Sicily Island: 10 Best things to do in Sicily island

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Sicily Island is an island of Italy with great intensity, a coalescence of medieval history, ancient architecture and an active volcano. Visit Active Volcano in Mount Etna by Cable car. Visitors get surprised to see a white Hill named Scala dei Turchi facing the Mediterranean Sea. Explore Sicily Island’s captivating beauty and historical Architecture. Sicily … Read more

Top Beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles

Top 13 beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Los Angeles is a popular destination located in Southern California, USA.  LA is ethnically and culturally diverse with the reputation of being the most creative region in America. Hollywood in LA, is well recognized for its prominent film industry. When we picture LA, the classy homes of Hollywood stars are bound to come in our … Read more

Is Miami safe?

Is Miami safe ? ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

This question naturally comes to the mind of the tourist before the tour plan in Miami, is Miami safe? Miami, the great port city of Florida, is a captivating city, which also happens to be one of the most visited cities in the USA. Tourists prefer Miami as a vacation destination because of its lovely … Read more

Catalina Island New Year’s Eve Tourist Trip Guide

Catalina Island New Year’s Eve

Wrap up the annual work load in the office and setting up to an adventure with your loved ones. This feeling of happy-go-lucky glee is something every employee dreams of, especially when office tasks ‘seems no less than juggling balls and bottles.Today, we got a charismatic destination cut off from the table piled up with … Read more

Free Fun Places For Kids In Los Angeles

free kids fun places in la

It is a dream come true for all children to spend time playing in the open air in Los Angeles and Free Fun Places For Kids In Los Angeles. Parents want to provide something new for their child’s delight. There are some kids-friendly places in Los Angeles where kids can play freely in the outdoor … Read more


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