Some Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida

Tourists may visit to some good vacation spots with kids besides Florida if they plan to come in Florida. There are many amazing places around Florida that are the best family vacation destinations to hang out. Tourists will find variations regarding wildlife in Everglades National Park, Atlantis Paradise Island, diving and fishing in Andros Island.

If you visit Florida, you will find many things to do Florida; but surrounding places will amaze you too.  Places around Florida like the Bahamas, Bimini and Tampa have best family vacation spots for children. If you visit these spots, you will be dazed by the beaches, great weather, history, culture, parks and many more.

Some good vacation spots for kids besides the largest cities in Florida are mentioned below:

1. Everglades National Park, Miami :

If you take a short drive from Miami, you will reach the Everglades National Park which protects one of Florida’s most unique natural wildlife.

Some Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida: Everglades National Park, Miami

The park has a huge area with animals like crocodiles, snakes and birds. There are walking trails around the park for the visitors to see various types of animals for example the Anhinga trail.

The park has an amazing airboat tour to enjoy as well.  ‘Miami Everglades tours’ provides transport to pick up from the hotel to the park, a live alligator show and transport back to your hotel.

2. Bayfront Park, Miami:

If you are trying to find the best family vacations on a budget, Bayfront Park must be on your list.

Some Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida: Bayfront Park, Miami

Situated on the east part of Biscayne Boulevard, the park consists of many amazing monuments and sculptures. The Pepper Fountain is another unique feature of the Bayfront Park. Other special features include the Challenger Memorial, the Light Tower. Moreover, there is a commemoration of the crew of Challenger Spacecraft, a children’s playground and musical performance.

3. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas:

The Atlantis Paradise Island is one of the best holiday spots in the world. It is a noteworthy place for unique family vacations in USA.

Some Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida:  Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The salmon-pink resort amazingly recreates the legend of Atlantis through a luxury hotel, water park and entertainment complex. The Aqua venture attracts visitors in Paradise Island. Therefore, this place is among the top family vacation ideas in summer.

4. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park:

Located in the remote eastern edge of the Bahamas, this park has the amazing seascapes of the Bahamas. There are diverse and boaters for anchorages. People can enjoy the luminous water, creating a dazzling backdrop for a range of water sports.

People visit this place using private boats, but fishing or shelling is not allowed within the park boundaries. The Exuma Cays include Great Exuma, Little Exuma and Stanyel Cay. The Stanyel Cay also presents the famous swimming pigs and Thunder Ball Cave.

5. Diving and Fishing on Andros Island:

The third-largest barrier reef in the world is a part of Andros Island. This island has many blue holes and underwater caves creating an underwater wonderland. The Andros Island is called the ‘Bonefishing Capital of the World’.

Boating and fishing are allowed here. It’s also the home for five national parks. Hence it is an amazing place to visit for the nature lovers. Moreover, the island is enriched with mud flats, mangrove swamps, bird life and eco-resorts. 

6. Big Game Fishing in the Bimini:

Here, deep-sea fishing tournaments are hosted almost throughout the year.

Bimini is known as the “Big Game Fishing Capital of the Bahamas”. Its fish-rich water creates excellent facilities for diving and snorkelling. Moreover, there is a popular shark and dolphin water activities. Bimini Island is the closest of the islands to the United States.

7. Busch Gardens:

If you want to enjoy thrill rides, live music, performances and a multitude of exotic animals, this African themed family entertainment park is just the place. Visiting there, you will find villages, camps, animals grazing on the plains as well. You will find many things to do in the park too. Busch garden is popular for its roller coasters. There are various kinds of packages if you want to go there.

8. Museum of Science and Industry:

This museum will introduce you to the basics of physics, maths and other scientific principles. It will help you to learn, discover and immerse yourself in all aspects of science and technology. This museum is an attraction for the kids.

Kids will love to visit the place as it will help them to attain interesting knowledge. Therefore, other things to explore in the museum include NASA’s vision for human life, a life-size model of Spacecraft and a theatre.

9. Walt Disney World Parks:

If you ask about Florida’s most popular family attraction, Walt Disney World Park is your place. Of its 4 parks, ‘Magic Kingdom’ is the most iconic.

Some Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida:  Walt Disney World Parks

The Cinderella’s Castle stands at the centre of the park. The other 3 parks are Epcot Park, the Hollywood Studio’s Park and Animal Kingdom. Each of the parks will give you different and amazing experiences to go to.

Fireworks and parades are nightly events of the park. Exciting stunts and special effect show also make the entertainment more vibrating.

10. Universal Theme Parks:  

It is a blend of theme park and running a studio. It is one of the best places to visit if you are travelling with kids. The park has regular events and celebrations for family. Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the park’s modern extension. The theme park includes seven theme parks. Different types of rides are also available if you want to move around the park.

11. SeaWorld:

The SeaWorld is known for its amazing animal show like dolphin shows, whale shows and amazing rides. In addition to the sea life, the park has many thrilling rides for all. Most popular thrill rides include the Manta Coaster, Mako Hyper Coaster and the Kraken Virtual Reality Coaster. And besides, if you visit the park on Friday or Saturday night, you will see amazing fireworks display all night.

So, Good Vacation Spots with Kids Besides Florida you have plan to visit these cities, the mentioned attractions are a must to visit. You can visit the places without any worries as they are the safest cities in Florida. Make plans, visit, enjoy and create amazing memories.