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Sicily Island: 10 Best Things to do in Sicily island

Sicily Island is an island of Italy with great intensity, a coalescence of medieval history, ancient architecture, and an active volcano. Visit Active Volcano in Mount Etna by Cable car. Visitors get surprised to see a white Hill named Scala Dei Turchi facing the Mediterranean Sea. Explore Sicily Island’s captivating beauty and historical architecture.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with an area of 9,200 square miles. It is about 10% of the landmass of Italy. Tourist waits with eager, when they will see the largest active volcano -smoldering, sputtering, 10,900-foot Mt. Etna on the east coast of Sicily.

It is a preferred destination for warm weather, less expensive, historical architecture, and romantic sea beaches. Less people are English is spoken here, but they are friendlier, so practice your Italian and your hand.

Sicily was ruled by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish one by one, Sicily had been changing hands for 33 centuries. This revolving door of civilizations produced a rich and culturally diverse treasure trove of artistic traditions, architecture, cuisine and historic monuments to explore. And Sicilians in turn have spread their culture throughout the world.

The monuments and structures of Sicily have a lot of historical value. Besides, Its natural beauty and beaches of Sicily captivate the enthusiastic visitors.

Best things to do in Sicily island

Sicily unveils some historic and traditional places before the visitors, so let’s explore the hidden gems of the amazing island Sicily.

1.Palermo Sicily island:

It is the capital city of Sicily, is enriched with its own tradition and culture. Palermo city is one of the best places on Sicily island to explore.

Palazzo Dei Normanni :

The Arab emirs had developed this majestic building in the 9th century. Later it was transformed into the luxurious palace of the Normans. During the period of Frederick 2, this palace was enriched with splendor and turned into the center of cultural life in the city and known as the headquarters of the “Sicilian School”.

Teatro Massimo :

Teatro Massimo is one of the greatest opera houses, famous for its amazing acoustics and retains more than 1,300 seats. The venue has in excess of 130 music, opera and dance shows each year. The external design is like neo-classical style which is originated from Greek Sicilian temples.

The Grandiose Baroque of Casa Professa :

It is a great church with Sicilian tradition. It is famous for its lucrative design composed by many different elements like flowers, fruits, leaves, animals in a marble inlay.

Monreale Cathedral :

This beautiful cathedral is 10 km away from Palermo. Visitors go to see the golden mosaics where 2,200 kg of pure gold were used inside.

Palermo Archaeological Museum :

This museum has a rich collection of ancient Greek art and sculpture of Sicily island.

Monte Pellegrino:

Nine miles from the city center, this mountain offers unparalleled views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

2.Visit Active Volcano in Mount Etna by Cable car  Sicily island :

Mount Etna is the most elevated active volcano in Europe, standing on the east shore of Sicily island, Italy. It began to create 5 Lac years ago and is amidst a development of emissions that started in 2001. It has encountered a variety of eruption styles, including extreme explosions and massive lava flows.

Visitors to Sicily island get excited to visit this active volcano. It is breathtaking for the tourists when from the cable car, they watch the smoking volcano craters and the lava flow from Etna. This volcanic area has been preserved as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Inquisitive visitors can book tour packages from the tour operators to visit this active volcano. The enlightened persons who want to know in detail about this active volcano, should take an experienced guide. “Etna Moving” has some offers for the interested travelers.

3.Scala dei Turchi – a White rock facing the sea Sicily island :

In Agrigento, along the coast of Realmonte, a white hill greets the curious tourists. They are amazed to see how the mountain turns white.

It is Scala Dei Turchi, a rocky cliff facing the Mediterranean Sea, with the shape of a superb, natural staircase, hence the name Turkish steps. Carbonates, clays, and silts constructed the marlstone by sedimentary processes. The marlstone shines white when the sun light reflected on the cliff. Scala dei Turchi is one of the beautiful places to explore.

It is a picturesque location for the combination of white rock and turquoise water.  Scala dei Turchi is situated between two sea shores of fine sand, where the water is normally quiet and shallow and you can undoubtedly spot fishes and other ocean animals.

To arrive there, you will drive along the coast and climb the rock through a rugged track; it is not a facile path, as the stone is very smooth and polished, due to its soft and curving shape. When you arrive at the top, the spot offers an interesting and stunning view that grasps the shoreline of Agrigento up to Capo Rossello.

4.Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo From Trapani :

The Aegadian Islands are associated with five little uneven islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest shoreline of Sicily, Italy.

Tourists can get to there by ferry from the port of Trapani. Egadi, Favignana and Levanzo are Truly wonderful three islands of it. Take a boat tour to Levanzo and Favignana in different days, because of its difference. This cruise adventure is one of the  best things to do in Sicily island.

Levanzo is very quiet indeed but really nice for walking and swimming in Sea beach. There are good restaurants there. Favignana is a far bigger and busier island with a captivating town center, bus service to different tourist attractions and bicycle rentals.

Fish dishes are amazing in both locations. April-May and late September-October are the ideal time when there are less tourists than in high summer and temperatures lovely.

5.San Vito lo Capo Beach:

A popular sea beach remains in a small resort town named San Vito Lo Capo in the Northwest of Sicily island. It is a favored sea beach with stunning view and warm water of Tyrrhenian Sea in the Trapani Province.

It is near the capital city, Just two-hour drive from Palermo city. It is an attractive place that is so excellent, with a public sea beach extending along the shore from the town towards the high hilltops.

The crescent-shaped beach is folded over a sheltered bay and the visitors can enjoy the leisure time in the sea beach and enjoy the incredible view of the sea. Tourists like it as one of the best beaches in Sicily for swimming and sunbathing. San Vito lo Capo has all year round popularity to travelers both in summer for warm water and in winter to enjoy the Sicilian sun.

