Catalina Island New Year’s Eve

Catalina Island New Year’s Eve Tourist Trip Guide

Wrap up the annual work load in the office and setting up to an adventure with your loved ones. This feeling of happy-go-lucky glee is something every employee dreams of, especially when office tasks ‘seems no less than juggling balls and bottles.Today, we got a charismatic destination cut off from the table piled up with bulk of work, bridged with a spectacular terrain proportioned with beautiful wilderness. It’s Los Angeles California’s starry-eyed Catalina Island perfect for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Located 22 miles off the southern coast of California and 26 miles off the coast of Long Beach, the Catalina Island has its doors opened for tourists every season.

What could possibly make holidays worth it, when they’re embraced with a religiosity festive like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the New Year’s Eve day. The latter is a mix of an earthly merriment given hand in marriage to a jubilantget-together where everyone joins a frivolous safe Haven to enjoy a heartfelt family reunion. And when the safe haven is the Catalina Island having a heavenly picturesque landscape, you’re all set to have a blast and the elder blessings in this blissful piece of land.

Do not forget to reserve your seats a week before the New Year’s Eve, so that you could spend the jingle bells junctures and acquaint yourself with the serenity of the gorgeous Catalina Island.We recommend you take a waterway cruise through Catalina Express at the long beach if you’re on a budget. En-route to the island you’d be able to check out on a jolly jumping pod of dolphins, the lighthouse, and Queen Mary.Without further ado and praises of this mother nature prettified place, let’s check out what uniquely touristy it has to offer.

Catalina Island Christmas Events

An excellent place to enjoy the biggest holy festive away from the cosmopolitan commotions, the Catalina Island is quite famous for its annual Christmas Tree Lighting event. The spruces and pine trees are decorat with eye-catching bells, stars, candies, and trinkets of all sorts.It is a place where thousands of tourists flock in to enjoy some of the amazing local traditions in harmony with religious passion and zeal.Besides, the Catalina Island nightlife has a rare romanticizing spirit for spouses to use it as a spark of hope; promising relationship loyalty and finding each other by their side forever.

Furthermore, you can meet with Hollywood Stars and Celebrities and Christmas is the perfect time you might get lucky to bump in some your favorite actors, actresses, and other entertainment industry bigwigs. The weather is pleasant in the Southern California’s deluxe Island. It neither is too hot nor too cold as the sea breeze keeps everything in cools and calm temperate condition.

Catalina Island New Year’s Eve Gala

The yearly festive is an amazing treat for couples and newlyweds who want to enjoy a romantic time away from the crowd. The Southern California’s famous island has a lot to offer, especially when it’s the time of the New Year’s Eve Gala on the Catalina Island.

This annual year-end concertis something both couples and the whole family would enjoy as long as they could remember. Since holiday’s are those special stress-free times when every single moment is turned into cherishing instances. The night party, Catalina Island popular buffet spots, wanderlust walkways, and the amazing fireworks all are gorgeous.

The Catalina Island holds up the secrets of a once in a lifetime tourism experience. The natural countryside vista and lodges out from the fairytale stories adds a sublime essence to it. Remember, you won’t find the mainstream cars as seen in cities here. You can either rent a golf cart, travel through bus, or walk around places as per your preference.

On this popular reef crest island, the best times to enjoy its household traditions and short visit perks are springs and falls. It is the time when Catalina natives enjoy local festivals. The cultural celebrations come together with tourists travelling from all parts of America; particularly from US, Canada, and Europe.

Avalon Casino Ball Room for New Year’s Eve Party

The famous white round mansion standing tall in one of Catalina’s corner with all its hallmark glory where gambling isn’t the deal you’re picturing in your mind. Instead, it’s an aristocratic museum inside havingwalls and ceilings etched with eye-catching Roman revival and Mediterranean art. This famous Casino Ball room is a colossal 180 foot diameter dance floor which is the biggest circular ballroom in the world.

The Avalon Casino’s real deal that are its three elements; the theatre, ballroom, and the British royals styled terrace corridor where you can witness one of the best scenic views of the Catalina Island. This funfair fort holds the traditional New Year’s Eve gala celebrations, where you can enjoy some great time with your loved ones.

