What are the world’s most romantic beaches on a budget to travel to on a honeymoon?

If you are planning for an enchanted honeymoon here’s a list of the top beaches to visit with your lover. The romantic settings of these beaches will entice you to create ever-lasting memories!

Reethi Beach, Baa Atoll (Maldives):

Here, in this tropical paradise, dazzling white sands and dark blue sea create a stunning combination of colors that ignites romance. This coastline is considered one of the most romantic with in Maldives. Because of its picturesque beauty, gorgeous overwater bungalows, and exquisite restaurants. This is one of the top beach honeymoon spots for lovebirds. 

La Cuvette Beach, Grand Baie (Mauritius):

Mauritius is one of the most romantic and scenic beach honeymoon destinations. All you need for a fantastic honeymoon is to escape to this tropical area to spend some wholesome time together. It is the ideal location for newlyweds since calmness and peace prevails here and the tourist crowds are minimal.

Pink Sands Beach, Dunmore (Bahamas):

This unusual beach with pink sand is in the gorgeous Bahamas and is one of the top beaches for honeymoons in the world. It has beach resorts where you may love to walk holding each other’s hands. The beach offers a beautiful sunset for couples to enjoy.  A candle-lit dinner will add more romantic vibes in this beautiful beach. 

Uig Sands, Isle of Lewis (Scotland:)

Uig Sands, lying roughly twenty miles from Stornoway, is a charismatic beach with views of beautiful dunes and majestic mountains. The seashore is famous for having a collection of Viking chess pieces carved from walrus teeth that date back to the 12th century. The idyllic scenes of Scotland are mesmerizing and very romantic for couples.

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