Grindelwald Switzerland

Grindelwald Switzerland

Located in the Bernese Alps and enclosed by the north side of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn lies the attractive town of Grindelwald. It is also locally known as ‘Vibrant Eiger Village’. It towers over 1,034m above sea level to provide the most breathtaking views as well as the most spectacular riverscape of Lake Geneva Switzerland. It is the largest water body between France and Switzerland.

Grindelwald Switzerland

Why is it popular?

Grindelwald Switzerland buzzes with tourists from all over the globe during the winter. It is extremely famous for the wide variety of ski trails which come along with cable cars and trains in order to traverse jaw-dropping heights. It is also popular for its unbounded greenery and snow-peaked mountains.

Grindelwald is a year-round tourist getaway spot due to its tranquil and relaxing weather, though the ideal weather for visiting the Grindelwald, Switzerland mountains is during the months of May-June. This time is the best time to visit Switzerland.

How do I get to Grindelwald Switzerland?

The closest airport to Grindelwald is Zurich, from there you can hire a taxi which would take you around 2.5hrs or you could take a train which would take you around 3hrs.

The town centre is situated along the Dorfstrasse, between the most rail station and therefore the First car station, about 800 m up the road. Around the town centre, Grindelwald mainly consists of chalets in hilly meadows widely spread out. So it is not going to be difficult to find using a GPS if you’re travelling alone in your personal vehicle

Things to do in Grindelwald Switzerland :

Grindelwald Switzerland has become a tourist centre for a good reason, the uncountable places to visit and activities to engross yourself in; is astonishing. It is also located under the infamous north face of the Eiger mountain which attracts thousands of mountain climbers to this specific spot every year. When covered with snow, this place looks like a filming location for Star Wars and James Bond movies and offers up dozens of kilometres of ski trails and sledging moves in winter.

  1. ‘First’ is a relatively small summit situated on the slopes of Schwarzhorn, you could catch a gondola up from Grindelwald to this minor summit. First is specifically popular among those who enjoy hiking, hikers could get off their gondola at any station and hike up or down the mountain.
How do I get to Grindelwald Switzerland?

Moreover, the alluring factor of First is the metallic walkway projecting over 45 metres over a sheer drop. The views of the sharp rocky peaks, alpine meadow, distant lakes and a waterfall will definitely give you goosebumps.

Besides, if you are into more daring activities you could take part in the first flyer, this is a 800 metre zipline ride that reaches speeds of 84km/h. Be sure to enjoy the trotti bikes that can be found around the first mountains.

2. Along the many places to see in Grindelwald Switzerland, the Jungfraujoch excursion is like a once in a lifetime experience you will only witness in the alps. The duration of the journey is about 90 mins by train, however, as of 2020 the time estimated for the journey has been reduced to 30 mins due to the addition of a cable car.

Grindelwald Switzerland

Once the journey is complete you will find yourself at “The Top of Europe” gazing upon the glacier and the 4000-metre peaks around it, the sight is simply just staggering. At the top awaits you the ice palace known as Sphinx Observatory, from there you’ll get a marvellous 360-degree view of the surrounding mountain peaks.

3. In the canton of Bern, there is Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, a delightful village with mountains and valleys.

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland,

Visitors may wish to join excursions from any valley of Lauterbrunnen to the villages in Jungfrau during the period of summer. In the canton of Bern, there lies Grindelwald, a peaceful city that has mountain resorts and many idyllic views. In order to witness the Grindelwald Glacier, one can take cable-car rides which are easily accessible.

4. One of the most spectacular places within walking distance from the gondola stop at First is the trail between First to Bachalpsee. This is among the top picturesque hiking trails in Grindelwald.

The Bachalpsee is at an altitude of 2,265 metres, the reflective waters, grassy river banks and beautiful snow-peaked mountains in the background almost make you wonder if you’re living in your dream world. The pleasant atmosphere and tranquillity are definitely something you would not want to miss out on.

5. If you are bringing your children along, don’t forget to visit the adventure park for kids. Located beside the Bort cable car station, this park is 700 metres with a mountain stream with many fun activities in store.

Alongside, make sure to rent the Trotti bike in order to discover all the picturesque alpine scenery between Bort to Grindelwald trail with your family. If you are wondering about safety, don’t break a sweat as these bikes are regularly repaired and well maintained and they come with helmets as well as elbow pads. Therefore discover the beauty of the alpines at your own pace.

Is Grindelwald Switzerland Safe?

Many tourists ask if Grindelwald is a safe place to visit in Switzerland during vacations. If you are one of them; rest assured, many reports and reviews have stated that this village has a very low crime rate. However, caution is highly advised.

Tourists should be careful about pickpocketing and purse-theft, especially during peak tourism times. So keep your belongings safe and close to you if you don’t want to ruin your trip.

Needless to say, among the many Cities in Switzerland, Grindelwald has well-maintained roads so you would hardly find any trouble while travelling with your personal vehicle. The best advice to heed when visiting Grindelwald ‘is to love its nature.

Is Grindelwald First worth visiting?

Grindelwald Switzerland is an extremely beautiful village located in a very convenient location with unrivalled scenery, filled with abundant amounts of scenic views and recreational activities. Grindelwald has so much to offer that you will undeniably not have enough time to indulge in all of them. So, you will have to choose wisely. Nevertheless, Grindelwald is definitely worth visiting.

Is Grindelwald Switzerland expensive?

Travelling in Grindelwald Switzerland can be expensive in terms of accommodations, food and transportation. Collecting data from many visitors, estimations can be made that around 47$ is spent on food and 43$ on local transportation.

For a 7-day tour, around 2000$ will be needed for a solo tourist. The hotel prices in Grindelwald for a single night start from 143$ and goes up to 445$. Though your budget is dependent on the activities you wish to perform, it is recommended to consider spending 76$ to 142$ for a person for a single day in Grindelwald.

Grindelwald Switzerland awaits you with an uncountable amount of entertainment and mesmerizing places yet to be discovered. Your list of things-to-do would only keep on increasing. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the beautiful village of Grindelwald Switzerland and indulge yourself in its unparalleled beauty.