Terrapin Point

Another of the best spots to view the whole of American side falls is the Terrapin Point. It is on the western end of Goat Island, and is usually very crowded. Standing against the railing of the pathway, you’ll get unique views of the cascading Horseshoe Falls. The entire of Goat Land will present you … Read more

The Prospect Point

The most popular spot to view the Niagara Falls, NY is the Prospect Point. You’ll get witness the scenic beauty of the majestic landscape, the same as the photographs on postcards. With visuals of American Falls dropping 50ft with a splash, accompanied by gushes of Niagara Rapids, your eyes are in for the best treat. … Read more

Botanical Garden

Neighboring the Bronx Zoo is the splendid NY Botanical Garden. Adorned with meticulously cared for plantations and flora, its enchanting place to spend your afternoon with your loved ones. Have a seasonal stroll amidst the blooming array of flowers and breathe in the fresh fragrance. You’ll feel rejuvenated with each intake. The historic Enid A. Haupt … Read more


A rather small neighborhood, but Koreatown will dish out for you a huge piece of Asian food and culture in NYC. The food here, especially their barbeques and desserts, are too good to be true. For any Korean music and literature lover, this is definitely your hub. There quaint little bookshops and karaoke bars littering … Read more


Adirondack means “tree eaters”. This name is another version of the name that was given to a group of Algonquians by the Mowhack people. The Mowhacks called them this because when food was in insufficient amount they would eat the bark of trees to feed their hunger and to survive harsh conditions. In 1837 the … Read more

Old Forge

Old forge, a small settlement in the town of Webb in Herkimer County, forms an extensive business district firstly directed towards the tourist because of the various tourist spots over there such as the enchanted forest water safari. Moreover, the lowest temperature in New York was recorded here. Regardless of what season it is; old … Read more

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses provide typical bus services that operate by shuttling passengers between two fixed points. However, the journey lasts less than 1hour and so it is primarily used for short or medium distance journeys. It is a bit smaller and compact than the other average buses that you get to see every day on the … Read more

High Falls Gorge, Wilmington

Well it turns out that the Ausable River doesn’t only grace the Rainbow Falls, but this magnificent High Falls, too. The High Falls Gorge is a 22-acre park well paved for you to bring in your families and friends. Take a leisurely stroll along the splendid trails and be greeted by charming views of the … Read more

Ithaca Falls, Ithaca

Another of Ithaca’s many ‘gorges’ prides, just take the Aurora Street to reach this heart-touching falls within minutes. The Ithaca Falls is 150ft tall and 175ft wide and you can admire it from a close distance. The sight of the shower drizzling down from the Fall Creek and into the Cayuga Lake is impressively delightful. … Read more

Cavern Cascades, Watkins Glen, Finger Lakes

Trailing up the gorge, at the head of the section you’ll be introduced to the Cavern Cascades. You’ll be led from its behind and then through the Spiral Tunnel. It’s basically a twisted trail that will take you through a dimly lit corridor before emerging into the bright side of the glen. The Cavern Cascade … Read more


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