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Is Miami safe?

This question naturally comes to the mind of the tourist before the tour plan in Miami, is Miami safe? Miami, the great port city of Florida, is a captivating city, which also happens to be one of the most visited cities in the USA. Tourists prefer Miami as a vacation destination because of its lovely sea beaches, smart beach lifestyle, and Miami Skyline weather. Miami is an immensely diverse city with rich culture, heavenly natural beauty, impressive architecture, delicious cuisine, people of different heritage, cargo port, and unlimited shopping opportunities.

 Miami is safe for travelers, although it has some dangerous areas to avoid Miami. But not to worry, they are distant from the main tourist destinations. Some Hollywood movies have given rise to the idea that Miami is the paradise for drug dealers and criminals, but that is not the real picture. Miami is not like that type of dangerous city.

 Presently, all major aspects of the city have been greatly improved and it seems like the large cities in Europe and America. The security arrangement at Miami  beach is creditable, with notable presence of the police.


Which are safe neighborhoods in Miami for travelers?

Miami Beach, downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove are extremely safe neighborhoods in Miami and quite entertaining. In Miami Beach, the City of Miami, and the South Miami safe areas, nobody has ever seen the serious crime. There are luxurious Miami beach hotels close to sea for a comfortable stay.

Little Havana within the City of Miami immediately west of downtown Miami is an enriched area full of nice surprises and amazingly good Cuban food.  Brickell , Coral Gables  and  edgewater  are safest places to live in Miami also.

 If tourists go to the downtown area or wynwood which are great places ,will have lots of things going on in restaurants, bars, arts, retail. Visitors should use common sense and be careful; these are good areas but are very closed to bad neighborhoods in Miami.

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Is it Safe to drive around Miami ?

It is certainly safe and not at all dangerous to drive around in Miami. The coastal routes are marvelous to drive along. In fact, it gives you one of the finest scenic views among the routes of  Bayshore Drive, Overseas Highway, and Ocean Drive. Visitors can rent cars to move about in all the tourist spots in Miami. However, driving in Miami is not always exactly dreamy. The traffic can be unpleasant and the drivers may be aggressive sometimes.

Be sure to study your maps, determine your routes, and set up GPS to your rental car, and then you will get your right way. You may use while driving to keep track of yourself before getting on the highway.

In case you get lost, go directly to the nearest gas station and it will be wise to ask for directions. If you feel unsafe at any point, drive to a well-lit public place like a mall before getting out of your car. For car troubles, simply dial 511, and a state motor safety officer will come to help you.

What safety tips to follow in Miami while traveling?

Miami is overall a great city. As a tourist, you should take some precautions as well to ensure a stress-free time. The following tips may assist you with lessening the danger while traveling.

  1. Keep valuable things with you during the plane journey: Miami Airport has a bad reputation for baggage missing. Do not pack valuable things and money in a suitcase. Your luggage will pass through many unknown hands in the airport. Keep your mobile, money, jewelry, important files, and medicine in a carry-on bag.
  2. Avoid worst neighborhoods in Miami: Avoid dangerous areas in Miami like Little Haiti, Upper eastside, Overtown, Allapattah, and Liberty City.
  3. Take care of your goods in crowded areas: You may face pickpocketing in crowded areas. So keep your goods safe.

Rough Drivers : Some drivers drive taxi recklessly. If you feel uncomfortable, change your taxi.

  • Traffic jam : Office time is rush hours. Traffic jam is seemed in busy streets. So keep enough time in hand to reach in time in a place.
  • Taxi is safe at night : The hustlers may roam around in the busy streets at night. So it is safe to travel by taxi at night.
  • Diversity in language : Multicultural people like Hispanics, Cubans, and Mexicans live in Miami. So be careful about their language.
  • Do not leave your important things on the beach while swimming:  Sometimes your things may be disappeared.
  • Abide by the law and rules : As you are a newbee here, abide by the laws of traffic while driving a rented car.
  •  Keep a Sim Card : When your phone will not work, set a sim card. It is perfect for road maps, keep in touch and emergency contact.
  •  Solo travelers : Solo travelers should not stay at beach in night. If you prefer hostel or sociable place, you can meet other single explorers also.
  •  Keep your money safe : It is wise to wear a money belt inside your shirt or tops. You can keep your dollars safe.
  •  Rush Hours : In rush hours, It is better to get into Metro rail, Metromover and Trolley instead of Taxi because of traffic jam in rush hours.

