Best things to do San Diego : Summer in Germany

San Diego

Walk around Old Town San Diego :

The Old Town, considered the birthplace of California, is the cultural heart of San Diego. The area dates back to 1769, and its Mexican influence still resonates with local shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Satisfy your taste buds with delicious Mexican cuisine, look for lovely springs or listen to exciting mariachi bands.

Indulge in a late night snack (from USD 69) :

When there is nothing better than that, eating is always a good choice. From Mexican grills to fresh seafood, San Diego has a wide variety of delicious restaurants that are open to the last. Whether you are cold alone or going for dinner hops in advance, you never have to worry about hunger!

From Mission Bay, you can find surf and turf game at Saxa Steak & Seafood. They open the doors from Thursday to Sunday until midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays until one o’clock in the morning. Another thing to check out is Hoboken on Pacific Beach, where you can get good pizza and ingredients on Fridays and Saturdays until 3am.

Admire the glittering city lights (from USD 45) :

As one of the best places in San Diego, Mount Solidad is the perfect place to visit at night, looking out over the city in the dark. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of San Diego as the city lights brighten you up. This is a great place if you are ready to talk to your best friend late at night or if you are alone and engrossed in your thoughts. (Solo warns female passengers to be careful about safety!)

Setting your camera to the time limit of city lights is another way to get the best out of sight. Or if you continue until dawn, catch a sunrise or add comforting images of San Diego to your gallery to say “Good Morning”.

Have a great laugh at the National Comedy Theatre :

Spend the night smiling at the National Comedy Theater (NCT). If you are looking for a crucial night, this place will leave you smiling ‘until you get back to bed. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private group function, you can have fun and train your ABS with short skits like ‘Whose line is this anyway?’.

The jokes are kept clean, the place is people friendly and heartfelt and NCT’s talented show picks themes from the audience and you never feel bored while the show continues. This interactive show takes place in a small theater, so you do not miss out on being behind. You can get snacks and drinks from their small discount stand.

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Hang out in Balboa Park :

Balboa Park is a cultural center with more than a dozen museums, serene gardens and street performers, and the area has been active since sunrise. Whether you are looking for a beautiful setting for a picnic or family friendly heart attraction, Balboa Park has a comprehensive mix of night activities.

Catch a classic at the Old Globe (from USD 45):

The Old Globe is located in Balboa Park. The Tony Award-winning theater showcases Shakespearean plays and Broadway productions. Founded in 1935, the Simon Edison Center for the Performing Arts in the Old Globe has three distinctive theaters: the historic Old Globe Theater, the beautiful Sheryl, Harvey White Theater and the Dordal Lowell Davis Festival Theater.

Immerse yourself in the Shakespeare era, admiring the skill of his plays revolving around a simple stage, without hiding behind stages like most theaters there. From plays to musicals, the Globe presents a wide variety of art shows that make her visitors more theatrical. So why are you waiting? Experience some part of San Diego’s art scene tonight!

Roam the Gaslamp Quarter :

The historic Gas Lamp Quarter is famous for its beautiful architecture, boogie lounges, innovative restaurants, live bars and chic theaters. Located in San Diego, San Diego is one of the best places to start an exciting night of cultural and gastronomic endeavors.

Dozens of restaurants, nightclubs and boutique shops are lined with residential buildings and businesses that create the heartbeat of San Diego. Fifth Avenue operates a number of shops to help you find the newest fashion and stunning souvenir for your travels.


Evening wandering, adult drinks, authentic Mexican cuisine and history combined with contemporary art, San Diego nights are yours. Travel around the 16 ½ block distance of the historic Gas Lamp Quarter, tour over a hundred liquor stores in San Diego, fill San Diego with a night trolley tour or see one of the many cultures after hours. Crowded museums in the city.

Enjoy a Brewery Tour :

Italian settlers once made their mark in this quiet district, but the area has become a busy nightlife hotspot north of Downing Own. In recent years the buzz of bars and restaurants has attracted budding chefs, including research buds.

Ketner Boulevard is one of the main streets of Little Italy with famous chefs. Cooking staples like the Ketner Exchange and Herb & Wood illuminate the food and night owls with predatory recipes and refreshing cocktails.

Enjoy Distillery Tour:

Overall Hotspot of San Diego Micro Breweries. If you’re a fan of locally made craft beer, you should have a Brew Brewery Brewing Tour on your to-do list for the night in San Diego.

At Ballast Point Brewing, you can tour their liquor headquarters. Go behind the scenes from start to finish and see how to make your favorite ingredients. What is the best way to spend the night in San Diego?

Watch Live Entertainment at the San Diego Zoo :

You might be surprised to see the zoo with some of the best nightlife activities, but the Nightlife Zoo at the San Diego Zoo is the place to be for summer nights. From June to September the zoo explores the wildlife world with live encounters, live music and exciting performances by zookeepers.

Explore the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego:

Hotel del Coronado is a San Diego hotel that features jaw bone scenery and architecture. Staying in a hotel will cost you a lot and it will not break the bank to explore the property. The hotel offers excellent dining, luxury shopping and spectacular views.

Although visiting this historic hotel is one of the best things to do in San Diego at night, please note that parking is not appreciated. With this in mind, it is advisable to use Uber / Lift, Taxi or any other public transport to the hotel.

