Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free

It is a dream come true for all children to spend time playing in the open air in Los Angeles. Parents want to provide something new for their child’s delight. There are some kids-friendly top beautiful places in Los Angeles to visit, where kids can play freely in the outdoor environment in the sunlight. There are no fixed time boundaries, no sky-high prices like Disneyland.

Los Angeles includes children’s clubs, cultural activities, art, handwork, and science museums for children’s entertainment. Some free Kids Clubs offer puppet shows, Storytime, and musical performances to provide pleasure.  Children happily learn art, science, and cultural activities through fun. These not only entertain the child but also make the child develop physically and mentally. parents can watch sports and activities of their child and can enjoy also. Parents can take their children to the following best fun places in Los Angeles for free.

1. Shane’s Inspiration, Griffith Park:

Shane’s inspiration, Griffith Park is located in the eastern side of Santa Monica Mountain. Shane’s Inspiration calls the children by waving, ‘Come to me, I will give you a beautiful day. During the summer holidays, kids get excited to visit this wonderful playground in LA.

Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free: Shane’s Inspiration, Griffith Park

Shane’s Inspiration is immense, with a separate lounging area for parents to relax and watch their kids play. This park has been redesigned with modern rides. Kids enjoy slides, Ziplines, bridges, sandpits, and climbing walls here. Shane’s is also well decorated with marine and space-themed rides like rainmakers, color wheels, and marble walls. Shane’s Inspiration is one of the best parks in Los Angeles for children’s refreshment. Music lover kids prefer a little corner with two large xylophones and drums.

We-go-round and Omnispin Spinner are perfect for the kids who like to go round. Children also prefer to play in Zipkrooz and We-saw. There are rides for disabled kids in Shane’s park also in LA. Kids not only come to play here but also feel happy to get new friends.

2. Splash Pads at Grand Park, LA:

Grand Park, situated between the Music Center and City Hall,  is a magnificent area to hang out in downtown Los Angeles. It features a thrilling water-shrouded level ‘splash pad’ located directly in front of a fascinating fountain. Children play and run through water playgrounds. Therefore, It is a kid’s fun place in LA for free.

Splash Pads at Grand Park, LA in Los Angeles for free

The broad water splash pad that features interactive jets, keeps little kids cool on a summer day and entertained.  kids can splash through in warm weather at parks for free and watch fabulous fountain water as well.

 Parents perceive the convenience of the park’s pink bench which allows them to sit under some shade . They can watch their small kids during daytime water play.  For your kids, bring a towel,  clothes, and shoes for a change.

3. Kidspace Children Museum, LA:

Kidspace  Children’s Museum aims to nurture the children through playing and outdoor activities to increase the potentiality of the kids. It is situated close to Rose Bowl, Pasadena, LA on 3.5 acres of land. Kidspace  Children’s Museum arranges  a free family night for kids with parents on the first Tuesday of each month from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free: Kidspace Children Museum, LA

Moreover , Kidspace Children’s Museum provides more than 40 hands-on exhibits. There are many events in the outdoor space of the natural environment for children’s proper growth and development. This museum is one of the best museums in Los Angeles for kids. Children enjoy in outdoor climbing tower, passing a rope bridge, riding Trike Tracks etc. Indoor activity includes play-based activities and colorful artwork. Kidspace has two water play areas like a mini splash zone and a shallow stream . 

4. Venice Beach Boardwalk, LA:

Venice Beach Boardwalk stands along the Pacific Ocean near Santa Monica pier and it is a recreational place for kids and youngsters alike. It is an exciting place where kids get to see skate boarders, street performers and tattoo artists. Kids enjoy their bicycle ride on the bicycle lane out in the open air.

Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free: Venice Beach Boardwalk, LA

Kids enjoy their bicycle ride on the bicycle lane out in the open air. There is also a skate park where children enjoy skating freely in the wide area. This boardwalk is one of the kids fun places in Los Angeles for free. Young adults can go on a Segway tour with professional guides.

Kids also play handball and basketball on the sandy beaches. The skate parks and bike lanes are open for the kids every day. Furthermore, this boardwalk has unlimited entertainment along with magic, music, and dancing.

5. The Getty Center for Kids:

The Getty Center, a great Architecture in LA, is situated at the cap of the hill that can be reached by cable-driven hover trains with majestic scenery outside, complementing the ride to the top.

Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free: The Getty Center for Kids

The Getty Center not only holds an enriched museum and an exquisite garden, but also a family room with some hands-on children’s activity. There are free family-centered occasions in most Saturdays, they can be noted from the Getty center family calender.

6. Echo Park Lake :

Echo park is a nice urban oasis in LA. It is a wonderful park with a fine strolling way around the lake, full of trees and plenty of benches and seating areas. It is a well maintained park enriched with flora and fauna. This green paradise also includes extensive lotus flower beds, turtles, and swan.

This green paradise also includes extensive lotus flower beds, turtles and swan. A beautiful lake exists in this park with sprawling wildlife like fish, birds and ducks. Visitors paddle swan shaped boats on the lake with pleasure. It is a great entertainment for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

Swan boats can be rented per adult $11 and per child $8. It is definitely a nice park to kids and family for recreation, relax, fishing, jogging and having a picnic. The echo lake park is one of the kids fun places in Los Angeles for free.

7. Heal the Bay aquarium at Santa Monica Pier:

Heal the Bay Aquarium is a marine –education facility, which provides insightful knowledge about the aquatic life in Southern California. This aquarium is located under the pier, near the pacific ocean.

Heal the Bay is enriched with many marine plants and animals exhibits. Moreover, it’s an excellent place for the day out with the kids, where they can watch sea water fishes and sharks, touch tanks etc. This aquarium is open to everyone daily and free for kids under the age of 12.

8. Kids Club of Marina Del Rey, LA:

Marina Del Rey arranges weekly events in kids club at the waterside. This entertainment for children includes colorful dance, lovely music, art and amusement shows. The shows occur every  Tuesday at 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM. This club for kids places in Los Angeles is situated close to Mendocino Farms.

Kids Club of Marina Del Rey, LA in Los Angeles for free

9. Lake street skate park :

Lake street skate park is the perfect place for  skaters. The skating rinks have both flat grounds for amateur skaters and skating curved ramps for experienced skaters.

It is a wonderful place to learn skating as well. Additionally, there are both indoor and outdoor basketball courts and park area for kids. The Lake street skate park is one of the kids fun places in Los Angeles for free. It is a great facility for the children’s recreation.

 10. Lanark recreation center :

Lanark Recreation Center is an active area park in Los Angeles. Close to owensmouth side are 4 baseball fields. Baseball, softball and soccer are always being played in any of the fields. The children’s park consists of many rides. The skateboarding area is also a nice addition.

The children’s park consists of many rides. The skateboarding area is also a nice addition.

There are many open places and parks, that provide the children amusement. Parents can take their kids to these fun places, which will offer enjoyment to the kids, as well as to the parents.