Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia

Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia

Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia

Virginia Beach:

No beach in Virginia is as famous as Virginia Beach. Excursions prefer access to the Atlantic Ocean. It is located near the Chesapeake Bay, which makes the area even more attractive when it comes to food and activities beyond making sandcastles. The diversity of water and land experiences on Virginia Beach is very popular with locals and city dwellers alike. Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia Little effort for those interested in the search.

Sit on the beach side while you watch the surfing match. Listen to live music or watch a sand volleyball game. Stay active by learning how to snorkel or rent a bike to walk along the sidewalk at the Back Bay National Shelter. When you hear the waves crashing on the beach, wander around the three-mile boardwalk and visit several large tow shops and restaurants.

Bethel Beach, Matthews County:

This narrow sand is 105 acres. When the wind blows and the tides reach the shore, mudslides form. It has very deep channels and a small bay. Salt marshes attract a wide variety of birds and animals; The ponds are full of waders looking for food.

This natural area is a great place to explore and a beautiful place to relax in the sand. this beach is one of the Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia. During bird nesting, some areas of the coast are closed to the public, which shows that Virginia is truly committed to conserving its natural environment.


Assateague Beach :

“There is a large park around this beach with a lot of wildlife, which makes it a great backdrop for a fun day.”
“Actually it’s beautiful, the waves are coming, the sea foam admires and reflects the world.”

Aztec Island is a barrier island off the coast of Del Marwa. One-third of the 37-mile-long island is in Virginia, and the rest is in Maryland. The Virginia area includes Chinkot National Wildlife Sanctuary and a mile of beach. The Maryland portion includes the Aztec Island National Beach and the Aztec State Park. The island is famous for its wild horses, historic Aztec lighthouse and beautiful beaches.

Buckroe Beach :

Buckroe Beach is one of the Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia, which runs through Chesapeake Bay, is one of Hampton’s most famous beaches, with 8 acres and a mile of sand, children’s playgrounds, grills, and tables, pedestrian and biking tracks and three picnic shelters with plenty of parking. Life guards are on duty during the summer. Every Sunday throughout the summer, there are traditional grooves of bay concerts. Tuesday was dedicated to Do-It-Yourself movies that are part of the Family Movie Series. The beach is great for swimming and paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent. Dogs are not allowed in the summer.

Sandbridge Beach :

30 minutes south of busy Virginia Beach, Sandbridge Beach passes through a beautiful residential strip – the perfect retreat to its busy northern sister. Instead of the crowded and festive scenery, Sandbridge Beach offers peace and tranquility along the desolate coastline.

There are many attractive holiday homes available for rent below the strip, so you will be selected when choosing a place to stay. Young families love to quietly swell here and have plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding swamps and mudflats.

Cape Charles Beach :

For families with small children or those hoping to kayak for the first time, head to Cape Charles Beach near the Chesapeake Bay to find shallow water. Walk through the beautiful town of Cape Charles before relaxing at the historic Bay Haven Inn and Waterhouse. After coming to this beach you will feel like you have really come to the Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia. For waterfront views, book a room at the beautiful Northampton Hotel.

Colonial Beach :

Colonial Beach is located in North Virginia, between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay. There are many marinas nearby, so you can plan a complete beach trip in your accommodation, with a variety of activities ranging from swimming and water sports to boating and fishing. Colonial Beach Pets from October 1st to March 31st as long as the pets are leaked.

The town around Colonial Beach is one of the few remaining port cities on the Potomac River, so it is a small-town attraction and of historical significance.

Chesapeake Beach, Chesapeake City :

The area was developed over a century ago by a residential district between the beautiful beach Linhoven Inlet and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Known as Chick Beach, it is one of the best beaches in Virginia, attracting large numbers of people on weekends and high seasons.

Water sports such as jet skiing and paddle boarding are available, with children often building sand castles for endless hours. Walkers love this place and cyclists are often seen with water.

Yorktown Beach :

“When you visit York’s own VA you can not imagine the quiet beach coves and the beautiful path along the river, but you will find it!” Great riverwalk area with shops and dining areas! An interesting beach area for families with nomadic areas for young children. ”

Chincoteague :

The beach at Chinkot National Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast. Windswept Sand Barrier Island is very popular with beach lovers with a selection of wildlife, Tomskov hook, and recreational beaches. Every summer swimming and sunshine attract a large crowd and lifeguards are on duty to keep everyone safe. The recreational beach is also popular with borderlands, beach comparisons, photographers, anglers, and nature lovers. This beach is also here the Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia. Crawling, clamming, kayaking, and surfing are also popular. The wild beach is an 11-mile paradise for pedestrians because cars are not allowed. Tomskov offers a 10-mile walk across the ocean to a fishing point. Weak clay along the flow is considered closed protected areas.

First Landing State Park:

The first landing state park between Virginia Beach and Chicas Beach serves as the area’s major dot door recreation center. Situated on 3,000 acres of protected freshwater cypress swamps, this beautiful beach has many boardwalk trails to explore by bike or on foot.

The historic site marks the landing of the first inhabitants of Virginia in 1607, and legend has it that the infamous Pirate Blackbird hid here. These days, the camping ground and picnic spot (fees apply) are quiet and a quarter of a mile from the beach. Take care of the little ones, because no lifeguard will patrol.