You are welcom inside to enjoy many-sided festive virtues like quiz games, dancing, eateries at the mezzanine floor, free photography by professionals, and a wide array of dishes buffet follow with gourmet desserts. In addition, you get ecstatically motivat byfeisty party entertainment, soft drinks and appetizing treats tray carried by the waiters. Also, couples can enjoy original artists’ musical shows arranged regularly by the Casino organizers.

Last but not least, the traditional midnight balloon drop event when multitudes of party-them balloon clouds are sack into netting and raised over the ceiling. The Catalina Island New Year’s Eve gala celebration is conclud with this memorable balloon drop while couples swivel footnotes during hand-in-hand dance steps.

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The Avalon Casino

Catalina Island Tourist Attractions

No blog or article of a must-visit place feel incomplete when you don’t add its famous tourist travel destinations. In this regard, the California’s long beach neighboring island has some of the best historical modern West transitions. You have to check out the Wrigley Monument and Botanic Garden founded by the chewing gum and Chicago Cub’s fame William Wrigley Jr. It consists of evergreen foliage of California plants found all over the Channel Islands. Second up comes the Catalina Island Museum that exhibits the rich cultures, history, and famous celebrities who have visited the island.

Catalina Island

Furthermore, you can visit places like Santa and Mrs. Claus and Avalon’s Shop Catalina where the Tree Lighting ceremony is held with openheart merriment. Other popular spots you have to set foot at Catalina Island includes the Catalina Harbor, Crescent Avenue to enjoy shopping clothes, gift items, and souvenirs, trail down the Descanso Canyon rocky cascades, to name a few. As a sightseer, you can relax in the Banning House waiting area, look up a herd of wild buffaloes, and mount atop hill sides to capture the spellbinding sunset view over the horizons.

Catalina Island Tourist Attractions

Best Catalina Island Restaurants

It’s definitely a huge surprise when you get to know that one of the major attractions of the Catalina Island is its parade of sundry food places bedecked in chains. You can check out the Catalina’s famous Original Jack’s Country Kitchen with having both savory and sweet continental and seafood dishes. Besides that if you’re an early to rise guy who enjoy sunrise as much as the sunset, then you need to visit café Metropole and Maggie’s Blue Rose to enjoy the Catalina’s breakfast and morning Mexican specialties respectively.

Furthermore, you need to check out Lobsters Trap, Reef Harbor Restaurant, the seafood famed Bluewater Grill and Avalon Grille, Marlin Club, Seaport Bistro, Descanso Beach Club Restaurant, Luau Larry’s, and the Lloyd’s of Avalon Confectionery for sweet lip-smacking tidbits. Also, the Steve’s Steakhouse holds more of Maggie’s Blue Rose secrets right upstairs having the same owner but with an American cuisine twist. Antonio’s Pizzeria and Cabaret holds a magic to add the popular Spanish palate tang and zest to the Catalina Island’s exotic food menu. 

In case you’re on the run and have no room for making up for a formal food chomp, then consider a tasty teeth grind of conventional hotdogs, burgers, and a mix plate of fries and patty melts at Pete’s Café. All in all, the Catalina’s culinary is a confusing yet delicious hinge of miscellaneous eateries and restaurants where you got tons of variety of delicious food listed on the menus. So enjoy food together with places to make you feel Catalina Island a complete tourist package.

Catalina Island

How to spend the best time on Catalina Island (Bonus)

There’s a variety of ways you can choose to spend your time at Avalon to your fullest capacity. This California’s sea-surrounded paradise has ample places and many-sided potentials for tourists to enjoy. You can spend your whole time at the beach if you’re travelling for a day, book a private beach for your family, enjoy swimming and snorkeling, or ride on a kayak to explore the outskirts of Catalina.

Moreover, you can setup your day trip or week-long schedule depending upon your spending revenue and hours of research about the island.Such as an excursion on land, discovering best buying shopping streets that offer exclusive discounts to foreign tourists, and enjoying coffee and seafood on seashore café galleries.

Simply put, Catalina Island is famous for almost every reason, whether its nomadic travel, strolling thoroughfares lined up with miscellaneous shops, exploring antique shops, or enjoying the exotic flavorsome food. It’s your time, so it’s highly recommend to have it your way as how your time and pocket allows you to. A pro tip; carry a Catalina Island map to check on the popular places, especially those places having 500+ reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.