Miami on a Budget

A trip to Miami might often seem out of budget because of all the luxuries and grand hotels of the city. Nevertheless, by following some travel hacks, you can successfully plan a Miami tour on budget. Choosing the best time to fly, selecting suitable hotels, and cutting off extra transportation fee will minimize your cost a … Read more

Miami Skyline: Miami travel and tours

Miami skyline boasts the tallest skyscrapers, which have added a high status, prosperity, and prestige to Miami. Miami has giant trade and international foreign business. So, it requires the magnificent tall towers to set up the commercial offices. For stunning beaches and warm weather, huge foreign tourists come to enjoy Miami. People assume, is Miami … Read more

Panorama Tower

Completed in July 2018, the Panorama Tower after surpassing all the skyscrapers, stands proud today as the tallest in all Florida. This 85-story of glass, steel and concrete gracing the Miami skyline is like the icing on the cake. Located in Brickell District, Panorama Tower is a multi-purpose building that is perfectly equipped with almost … Read more

Miami Beach Hotels

Miami Beach Hotels

Sometimes we all need to take up our spirits with a small trip. And the Miami Beach Hotels know exactly how to upraise your stay. Visiting Miami Beach firsthand will leave you appreciating its wonders for a lifetime. When planning the trip, people think – is Miami safe? Fortunately, with increased safety protocols thoroughly maintained all … Read more

South Beach

America’s Riviera, the South Beach, is undeniable one of the most beloved holiday destinations for travelers. It includes the famed Ocean Drive, the quaint South Pointe Park and the historical Art Deco District. Located right between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this coastal city with its art deco neighborhoods, sunny warm days, and vibrant … Read more

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, the coastal resort city of the Greater Miami, is located amongst natural and manmade islands known for beautiful beaches; this basically divides the Beach from the mainland city. One of Florida’s largest cities, the Miami Beach’s Art Deco District has the world’s principal assemblage of Art Deco architecture. The South Beach, Mid Beach … Read more

Miami Metromover Station

Metromover is a free, rapid transit, automatic people moving rail system run by Miami-Dade Transit in Miami. Inclusive of three loops and 21 stations, the rider serves through these four regions: Downtown Miami, Brickell, Park West and Arts & Entertainment District. Alongside acting as a compound for urbanization, the Miami’s Metromover is recognized as the … Read more

American Airlines Arena

 The American Airlines Arena, which is situated at the Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami District, is a multiuse complex for active sports and enjoyable entertainment options.  It homes the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat, and also contains 2,105 club seats, 80 extravagant suites, and 76 private boxes. Florida’s largest theater, the Waterfront Theater, is lodged here … Read more

Is Miami safe?

Is Miami safe ? ~ Thehotelsbooking.Com

This question naturally comes to the mind of the tourist before the tour plan in Miami, is Miami safe? Miami, the great port city of Florida, is a captivating city, which also happens to be one of the most visited cities in the USA. Tourists prefer Miami as a vacation destination because of its lovely … Read more


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