False Cape :

Bird lovers must visit Falls Cape State Park. Book a tram (available from April to October) to the 4,589-acre Back Bay Wildlife Refuge Exploration Park, which provides food and rest for migratory birds such as tundra swans and Canadian geese.

Croatan Beach :

Croatian beach Virginia beach is south of the Ocean Front and the Top-Rated Best Beaches in Virginia, but far from the hustle and bustle of the world. Cool 0.75 miles long, this place is a popular destination for Newby surfers, thanks to its intimidating left and right breaks. Surf camps operate in the summer and the board rents out day-trippers at affordable prices.

The lounge facilities are well maintained and oversee the lifeguard activities during the busy months. Most parking is available in the area for up to $ 5 per day.

Claytor Lake State Park :

For more freshwater beach fronts and swimming, check out the 4,500-acre, 21-mile-long Reservoir on the new river that formed the Clitter Dam, which is, without a doubt, the crown of the park. Fishermen can try catching anything for lunch, but we suggest going to MK’s gourmet pizzeria and shop.

Buggs Island Lake :

The star beaches in Virginia are off the coast. Lake Bugs Island in South Virginia is the largest in the state, with over 800 miles of beautiful beaches and sandy beaches. When the children were tired of swimming, Joseph S.J. Tanner Environmental Education Center for the opportunity to gain some experience with some of the wildlife in the area.

Kiptopec State Park:

Kiptopec State Park is located on the east coast of Virginia. Until 1964, the area was used by the Virginia Ferry Corporation as the terminus of the Little Creek-Cape Charles Ferry. The park has access to the Chesapeake Bay and offers many recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking and watching migratory birds nesting on the flyway. The park has a boat ramp, fishing pier, several picnic areas, a children’s playground and more than 5 miles of biking and hiking trails. For those who want to extend their stay there are comfortable cabins, campground, six bedroom lodges, yard and bunkhouse. It is a quiet and peaceful place, ideal for those who want to wander around and relax in nature.

Grommet Island Park :

“There’s a good walkway under the nearby bridge, you can take a whale / dolphin ride, rent a jet ski, dine at many great restaurants. Boats come and waves, sand, playground.”

Ocean View Beach, Norfolk :

With approximately 7.5 miles of coastline and calm seas, the Ocean View is ideal for sunshine and swimming.

It was well organized so that families could find everything they needed. Fishing is popular and rock pools are fun for crabs and other small sea creatures. For those who need a break from the sun, there is plenty of shade, picnic tables and a bathhouse.

Kids are perfectly safe in calm and shallow water, which attracts those who want to paddle or kayak. Most visitors wander around, while others jump into the water.

Belle Isle Beach:

For an exceptional “beach” experience in Virginia, Belly Isle Beach in Richmond ranks first. Locals prefer to lie in the sunlight as there are natural flat rocks instead of sand and sea waves. Although swimming is not recommended due to Swift Rapids, it is a great option if you want to stay in the water and dip your feet to cool down. The landscape around Belle Isle Beach includes hills and small, quiet shallow pools.

Jamestown Beach :

Jamestown Beach, near the historic Jamestown settlement, is one of the best beach secrets in Virginia. There is a beach front park, facilities, pier and picnic areas, lounge and shaded area. It is a family friendly Heart Beach and beautiful park with lakes when you need time from the sunshine.

Westmoreland :

Westmoreland State Park, near Montrose, Westmoreland County, Virginia, is a protected area of ​​1,311 acres, up to 1.5 miles along the Potomac River on the Northern Neck Peninsula. Horse peaks are the perfect place to see the beautiful views of the 6 mile wide river. Green Desert Park offers a seven-mile walk, excellent fishing with boat ramps, camping, accommodation in 26 rustic cabins, and swimming along the river and in the park pool. Westmoreland State Park was established in 1936 as one of the six state parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Robert E. near the park. Stratford is the birthplace of Hall Lee and George Washington.

Willoughby Beach:

Willow Beach is an easy resting place for northerners. The Beach Town Willowbee Spit, opposite the harbor of the same name, is just 20 minutes away and sees few visitors outside during the national holidays.

Budget and Luxury – There is no room for tranquility by choosing only accommodation and dining options to choose from. To escape quickly in half a day, head south to the Norfolk Fleet to admire the Army’s extensive naval combat engines.

Kerr Lake :

If you like Lake Beach, Lake Kerr on Bugs Island in Clarksville is your best bet. It is the largest lake in Virginia with 50,000 acres of water. The cove around the lake and more than 800 miles of shoreline can be seen. There are many swimming spots and water sport options like water skiing, boating and sailing.

15 Best Beaches in Virginia:

  • Bethel Beach, Mathews County
  • Chesapeake Beach, Chesapeake City
  • Westmoreland State Park, Westmoreland County
  • Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County
  • Cape Charles Beach, Chesapeake Bay
  • Croatan Beach, Virginia Beach
  • Chincoteague Beach, Chincoteague Island
  • First Landing State Park, Cape Henry
  • Buckroe Beach, Chesapeake Bay
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Kiptopeke State Park, Chesapeake Bay
  • Ocean View Beach, Norfolk
  • North End Beach, Virginia Beach
  • Assateague Island National Seashore, Chincoteague
  • Sandbridge, Virginia Beach