6.Isola Bella:

Isola Bella is a little island close to Taormina, Sicily, southern Italy.  It is like the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, because of its position on the Ionian Sea.

There is a narrow way that frequently associates the island to the territory sea shore. The island is encircled by ocean caves. Isola Bella has a charming little rocky sea beach which has free access for tourists. Its water is clear and ideal for sunbathers.

One of the three wonderful islands on Lake Maggiore, Isola Bella appeals to tourists with its wonderful castle Palazzo Borromeo and terraced gardens that slant to the lake. Travelers need to go on a short ship outing from Stressa to arrive at this grand island in Lake Maggiore.

7.Valley of the Temples :

The Valley Of The Temples, or The Valle dei Templi, is one of Sicily’s most impressive historical attractions. It is the great icon of Greek art and architecture. This UNESCO world heritage archaeological site is well preserved in the city of Agrigento.

Eight temples are scattered in The Valley of the Temples area. The temples were formed in Doric style  and were built around 510BC . The great temples such as Hera, Lacinia, Concordia, Hercules and Olympian Zeus all are dramatically perched along a long rocky scarp.

The historic temples that still standing are extensive. This is the perfect venue for history loving people. These ancient structures here are amazingly well conserved in Agrigento, Sicily. This is a great way to see Greek style temples in Itay.

8.Cappella Palatina :

The Palatine Chapel is said in Italian, Cappella Palatina. This royal chapel of the Norman palace is a great tourist attraction in PalermoSicily island.  This structure is a blend of Byzantine, Norman and Fatimid design styles, indicating the tricultural territory of Sicily during the twelfth century after Roger II’s father and uncle vanquished the island.

The Cappella Palatina established in 1132 maintained Arab-Norman workmanship principally from the enormous assortment of astonishing mosaics with Scriptural scenes. Various scenes portrays the occasions of Jesus, just as lords and prophets from the Bible. One of the most amazing works in the chapel is the wooden roof which is the creation of Muslim craftsmen and another prominent thing is the glorious “Marble Candlestick” made of white marble.

It is amazingly luxuriously brightened inside with nitty gritty mosaics and a ton of gold. It is likewise intriguing for the blends of conventions and styles with the Romano-Byzantine mosaic custom mixing Norman and Arabic-Islamic components and themes.

9.Greek Theater in Taormina :

The historical Greek Theater is the greatest tourist attraction in Taormina, which is situated on a slope at 206 m above ocean level on a terrace of Mount Tauro. This theater stands with glory on the mountain top. The size of the theatre, its amazing location over the sea and Etna volcano in the background makes the venue magical. Moreover, it full of life beyond tourism – during the summer season they organise live concerts 2-3 times a week.

Greek Theater, Taormina’s main landmark, was built in the 3rd century BC and later rebuilt by the Romans in the 4th century BC. The Greek Theatre, constructed during the Greek Hellenistic period, is the second largest theater in Sicily island.

5,000 visitors can enjoy performances in this theater. It is amazingly well maintained and drama, musical performances are still exhibited here. The theater shape could permit an ideal tuning in from any part of the hall.

10.Duomo di Cefalù :

Cefalu Cathedral is located at the top surface of the Piazza Duomo in Cefalu. This Cathedral was established in 1131 by King Roger II after he was spared from a tempest adrift and securely arrived in Cefalu. It was built by Arab and Byzantine craftsmen with a complex architectural style.  There are two large bell towers in the façade.

At the top the Byzantine mosaic Christ Pantocrator looks impressive and visitors get a more close up view to perceive the medieval artistic design. Guests get dazzled to see Beautiful church building, slender roads, wonderful ocean sides, sentimental and a great deal of little comfortable eateries with astonishing food and private porches with nice views. The Cathedral is directly in the core of the city, delightful both within and outside, a lot of bistros directly in its front and numerous gift shops.

The ancient architecture of Sicily takes us back to a distant past. These Sicilian architectures and artwork bear witness to how much civilized the Greek, Roman and Italian nations were a few hundred years ago. These great icons enrich us and open our inner sight. We should preserve these eminent icons next many years.


  1. where is the island of sicily ?

Sicily is in the central Mediterranean Sea and located in Southern Italy. Along with the Egadi, Pelagie, Lipari, and Panteleria islands, Sicily constitutes an independent region of Italy. It stays around 100 miles or 160 km upper east of Tunisia , that is northern Africa.

  1. what island country is located south of sicily ?

European country Malta is located 93 km or 58 miles south of Sicily island, Italy. Malta is an island country that comprises of three islands: primary island Malta, Gozo and Comino.

  1. how big is the island of sicily ?

Sicily is an big island with an area of  25,711 km2  or 9,927 sq mi. Including some smaller islands of surroundings, This island has an area of 27,708 km2 or 10,698 sq mi.

  1. where is sicily island Louisiana?

Sicily Island is a hamlet or village in Catahoula Parish. It is situated in Louisiana, United States.

  1. what is the name of the active volcano on the island of sicily ?

Mount Etna is the active volcano on the island of Sicily.

  1. where is the sicily island located near Europe?

European country Malta has located 93 km or 58 miles south of Sicily island, Italy.

  1. What do the tourists do on the island of Sicily?

Tourists come to Sicily island to visit ancient architectures, active volcano, Chapels, Greek theatre and lovely warm beaches. Visit Sicily is the worth.

  1. What is famous in Sicily?

Valley of the Temples is the old Greek Architecture, which was built in 510 BC. Mount Etna is the active volcano; tourists can visit here by a cable car.  Scala Dei Turchi is the white mountain facing the sea. Drama, musical performances are still exhibited in Greek Theater, Taormina.