High Roller

The High Roller on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, with its 520-foot diameter, dwarfs both the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye. The wheel, which faces north and south parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard, rotates in 30 minutes and has 28 glass-enclosed cabins with panoramic views of Las Vegas and the Strip. Each rounded cabin can accommodate up to 40 people, with benches in each side and enough floor space in between—but we expect you would want to stand and take in the view. The High Roller has more to say than just sightseeing. From inside a High Roller cabin, you can get the best views of Las Vegas. One 30-minute ride is included in your ticket, as well as an open bar inside the cabin!

This is undoubtedly the most exciting alternative you can pick if you want skyline views without having to board a helicopter. To get the best shots, plan your ride around sunset.