Weather in Greece in October | The Hotels Booking

The most visited country Greece reveals sunny weather in October. It is not scorching hot In October, but remains moderate warm weather, which is convenient for tourists.   Who would not love to travel to a less crowded place packed with perfect weather? Honestly speaking, the weather in Greece in October is the best time to … Read more

Where to stay in Santorini : The Hotels Booking

Where to stay in Santorini

Santorini is an island where the sun gracefully plays with the mesmerizing blue of the Egyptian Sea.  Its traditional houses are adorned with blue domes like that of churches. It offers a radiant view with spectacular sunsets and is difficult for any romantic travelling enthusiast to resist. From the historic residences of the picturesque village of … Read more

Lake Geneva Switzerland | The Hotels Booking

Lake Geneva Switzerland

Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Switzerland, is located in the Western Switzerland and an extended portion of the lake is shared with France. This crescent shaped fresh waterbody was formed due to withdrawal of glacier and it has a magnanimous depth. Jet d’eau, the symbol of the city of Geneva and the center of … Read more

Nissi Beach Cyprus | The Hotels Booking

Nissi Beach Cyprus

Nissi beach of Cyprus, a magnificent destination, attracts numerous crowds of tourists all through the year. The beach mainly remains crowded during the summer, as it is used to host vibrant music programs. Party lovers from all around the world, visit Nissi beach Cyprus in the resort of Ayia Napa and enjoy a variety of … Read more

Lake Geneva Weather | The Hotels Booking

Lake Geneva Weather

Lake Geneva weather is highly appreciated by numerous travelers visiting every year. You can delve in adventurous outdoor activities during warmer months, and experience the chills of Swiss Alps in winter. Alternatively, spring and fall come with splendid budget offers and visitors love the solitude. Lake Geneva weather is quite spirited all throughout the year, which … Read more

Best Beaches in Cyprus | The Hotels Booking

Best Beaches in Cyprus

Best beaches in Cyprus entice the vacationers to revive from the Mediterranean beach life in Cyprus. The major coastal towns remain alive with visitors sunbathing and swimming during summer.  The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus covers a great number of beaches. With numerous Blue Flag awarded beaches, Cyprus has earned its name as … Read more

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland | The Hotels Booking

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland has captured the eyes of numerous travelers as the most wonderful village in the Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps. It’s nestled within the impressive trough valleys of waterfalls, and radiates pulsating seasonal appeals and iconic locales. There’re wide ranges of things to see and try, besides hospitable accommodation, which account for an … Read more

Grindelwald Switzerland | The Hotels Booking

Grindelwald Switzerland

Located in the Bernese Alps and enclosed by the north side of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn lies the attractive town of Grindelwald. It is also locally known as ‘Vibrant Eiger Village’. It towers over 1,034m above sea level to provide the most breathtaking views as well as the most spectacular riverscape of Lake Geneva Switzerland. It … Read more

Resorts in Naples , Florida

Resorts in Naples, Florida

The resorts in Naples, Florida sure know how to please their guests. At posh resorts, like the GreenLinks Golf Villas, be pampered with stylish amenities. If you’re an admirer of epic vistas, at Park Shore Resort, you’ll be treated with blessed images of nature. For larger families on a budget, resorts like the Marco Bonita Beach … Read more


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