Our tips may help you to stay safe in Miami. When you perceive safety, you can enjoy the tourist places of Miami with ease.


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Crime Rate in Miami Florida :

Miami beach annual crimes happen for various reasons. 9.54 are violent and 75.95 are property related among 1000 residents. So total crime rate is 85.49  per 1,000 residents .

How safe is Miami for solo travelers?

Miami is generally a safe city for solo travelers. Tourists should keep in mind not to stay out too late at night alone. Otherwise you should be fine in popular tourist landmarks. However, like some major tourist places, in Miami, travelers may face pickpocketing in busy area or night time. It is best to be cautious about surrounding area. In South Beach, due to huge touristic population, a lot of rogue people from bad neighborhoods come to sell drugs and stuffs . But they really do not harm to you.

It is wise to stay away from Ocean Drive scene, as it is very touristy and a place for party-goers. If you would like a relaxing environment, North around 41st and Collins will be nice destinations for you. In Collins Avenue, you can even walk around at night. Ocean Drive can be a little rough during the night, so apply your common sense and stick to areas where people are still mingling.

While you are a solo traveler in Miami, it is good to be aware of your surroundings .Do not drink too much in a bar and never accept any drink from a stranger. Sometimes there are people who stand outside a restaurant or bar and offer you various deals. They are most probably tourist traps or rip-off. So do not pay them any attention.

Ocean Drive is linked to a large green space park where bohemian people are always seen . South Florida is warm throughout the year , so it makes it a likely destination. There has been countless incidents reporting theft along ocean Drive when tourists leave their belongings on the beach to go swim.

You can book special solo traveler’s tours, the most popular one being offered by “Get your Guide”.  They have different package tours , select a preferred place . Solo tourists or backpackers on a budget may opt to find accommodation in hostels, which are just as great.

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 How safe is Miami Public Transportation ?

The public transport of Miami is quite reliable and adequate, the main modes of transport being the bus, metrorail and metromover. Some might argue that the route of these are not as expanded  as of those in other major cities. The elevated metrorail  and metromover train systems can make commutes possible without a car. Its easier if you live near a station, then you can get off near your destination. Even though traffic is a major issue in the city, it’s not a concern for metrorail and metromover. Besides it being cheaper than taxis and Ubers, you might enjoy the view from a metrorail or trolley.

  1. Bus :  Mostly locals and tourists ride city buses as they are relatively cheaper. The buses are clean and air conditioned. Buses going through congested routes can make them run on unreliable schedule. The frequency of service varies by route, time and day of the week. Some buses run late by 15 minutes gap, while a few might run as late as 45 minutes. Always be careful not to leave your belongings back in the bus while getting off.
  • Miami Trolley :  Miami trolleys are very popular and free to the public. They come approximately every 15 minutes depending on your location. They are usually clean and empty. These orange and green vehicles carry passengers around the main areas of Miami city. The popular trolley routes are expanded in Brickell and downtown Miami. Miami trolley also carries passengers from the  new routes of  Wynwood and Design district. The air-conditioned trolley is free in some areas for tourists. Trolley runs from 6:30 AM to 11PM on most areas of Miami.
  • Metromover :  The metromover resembles a small train, carrying passengers especially from downtown and Brickell. Besides being efficient and convenient, it’s free and can help bypass Downtown and Brickell’s horrific traffic. It also offers direct stops at the Brickell city centre and Bayfront area.

  • Metro Rail : The Metrorail route is not that long, so visitors have to resume their rides on a trolley or metromover to arrive at their destinations. The metrorail service is known for its speed and safety. Metro Rail connects to the Metromover in Downtown which provides metro service to the entirely of Downtown and Brickell.
  • Taxi :  Taxi is the go–to transport when anybody is in a hurry with no stations nearby. The majority of users are tourists who use it to explore the city and stop whenever. While taxi can be a more expensive choice , it offers privacy and a better option for travelling with luggage. Taxi may be a good choice, when we leave airport and reach to hotel.

Miami welcomes every tourist with open arms to enjoy sunny beaches and captivating scenery. It ensures safety for tourists, so that they gain a wonderful travel experiences from Miami that last in their mind forever.

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