Armani Hotel in Dubai

Home to world’s finest hotels, Dubai is the place where you shall experience the best hospitality and will have a memorable tour with ultimate scopes of relaxations. The Armani Hotel is an icon in luxury hospitality. The magnificent suites of Armani Hotel Dubai are an embodiment of minimalist grandeur, with the Armani stamp on every aspect.

 Armani Hotel, Dubai

Giorgio Armani’s distinctive style combines practicality and refinement with valuable materials and precise finishing to create a very customized space. Armani himself mentored every detail of the hotel’s decor over the course of five years. From zebra wood paneling, and walls covered with fabrics to the aromas of spa accessories, altogether forms a unique quality.

Location :

The United Arab Emirates’ Persian Gulf coast is where is Dubai located on. Burj Khalifa, the most iconic skyscraper of the world, is where UAE serves the best of its hospitality. Armani Hotel Dubai is in Burj Khalifa and consists of its luxurious suites available on levels 1 to 8, 38 and 39. The Dubai Mall, world’s one of the greatest entertainment destinations, is very near to this world famous 5-star hotel.

Rooms and suites :

The Armani Hotel won’t offer you the flamboyant, over-the-top style like many of its competitors. Instead, one will find a tranquil and peaceful setting that’s a pleasant change amid the city’s glare.

Rooms and suites, Armani Hotel in Dubai

Because Giorgio Armani was extensively involved in the formulation, the Armani Dubai Suite’s features are as exquisite as one would expect – subtle gold tints, natural fibers, and neutral colors. The two-bedroom apartment, which is located on the 39th floor of the Burj Khalifa, boasts spectacular views from the rooms, living and dining areas.

There are 160 guestrooms, each with their own touch of elegance. Armani Deluxe Room, Armani Classic Room, Armani Premiere Suite, Armani Fountain Suite and Armani Executive Suite are within the range of 100 square feet.

Armani Ambassador Suite, Armani Signature Suite and Armani Dubai Suite are above hundred square feet with well-furnished kitchens and spacious bathrooms designed by Giorgio Armani.

Nearby tourist places and attractions :

Dubai, the UAE’s largest metropolis, is home to a plethora of magnificent buildings. In 2012, the Dubai skyline was ranked seventh in the world. Armani Hotel Dubai itself exist in one of the most iconic skyscrapers of the world, Burj Khalifa.

Dubai beaches, Dubai

Located at distance of 8.3 kilometers form Armani Hotel Dubai, Jumeirah Beach is a white sand beach on the Persian Gulf coast, named after the Jumeirah area. It’s one of the most gorgeous Dubai beaches, drawing visitors from all over the globe.

One shall not miss a tour at world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Aquarium, one of the world’s biggest aquariums, is the mall’s most alluring feature.

The Dubai Aquarium, which holds 10 million liters of water, spotlights the wonders of the ocean floor and houses one of the world’s finest diversified assemblages of marine species. One can wish to witness a performance of classical music at the Dubai Fountain, set in a 12 hector man made lake.

Shopping :

Three distinct shopping outlets are available at the hotel. Armani/Galleria is a fashion house store that sells fashion accessories, as well as the first and only site in Dubai to see the Armani Prive collections. Armani/Dolci is a high-end confectionery that offers a delectable range of biscuits, miniature savories, and other treats. Armani/Fiori is a floral retail shop that excels in beautiful fresh flower arrangements and custom-designed vases that mimic the flowing curves of the flowers.

Fine Dining :

The Armani Hotel has eight restaurants that provide a variety of international cuisines, including Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, and, of course, traditional Italian cuisine.

Dining, Armani Hotel in Dubai

The city’s cosmopolitan makeup is reflected in the amazing food selections. Every encounter is a personal expression of Giorgio Armani’s novel contribution to hospitality at the hotel’s restaurants. Armani/Ristorante, Armani/Mediterraneo, Armani/Lounge, Armani/Deli, Armani/Hashi, Armani/Amal and Armani/Privé are the vantage points where one can soothe his cravings for versatile cuisines.

Hotel facilities :

Armani/SPA provides a sensory perception that is completely suited to the requirements of clients. Each distinctive location serves as the foundation for individualized therapies, workout regimens, sequential heat bathing, as well as personal and social relaxation, according to the spa design philosophy. The Armani/Gym is located on the third floor and offers an excellent space and well maintained technologically advanced instruments for each client.