Safest Cities in Florida

Safest Cities in Florida USA – Best Safest City In Florida For Traveling.

People prefer the safest cities in Florida for living as well as for traveling. Undoubtedly, Florida is one of the most popular touristy states in the USA. It lies between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the “Sunshine State” overlooking stunning seascape skylines. Though it’s home to the world’s best sunny beaches. Florida is one of the biggest travel hubs due to its subtropical weather, especially for those traveling from frigid cold countries.

Safest Cities in Florida

Indeed it is famous for its real estate entertainment incorporating zoos, amusement parks, aquariums, orange orchards, and winter vegetation, Florida’s infrastructure has grown substantially. Must-visit attractions include Universal Studios Florida, Kennedy Space Centre, Everglades National Park, and Universal Orlando Resort, among others. Amidst all these wayfaring spots, the Walt Disney World Resort has multitudes of holidaymakers under its belt.

The Walt Disney World is a major time-honored classic holiday park quite popular among kids owing to its fairyland castle theme, cartoon character mascots, and amazing rollercoaster rides. The Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando offers the best-enchanted experience.

Secondly, the Everglades National Park is quite a treat when it comes to airboat tours and detouring wildlife spread around it. Everglades National Park tours include the Shurr Adventures; a 3-hr mangrove tunnel kayak tour, a 1-hr Swamp tour, and Shark Valley Tram Tours. In fact, a big tourist state in the US, no wonder you’ll find the safest cities in Florida known for retirees in the world.

This place is not for a mere fun time with friends and family, but for getting overwhelmed by human sightings of the gigantic orbiting solar system. This US state has copious recreational spots for the whole family. You can see Kennedy Space Centre, and the Space Shuttle Atlantic, experience real-time space in 3D IMAX, enjoy astronaut simulation adventures, explore space-themed museums, and fishing boat safaris in its waters, among other interplanetary excursions. These entertainment places attract people and they look for the best places to visit in Florida.

Top 10 Safest Cities in Florida for Tourists:

1. Satellite Beach  :

Satellite Beach, one of the top safest cities in Florida, is located in Brevard County and is a gorgeous coastal place.

Safest City in Florida for Tourists

It was founded in 1956 and is a proud city due to its selfless and hardworking volunteers that worked hard and well to make the city flourish. The beach city has extremely low crime rates and is well-known as a safe city.

Besides, you can enjoy a seascape 5-min drive to Indian Harbour Beach which has plentiful wayfaring places and popular restaurants. Its vicinity offers a pleasant combo of parks, picnic spots, cafeterias, seashores, and other public hangout spots. Gleason Park is a good place to go for a relaxing family picnic. The Pelican Beach Park has plenty of volleyball turfs, picnic spots, and an oceanfront in its proximity. The Oars & Paddles Park is good for enjoying kayaking, paddle boarding, and watching dolphins. For beach lovers, Indian Harbour nestles in plenty of seaboard with soft sands. Though it is good for a long walk by the beach. Canova Beach Park and Bicentennial Beach Park are well-known for their seaside walkways.

Here tourists enjoy a good and safe time here, as the number of violent and nonviolent crimes is incredibly low. It also means that the areas in the city are safest for children and not just adults.

There are reliable accommodations in Satellite Beach and the city is considered safe for walking alone at night as well. Accidents such as road accidents are extremely low so that is another good thing for tourists as while traveling they will feel safe. Young girls and boys can play in neighborhoods with a safe conscience. The crime rate is 84.70% below the national crime rate. Petty crimes such as burglary and robbery are not high either.

2. Marco Island :

This Gulf Coast Barrier Island is located to the south of the city of Naples. In fact, it is the largest barrier island in the southwest region of Florida.

Marco Island

There are many white sand beaches here that are extremely safe and well-guarded for tourists to visit and spend a good time at. Correspondingly, Tigertail Beach is a prime example. It offers many-sided recreational activities for sea lovers. It has the famous tidal lagoon with a bathhouse, spacious car parking, sightseeing shorebirds, and sprinkles of seashells. Tigertail beach offers watersport activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Many luxury coastal resorts and accommodations though make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, USA. It has a population of above 18,000 and is considered an urban city with ample accommodation facilities for holidaymakers.

