Top Best places to visit in Germany

Top Best places to visit in Germany

Top Best places to visit in Germany

Cologne Cathedral (Corner Dome):

Cologne Cathedral (Colner Dome) – St. Peter’s and St. Mary’s Cathedral on the Rhine is one of the most important sites in Cologne and one of the top best places to visit in Germany. This masterpiece of high Gothic architecture, one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, dates back to 1248 and is the largest architectural project of the Middle Ages.

Covering an area of ​​6,166 square meters, the magnificent interior has 56 massive pillars. Above the high altar is the religion of the Three Kings, a golden art of the twelfth century, designed by Nicholas of Verdun to preserve the remains of three kings brought here from Milan.

Black Forest:

Beautiful Black Forest with dark and dense hills is one of the most visited hill stations in Europe. It is located in the southwest corner of Germany and is a pedestrian paradise covering an area of ​​160 km from Porsche in the north to Waldshot in the southern highlands.

To the west, it descends well into the Rhine, passes through dense valleys, and on the east slopes into the Necker and Danube valleys.


Regensburg, Bavaria is one of the oldest cities in Germany, located at the confluence of the Danube, Nab and Regen rivers. Founded by the Romans in 179 AD, it has a history of nearly two thousand years and is the star of a well-preserved medieval old town display.

Known for its historical and architectural treasures, Regensburg has a renaissance, youth and active cafe and bar culture. This climate, which is easy to navigate, calls it ‘Northern City Italy’.


Germany, in the heart of Europe, today maintains a strong economy on the continent. However, it is divided into East and West for the history of World War II and the recent history of the country. Everyone knows about the Berlin Wall that came down 30 years ago. This great European country has a lot of culture, natural beauty and ancient history.

You can find much in Bavaria in southern Germany, where you can soak up the Bavarian Alps, explore truly fascinating medieval cities and take part in the infamous October Fest. In the north, you can explore beaches and old port cities from the Hansatic period. Berlin is bustling with its school building as well as its famous clubs and huge museums like Frankfurt. Plan your trip to this amazing European travel destination with a list of the best places to visit in Germany.

Regensburg :

Regensburg, Bavaria is one of the oldest cities in Germany, located at the confluence of the Danube, Nab and Regen rivers. Founded by the Romans in 179 AD, it has a history of nearly two thousand years and is the star of a well-preserved medieval old town display.

Here you will find countless ancient architecture and historical landmarks, including countless churches, chapels and animals about the ancient streets. Among the many tourist attractions, do not miss the beautiful Gothic cathedral and the picturesque stone bridge of the twelfth century; They represent the finest art, architecture and engineering in the region.

Known for its historical and architectural treasures, Regensburg has a renaissance, youth and active cafe and bar culture. This climate, which is easy to navigate, calls it ‘Northern City Italy’.


Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Europe and one of the most changed cities in the last 20 years. Once a symbol of the Cold War, it became the cold capital of Europe – a powerful blend of fashion, design, music and the arts.

The German capital, the ever-moving cultural city and paradise for budget travelers, with more than 170 world-class museums, galleries and philharmonics overnight, and all the promises of a glorious future in ruins telling its tumultuous story.

Romantic Road:

Germany’s most beautiful drive, Romantic Road, gives visitors the opportunity to discover the rich culture, beautiful landscapes and medieval features of this wonderful country. Located between W Rezberg and Fusesen, it leads tourists to one of Bavaria’s most spectacular attractions:


Neuchwanstein Castle has never been a tourist attraction, but it has become one of Germany’s most famous attractions. King Ludwig II appointed the castle as a refuge from public life. Today, more than 1 million people travel through the property each year. The castle’s Romanesque Renaissance-style is certainly romantic, but what elevates this castle to bucket inventory level is the stunning setting in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. From the castle, travelers can see the surrounding mountains, alpine lakes and rich vegetation (especially in the fall).

Black Forest:

The Black Forest is one of the best places to see the natural beauty of Germany. Baden-Wittenberg offers 99 miles of spectacular views, including rolling hills, spectacular lakes, dense waterfalls and long valleys surrounded by picturesque villages. A great introduction about the Black Forest runs along its beautiful Nimesk Highway (Schwarzwaldoxstras). You will want to save time by visiting natural wonders such as Triberg Falls, Lake TTC and Feldberg, the highest peak in the Black Forest.


