Best flight booking hacks

It is important for the travelers to know the best flight booking hacks to get the best deals while booking flights. Traveling by air can sometimes become very expensive. But if you know the right way to book your flights, you will be able to enjoy pleasant flights at great prices. Here are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while booking your next flight.

Book at the right time:

Timing can bring about great changes in prices. While booking flights, be it domestic or international, booking a week or two earlier, can help you to get a flight at a reasonable price. It is one of the best travel hacks that will save you money. Moreover, when your dates are accommodating, searching a +4/-4 date range will provide a large array of prices for you to think about.

Know where to search:

Booking a flight at your desired price can be difficult but knowing where to look for, can make this task a lot easier. Some of the best websites to visit while booking flights online are, tripadvisor, These sites will offer you an extensive list of flights at a reasonable price on your preferred dates.

Don’t book very early:

Don’t make the mistake of booking flights too early. Being over enthusiastic can actually result poorly in this case. It has been found that the average domestic fare when booked six months prior to a desired departure date may result in 19% higher cost than the ones searched for a month in advance.

Check pricings for one-person flights first:

Sometimes airlines increase prices when you are purchasing multiple seats at a time. So even when you are booking for your entire family, check pricings for one-person flights first.

Go incognito while booking:

Many travel websites and airline portals use cookies and trace computer IP addresses to go through your searches. This enables them to understand the sort of flight you are looking for and hence they increase the prices. Hence make sure to turn on the incognito mode while booking your flights online. In this mode, as your search history won’t be saved, you would be able to scan great deals for both international and domestic flights.

Book flights with transits:

It is a lesser-known fact that booking flights with transits or stopovers is a great way to save while booking flights. Booking flights with transit is not only cheaper but also is a great way to enjoy a day-long tour in a new city or country.

Hopefully these hacks will help you become a pro at booking flights online. Make sure to check other travel hacks that will save you money to make the best out of your hard-earned money while traveling.