AFRICA & MIDDLE-  is a continent of 54 countries that stretches from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. It covers an area of 1.1 billion square kilometers (463 million square miles), making it the second-largest continent after Asia in terms of land area and population. The continent is border by Europe to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Red Sea to the northeast, and the Gulf of Aden, Somalia’s Gulf of Oman and Yemen’s Arabian Sea to the southeast. Egypt and Sudan make up part of North Africa; Libya, Chad, Niger and Nigeria are parts of West Africa, and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya are part of Southeast Africa.

The Middle East includes countries in Western Asia (Arabia), Northern Africa (North Africa) and Eastern Europe. The Middle East lies between Europe and Asia along three continents. Asia Minor – Turkey & Greece, Europe – Italy & France, Africa – Morocco & Algeria in North Africa & Sudan in South Sudan

Giorgio Armani | The Hotels Booking

Giorgio Armani is a renowned Italian clothes designer widely known for his outstanding men’s wear. He began his business in the 1970s, and it has expanded dramatically since then. Makeup, housewares and hotels are now part of the Armani brand. Despite his enormous success, Armani maintains a humble attitude toward his work and life. In this large operation, …

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Most Beautiful Cities in the World to Travel

Most Beautiful Cities in the World to Travel

Explorers seek the most beautiful cities in the world to travel for experiencing the essence of nature and the creations of man. From the historic architecture of Istanbul to the ultra-modern towers of New York, there’s define beauty in it all. Whether it’s the sandy beaches of Dubrovnik, or the natural ventures of Cape Town, …

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Canary Islands Weather

Canary Islands Weather : the hotels booking

“The Canary Islands is a 7-isle pleasant weather Beach Bliss of Europe. It reflects the Caribbean’s picturesque landscapes and national diversity. As well, mirrors the blue waters of East Africa’s mesmerizing Seychelles. It’s a seaside paradise for tourists looking to enjoy warm sunny beaches with cool waters during late-year seasons.” Canary Islands is a cluster …

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