations in San Francisco, there are offers for hiking trips and food tours.

Google Your Journey to Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay is home to the heart and soul of computer technology. Geeks from all over the world make daily trips to Silicon Valley. Discover your inner geek as you travel there.

Ride San Francisco Cable Car System:

San Francisco is very proud of their cable car system. Today it is the last voluntary system in the world. At its peak you will find 23 cable car lines in the city, but today we have three left. Almost everyone who drives a car today wants to try something different while tourists are in the city.

The first of the cable cars was launched in 1873, due to their popularity and the money their owners earned to make more lines. The first electric street car was built in 1892, so the manual car began to collapse.

Cool with seals on pear 39:

Peer 39 is a must-have on your San Francisco Sea Lions, Waterfront Dining, Street Performers, Live Music and more list. Peer 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco. It is full of attractions and you can spend all day there. You can book a pass at Pass 39 for all the attractions.

Escape from Alcatraz prison:

Alcatraz is probably the most famous prison in the world. It is located on an island and has been used as an Alcatraz prison since the Civil War (1861) due to its isolation from the cold, strong and dangerous currents of the waters of the San Francisco Bay. You can reach the island by sea in 15 minutes. The ferry departs from Pier 33 between the San Francisco Ferry Building and Fisherman Wharf.

Best Thing To do : 

1 – Lose yourself in Magowan’s Mirror Maze

2 – Swing on a rope watching the city

3 – Breathe fresh air in Golden Gate Park

4 – Jump at House of Air

5 – Take pleasure at the Good Vibration Museum

6 – Watch Golden States Warriors team at Oracle Arena in Oaklan

7 – Have a photo opportunity unlike any other at the Museum of 3D Illusions

8 – Walk down San Francisco decorated streets

9 – Solve your way out of this prison cell in 60 minutes or less!

10 – Walk offshore at Golden Gate Bridge

11 – Have a look at the bridge from Baker Beach

12 – Escape from Alcatraz Prison

13 – Play music on shore with Wave Organ

14 – Taste cookie dough at Doughp

15 – See the most beautiful Homerun at AT&T Park, with San Francisco’s giants

16 – SCREAAAAAAM ! ! ! at Six Flag

17 – Join Lucy in the Sky with Diamond at Illegal Image museum

19 – Put your scariest make up at Dia de Los Muertos

20 – Watch your step at San Francisco’s stairways

21 – Lift on a helicopter and praise San Francisco view

22 – Practice Yoga at Grace Cathedral

23 – Taste sugar sandwich at Cream

24 – Chill with the seals at Pier 39

25 – Paddle under San Francisco Bridge

26 – Be impressed by the giant redwoods at Muir Woods

27 – Enjoy the sunset at El Techo

28 – Take a shower at Alamere Waterfalls

29 – Be amazed by the Audium Theater

30 – Slide at Bernal Neighborhood

31 – Smell fresh fruit in Farmer Market at Ferry Building

32 – Steal the show at The Church of 8 Wheels

33 – Look at the world surrounding you at Exploratorium

34 – Musee Mecanique

35 – Watch the city skyline at B Restaurant

36 – Head to Lands End Labyrinth

37 – Listen to live music at Tonga Room

38 – Ramble in Japanese Tea Garden

39 – Hot air ballooning in Napa Bay

40 – Practice at Urban Putt