Top places to visit in Italy

Top places to visit in Italy ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Italy will knock you off your feet with its beauty, culture, history, food, wine, beaches, mountains, ancient ruins and so much more that makes you fall in love right from the start. First off, you the readers need to realize that Italy is a versatile visiting place that has many-sided attractions. From colorful houses to … Read more

Best Time to visit Croatia for a 10 Days Trip

Best Time to visit Croatia for a 10 Days Trip ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

officially known as the Republic of Croatia is one of the most enticing European destinations to explore and detour an all-inclusive European experience. It is important to know when the best time to visit Croatia is. It’s open for tourism the whole year-round. This incredibly picturesque Balkan country lies on the Adriatic Sea bordering Slovenia, … Read more

Portugal cities

Portugal cities Best amazing places to explore ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Portugal is a southern European country and the first to meet the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It was once considered one of Europe’s maritime glorious countries that ruled oceanic grounds and beyond. Not only did it reign over a major trading sea route, but it also had a dictatorial dominance amongst other nations. … Read more

Croatia Honeymoon Destinations

Croatia Honeymoon Destinations ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

For couples looking for a romantic wanderlust over Europe, you’re quite lucky to find this interesting read about Croatia Honeymoon Destinations. And more interestingly, a country that is a picturesque landscape by day turned starry-eyed at night. We are talking about Croatia, also known as the Republic of Croatia. Its colorful buildings, charming sceneries, and … Read more

Things to do in Catalina Island, Los Angeles

Santa Catalina Island is very close to Los Angeles in the USA. Hollywood stars spend the holiday here. Take a 45 minutes Submarine tour and Speed Boat tour to enjoy amazing adventures. It is a wonderful island for Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Scuba diving. So, enjoy this stunning sunny paradise! Santa Catalina island has been gifted … Read more

Cities of Denmark: Trave in Denmark

Cities of Denmark ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Let’s take a tour of the cities of Denmark, Ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark is renowned for its enriched history and charming landscapes. We all know Denmark as a European country, which also gave the world a gift, Hans Christian Anderson, a famous fairy tale writer. Denmark is also well … Read more

Honeymoon in Italy | Travel In Italy

Honeymoon in Italy ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Italy, an Epicenter of the Roman Empire: although Honeymoon in Italy | travel in Italy sounds expensive, still it is full of fascination. Italy has been enriched with so much beauty and landscapes that you can easily say that this country has all in it. The craziest history, culture, architecture, and much more exciting facts … Read more

15 Best Places to Visit in Turkey


Welcome to the beautiful versatile transcontinental country that bridges together two evergreen continents Europe and Asia. Bordered and countrified with medieval monuments as well as bedecked with historical era statues and hallmarks, Turkey is an incredibly rustic nation mixed with different colors, creeds, and cultures. Turkey is famous for food, incredible architecture and arts, its … Read more


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