The crime rate of Marco Island is 77.66% underneath the public crime rate and 78.48% beneath the state crime rate. It is safe for youngsters, women, and men to be alone at times during the day and night since the violent crime rates and nonviolent crime rates are so low. The beaches are a great place for kids to enjoy a good sunny day while the grownups can get to swimming and taking the sunshine in. Overall, it is a highly safe and enjoyable place

3. Tequesta :

The population here in this small village is rather low as compared to the above-mentioned places at more than 6,000 residents.


The population here in this small village is rather low as compared to the above-mentioned places at more than 6,000 residents. Tequesta is a tiny village located in Palm Beach County. It was constructed in the years of 1950s and got its name from the Tequesta Native Americans. The biggest attraction here in Tequesta is Coral Cove Park. Coral Cove Park is a huge beachside park that is just splendid for people to picnic, swim in the crystal clear waters and even snorkel. Many other great activities can be enjoyed here.

The violent crime rate is very low, which indicates it is a safe place. If you are planning to visit Florida, children, women, and men can enjoy a safe and peaceful time in Tequesta. The crime rate of Tequesta is 76.62% below the national crime rate and 77.48% below the state crime rate.

4. Longboat Key :

This is a small town. It is located in Sarasota and Manatee counties and the west coast of Florida.

Longboat Key

Markedly there is a very safe environment with low crime rates here in Longboat Key. Many of the private and public beaches of Longboat Key are the prime attractors for tourists. Visitors in large numbers come here every year. If you are the kind of person who enjoys peace on sunny days then Longboat Key is your place. It will be much more fun to know you are present in one of the safest towns in the country. Longboat Key is considered a safe place in Florida. 

Generally, there is no scene of violent robberies and pocket pickings. Road accidents, frauds, and drug dealers are not an issue here either. The accommodations and taxis are extremely reliable. In this small town, the crime rate is 70.34% less than the national crime rate and 71.43% below the state crime rate.

5. Key Biscayne :

Key Biscayne has been scoring the fifth position being the safest city in Florida for tourists for a couple of years now.

Key Biscayne

This city of 13,299 residents has upheld its title of being a safe and reliable place very well. It is located across Miami on the barrier island. Though it is surrounded by many beautiful white sandy beaches and is just a stunning place to be at. The state parks attract many tourists from all over the world.

Surprisingly, Key Biscayne houses the only barrier reef in the entire North American continental region. It is located six miles distance away from the Florida Keys. Generally, It’s approximately 15 to 35 meters deep around its plunged territory. This oceanfront ridge runs through Miami and channels across the southwest of Dry Tortugas 37 miles off Key West. Apart from being a scuba diver in nirvana. It’s a recognized underwater archaeological trail of the United States. Water species diversity runs across the jagged subaquatic territory comprising flinty corals, limestone rocks, golfball coral, elliptical star coral, and brain coral. Faunae include anemones, crabs, lobsters, mollusks, sea stars, and sea cucumbers, to mention a few.

Being a highly affluent town, it is upon the standards in terms of keeping crime rates very low each year. The safe accommodations, environments, and neighborhoods make it ideal for vacations. The tourists are able to move freely with their money. Markedly, this well-off town offers safety and peace of mind. Public transportation is a safe endeavor to take with road accidents very low along with low crime rates in general. Key Biscayne’s crime rate is 72.19% below the national crime rate and 73.21% below the state crime rate.

6. Sanibel :

This small city is named after the island it is situated on, Sanibel Island. Sanibel is located in the southwestern region of Florida on the Gulf Coast.


This is a very beautiful city, declared by its motto of “A Barrier Island Sanctuary”. Sanibel has a population of 7,498 residents and is extremely safe as well as stunning. While Sanibel scores sixth place on the list of the safest cities in Florida, it is actually the one with the second lowest crime rates.

The communities, neighborhoods, and public places are all safe for everyone. Road accidents do not occur at high rates either and no fraudulent activities take place here either. Accommodations and hotels are great and reliable and so is public transport. The crime rate is 63.13% below the national crime rate and 64.49% less than the state crime rates.

