Best time to visit Bhutan | The Hotels Booking

Best time to visit Bhutan

The best time to visit Bhutan is usually from March-May and October-December. Located in the eastern side of the Himalayas, Bhutan’s altitude remains between 180-7800m on the Himalayan Plateau, according to which the climate of the country varies. Bhutan warmly welcomes tourists to the land of mysterious mythology all year round.  Bhutan offers a wide … Read more

Best hotels in Bhutan | The Hotels Booking

The visitors to Bhutan might be wondering about which are the best hotels in Bhutan. Bhutan, the happy kingdom, has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers. Along with its epic natural beauty, Bhutan offers its guests a very comfortable stay. Here you are sure to find the best hotel according to your preferences. Luxury … Read more

Best places to visit in Bhutan

Best places to visit in Bhutan

The travelers to Bhutan can expect a long list of the best places to visit in Bhutan, the country veiled with mystery and magic. In the land of Dragon, people with smiling faces warmly welcome you to a heavenly abode. Bhutan, the country with pristine nature, takes pride in a number of magnificent spots that captivate people … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Top Best Places to Visit in Thailand ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

For those who want to know which places in Thailand would be good to visit. Here is an effort to explore the best places to visit in Thailand. Mixed and sizzled with various cultures, historical events, unique Thai tradition, captivating beauty, picturesque landscapes, happy local people, and Thai food. Thailand is one of the most … Read more

Best beaches in Phuket – Beautiful Beaches of Phuket

Best beaches in Phuket ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Phuket is a popular island of Thailand for picturesque views and warm weather all year round. Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio took part in shooting at Maya Bay for the movie ‘The Beach’. After that, Phuket island quickly became famous to the outside world. Youngsters go crazy to join ‘Phuket Full Moon Party’ and live music … Read more

Maldives beach: The Most stunning beaches in Maldives

The Most stunning beaches in Maldives ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

Maldives is an amazing tropical country which is Comprised of 1,190 islands that sit on 26 reef atolls.  Maldives is a heavenly place for recreation, romance, and luxury. A beautiful string of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, the islands of Maldives are also a paradise for divers and sun seekers alike.  Maldives is a superb … Read more


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