Things to do in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

There are a lot of things to do on Gran Canaria island. Which is a holidaymakers’ warm paradise and is undeniably one of the biggest adventurer’s wanderlust dream landscapes. From beautiful beaches to spectacular sightseeing promenades, from vintage cafés to time-honored museums, from household merriments to annual festivities. Spain’s Gran Canaria is the most precious … Read more

Sicily Island: 10 Best Things to do in Sicily island

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Sicily Island is an island of Italy with great intensity, a coalescence of medieval history, ancient architecture, and an active volcano. Visit Active Volcano in Mount Etna by Cable car. Visitors get surprised to see a white Hill named Scala Dei Turchi facing the Mediterranean Sea. Explore Sicily Island’s captivating beauty and historical architecture. Sicily … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Top Best Places to Visit in Thailand ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

For those who want to know which places in Thailand would be good to visit. Here is an effort to explore the best places to visit in Thailand. Mixed and sizzled with various cultures, historical events, unique Thai tradition, captivating beauty, picturesque landscapes, happy local people, and Thai food. Thailand is one of the most … Read more

Best beaches in Phuket – Beautiful Beaches of Phuket

Best beaches in Phuket ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Phuket is a popular island of Thailand for picturesque views and warm weather all year round. Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio took part in shooting at Maya Bay for the movie ‘The Beach’. After that, Phuket island quickly became famous to the outside world. Youngsters go crazy to join ‘Phuket Full Moon Party’ and live music … Read more

Montenegro Beaches

Montenegro Beaches ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Sun-kissed sandy beaches of Montenegro in the Adriatic Sea draw millions of visitors like a magnet. Enjoy an open-air concert at Jaz beach and yacht in Porto Montenegro. The beauty of the Gulf of Kotor and Sveti Stefan is eye-catching. Adore this enchanting Balkan country and visit within an affordable budget in Europe. Out of … Read more

Best Time To Visit Europe

Best Time To Visit Europe ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Europe is one of the most visited world continents in terms of tourism and destination wanderlust expedition. And why not so?! The reasons for visiting the central mainland are endless. The cultures, natural beauty, primeval thoroughfares, houses out of children’s stories, magnificent castles, scenic vistas, and coastline sunsets is what makes Europe, EUROPE. You can … Read more

Cities in Austria: Travel In Austria

Cities in Austria ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Austria is a remarkable European country for its own cultural tradition like opera, theater, and art. The capital city Vienna is famous for its magnificent palace. Enjoy traditional Vienna Opera Ball in the building Vienna state opera. Ski resorts in Austria are comparatively cheaper than in France and Switzerland. Experience Vienna’s classy coffee house culture … Read more

Anguilla Beaches in Caribbean Island

Anguilla beaches ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Surely, Anguilla is one of the best Caribbean islands for picturesque views and warm sunny weather even in December. Anguilla beaches are popular with Hollywood stars who visit this island to relax. Enjoy sailboat race and summer festival in the first week of August. So why miss this Caribbean paradise? Anguilla has become one of … Read more

Top places to visit in Italy

Top places to visit in Italy ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Italy will knock you off your feet with its beauty, culture, history, food, wine, beaches, mountains, ancient ruins and so much more that makes you fall in love right from the start. First off, you the readers need to realize that Italy is a versatile visiting place that has many-sided attractions. From colorful houses to … Read more


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