Stroll through Seaport Village in San Diego :

Seaport Village sits on a beautiful waterfront site and hosts many recreational activities in the evenings. Dozens of boutique shops serve sidewalks, restaurants serve mouth-watering seafood, and live music fills the air. If you travel in the summer, you can enjoy the port village by extending the beach complex time to 10pm.

USS Midway Museum in San Diego :Best things to do San Diego

Experience life at sea in the twentieth century. Each entry allows you to view WWII era aircraft, cabins, engine rooms, uniforms, laundry rooms and navy showers. If you have headphones, take the self-guided audio tour described by former sailors!


Surrounding Diego’s walkable harbor-front shops, interesting views and restaurants and looking towards the harbor to Coronado Island.

Embarkadero’s interests are literally floating on the waters of the USS Midway and on the San Diego Maritime Museum’s heritage ships. This is the place where you can board tour boats around the harbor and set out from the sea to look for whales.

Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá :

There are 21 missions off the coast of California, the first of which is San Diego. Founded in 1769, Mission San Diego de Alcali is the physical representation of the birth of Christianity on the West Coast. You can still admire here – it’s an active parish with mass every day – but even if you’re not a Catholic trainer, this goal is still a sight to behold with white stucco walls, Spanish ceiling tiles and large arches. It is located at the top of a hill overlooking the Old Town.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve :

A 30-minute drive outside of San Diego offers 1,750 acres of marine reserve sea views. The reserve is dedicated to the protection of its namesek tree, Tory pine and surrounding wildlife, while travelers and locals travel through pine forests, sandstones and the 4.5-mile-long Tory Pines State Beach. The Tory Pines are not a mystery, but there is a reason people are crowded here. The reserve is open 365 days a year, from sunrise to sunset, and all cars entering must pay an entrance fee of $ 12 to $ 25 per day.

Taste The Yodel at Juniper and Ivy :

The most popular dessert item on the juniper and ivy menu is yodel, a chocolate cake with a sexy, low-key cylinder, clear and crunchy chocolate beads filled with chocolate pudding, coffee powder and strawberry top. Warm Shmla pours chocolate ganache dramatically, the shell melts and the treasure hidden inside comes out. Executive Chef Anthony Wells boldly introduced seasonal tweaks. The Winter Edition combines marshmallow cream, homemade graham cracker powder and warm smoked chocolate ganache.

Bike the Silver Strand :

Starting from the Coronado Ferry Landing, the Silver Strand Bikeway is an 18-mile wide, built-in loop that takes you through sand dunes to Imperial Beach. Ideal for riders of all levels, you will be treated to views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Sanctuary on the other. Do not miss a single stop for a quick swim or walk on your mobile on Silver Strand Beach. Bike for rent at Ferry Landing if not yours.

Coronado Beach :

Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are the largest beaches in San Diego. Although not as ancient as Coronado Beach, thanks to all the attractions and amenities nearby. This mile-long sand socket stereotype fits a tee: all summer surfers and bikini-clad sunbathers come ashore every summer, with the nearby boardwalk filled with inline skaters and cyclists.

Children’s pool:

It is best to swim and splash in the children’s pool, it is best to keep away from them if there are any signs. Seals usually give birth to puppies here from December to May and exhibit local traits, so keep an eye out and take as many photos as you want from a distance.

Browse Port Village:

With 14 acres of beautiful waterfront shopping at the harbor, great dining and entertainment, you’ll want to head to the port village. Built in 1980, San Diego is free to explore until 9:00 pm in winter and spring and 10:00 pm in summer. Window shopping is completely natural, so enjoy yourself and the views while in the village!

See Sea World Fireworks:

In the summer, one of the best things to do overnight in San Diego is to see Sea World’s spectacular fireworks display without paying for admission. This gorgeous fireworks display can be seen all around San Diego throughout the summer. According to San Diego locals, Fiesta Island offers the best fireworks views.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park:

Walk up the hills and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and land. If you are traveling with someone important to you, watching the sunset here is one of the best romantic things to do for couples in San Diego. The paths in the park are three miles long, taking you to spectacular arches and slopes. Kayaking is also allowed on Bermuda Avenue, which allows you to deal with seals and dolphins.

Tory Pines Golf Course:

The Tory Pines Golf Course, famous for its two 18-hole championship courses, is located on a hill on the Pacific side. From landscapes and challenging celery to an amazing element, this course is a bucket list destination for outstanding golfers – Tiger Woods has had career-defining successes here and the term comes from former President Obama. Diverse terrain, sea views and hang gliders usually float in holes 12 and 13 to the south. Parts of the South course are currently under construction for the 2021 US Open.

Visit the Sea World:

Explore Sea World’s well – maintained aquariums, where walruses, beluga whales, penguins, sharks, turtles, orchids and many other sea creatures swim happily. Touchpools are also available, where you can find pet bat beams, sturgeons and shovel guitar fish.

There are also amazing displays of dolphins, sea lions and orcas brought to your front.

La Zolla Playhouse:

Great to see a show at the La Zolla Playhouse when you go on vacation to San Diego! Check out their calendar for upcoming shows of the season as new shows are constantly being built.