Munich is the prosperous capital of Bavaria and the gateway to the Alps. It is said to be one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Germany, with museums and beautiful architecture. It is known as the hub of the October Fest Festival, which attracts over 6 million visitors every year. (Explained by Martin Fallbisner via Wikimedia Commons)


With the exception of Berlin, the most dynamic city in East Germany, Leipzig is rapidly developing its reputation as Germany’s upcoming art capital. The city was once one of Europe’s cultural hubs, and today cheap rental and lively nightlife are a favorite of young people. The lovely town center features a lovely Renaissance and Baroque architecture. (Templemester image by Wikimedia Commons)


Often referred to as the German answer to Milan, D sseldorf is the fashion capital of the country. Although it looks impressive, modern and a little closed to outsiders, you will find its best art scene and pumping night life when you look below the surface. Named the “Longest Bar in the World”, de del Seldorf Altstadt (old town) is located in a small area with over 300 bars and nightclubs in the historic Central District! (Image courtesy of France Voice Philippe via Flickr Creative Commons)

Wheatsey in Bavaria:

Complete internal tip in Bavaria Nature Conservation Maid on the Austrian border. There are three lakes: Witze, Mitersei and Ladenci – located in the middle of the Chiang Alps, with beautiful scenery with mountains and forests. In addition to the impressive panorama, the lakes also provide excellent bathing spaces for the whole family. You can easily find a quiet place, especially in Waitsoui – you can even drink from this amazing natural lake!


Bremen is one of the most hospitable cities in Germany. Bremen is a city in northern Germany that is more than 1,200 years old and bursting with history. The old city is like the backdrop of a fairy tale and is one of Germany’s 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Before Christmas, the city is becoming more magical. (Image by Bremen Tourism)


Dresden in old East Germany is located in two small areas: Dresden, a historic city center, with stunning landscape of Baroque architecture, centipede or swinger. Dresden was once known as the Florence of Elbe, and although much of the city was torn apart in the last months of World War II, the city’s most important buildings were rebuilt – such as the iconic Fran ఫois Kirche.

Rugan Island:

Rugen Island is the largest island in Germany; The island is located in the Baltic Sea. Jasmine National Park is an island famous for its beautiful beaches and seaside resorts. Cape Arkona is a ruined castle and picturesque fishing village.


Heidelberg is one of the most famous cities in Germany with historical treasures such as Castle Heidelberg, Knight St. George’s House, Old Medieval Bridge and Church of the Holy Spirit. In addition to the above, the oldest university in Germany is in Heidelberg. Heidelberg streets are lined with restaurants, pubs, art galleries, shops, museums, markets selling hook watches, beer stains and German sausages.

Kiel: The capital of the ship

Kiel is the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, a major waterway from Germany to the Baltic. Homonimus’ strategic location in the Gulf became a shipbuilding and navigation center in the nineteenth century. The city is known as the ‘Capital of Sailing’ because it is the proudest host of ‘Keel Week’, the world’s largest cruise and the largest summer festival in Northern Europe. One of the main attractions of the event is the main character ‘Gorch Folk’ and the legendary training ship Kial. The Labo Naval Memorial, located between Kiel and the neighboring town of Labo, is a great dedication to sailors from World Wars. The view from above is valuable as Kial’s landscape is relatively flat. Although the maritime tradition dominates the stage, the city still has a lot to offer. These include the historic Egerstead Strauss, the post-war reconstruction, the Old Market Square, the fashionable ‘Danish’ shopping street and the beautiful surroundings of Marinenvirtal near the harbor. There, you can try to eat the local specialty of Kial, Kyler sprout and smoked fish until the last bone.

Essen, Second Solverin:

I grew up very close to Rarpot Metropolis Essen, but have not explored it for a while – I’m finally happy! Essen amazed me with the food, the direct warmth and visibility of the people, the colorful and growing creative scene, the many private pubs and restaurants, the Seychelles with plenty of entertainment opportunities and culture with sovereign highlights, the beautiful lake for sailing and the Central Ruhr area. I am now a true believer that you do not have to wander from your home just yet to experience a wonderful new place.

Saxon Switzerland National Park:

Saxon Switzerland National Park stands out for its unique rock formations. You will find stones of different shapes and sizes scattered in the park. The most famous attraction in Saxon Switzerland is undoubtedly the Basti Bridge, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers spectacular views of the area. Other attractions to visit include Painters Way, Elbe Bicycle Route and the dot door theater built on the rocks of the park Felsenbahen Ratan.

Mosal Valley:

Adjacent to beautiful terraced vineyards, half-time medieval villages and the Hilltop Fairy Tale castle, the Mozal Valley is one of Germany’s most spectacular sights.

This long and calm tributary of the Rhine flows 195 kilometers between Trier and Cobblens, making it one of the best white wine producing areas in the country. It is a wonderful destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to immerse yourself in German culture and to indulge in the taste of wine.

Berlin Museum Island:

The world-famous Museum of Sensel, or Museum in Berlin, is a 400-meter-long canal between the Spree River and the Kufergraben River, and houses the city’s oldest and most important museums.

Built in the 1830s as a place to display royal treasures, the Old Museum is the heart of the pedestrian friendly heart district. Soon, space behind the museum was set aside for art and “ancient wisdom.”

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