7. Weston :

Weston has a population of above 71,000. This suburban city is the highest in population on the list of the safest cities in Florida for tourists.


Indeed adventurers will adore the city and all it has to offer. It is near Everglades, so visitors can take airboat tours here of the wetlands. As well, the Oleta Rover State Park is Weston’s touristy benchmark. It’s a peaceful riverside jungle getaway from the hectic city life. It’s famous for its drenched saplings and shrubberies, kayaking, and flyfishing around the mangroves. Last but not least, this famous quagmire has an undisclosed haven at its precincts; a serene shallow beach perfect for families with children.

With a large city comes a chance of bigger crime rates and danger, but Weston is probably the safest of the densely populated cities in Florida. The urbane township houses plenty of shopping centers, malls, and restaurants where you can have a great time. One has to keep in mind that safety is measured by the statistical data of a city and with that. Weston is the seventh safest city in Florida for tourists. Girls can go out at night to have fun with friends and even walk alone, and so can boys. Moreover, public transport, accommodations, and neighborhoods are safe here. With a large city, guarded places are to be appreciated as well. A highly populated city requires extra safety and protection and Weston has it all.

The crime rate of Weston is 77.48% less than the national crime rate and 78.31 below the state crime rate

8. Indian Harbour Beach :

Indian Harbour Beach has recently upped its level of crime reduction and safety so much so that it has jumped 16 ranks to become the 8th safest city in Florida.

Indian Harbour Beach

The crime rate reduction is so remarkable here that this city is the safest in the entire state of Florida.

There are five amazing recreational parks here for tourists to have a good and peaceful time here. Many beach activities are available that one can enjoy with protection and peace of mind. Women and men can walk easily at night. So, there is not any danger and no need to worry about safety. Kids can play freely and have a great time with other kids at many places. The accommodations and public transport are amazingly safe here as well. Rather no petty crimes and pocket-picking occur here at dangerous rates, if at all.

The crime rates of Indian Harbour Beach are 57.08% below the national crime rate and 58.66% below the state crime rate.

9. North Palm Beach :

North Palm Beach is located in Palm Beach County which is a safe place for tourists. The beaches and sunshine here are just remarkable, you have to see them.

Some of the best beaches of the state are here and are allowing for a great time. You can picnic, walk along the beach, sit in the sun, swim and so much more. Kids can play and enjoy many activities with the best safety as well.

Apart from just the beaches, North Palm Beach also provides great parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and a country club too that is a popular attraction for many families every year. It is an ideal city for retirees as well. Racial segregation is quite common here in the experience of black communities.

The crime rates are also low here meaning that families and individuals are all safe here. Not a high number of crimes take place here and neither does a high number of violent crimes. North Palm Beach village has a crime rate of 65.53% below the national crime rate although the 66.80% below the state crime rate.

10. Parkland :

This big city has crime rates about 70 percent less than national and state crime rates alike. Moreover, it has totally topped off the list being a highly safe city in Florida.


In addition, Tourists can come here and stay for a peaceful vacation. With more than 30 thousand residents, there are five parks that tourists can enjoy for picnics and hangouts along with a number of other activities. Though eco-friendly business is abundant here which just tells you a lot about the city itself.

Crime rates are extremely low with Parkland considered one of the safest cities in the whole of Florida. Burglary and theft rates are very low along with other violent crimes. Accommodations and underground railways are safe as well. The crime rates of Parkland are 67.94% and 69.12% below national and state crime rates respectively. Parkland is one of the most secure cities in Florida for families.

  • Safest cities in Florida from Hurricanes:

Leesburg, Sanford, Naples, Lake City, Ocala, and Palatka are amongst the safest cities in Florida from Hurricanes.

  • Dangerous cities in Florida:

Some of the worst places in Florida with bad weather and high crime rates include Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

Comprehensively, Florida is the ultimate vacationing destination having bounteous places you can visit. From the iconic Walt Disney World Resort to the impressive Kennedy Space Center. From quaint picnic spots to carpeted parklands, from antiquated restaurants to amazing beaches. It’s an itinerant indulgence for nomads. This is one of the top reasons you’ll find the safest cities in Florida with extensive law enforcement security.