Things to Do in Malta

Things to Do in Malta

There are lots of things to do in Malta while visiting this beautiful European country. You can admire Grand Harbor in Valletta, blue lagoon on the west coast of Comino, Grandmasters palace & Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta and then enjoying Gozo’s sunny beaches. Explore blue grotto caves in Zurrieq, try delicious Maltese food, delve in the historic heritage – your budget-friendly list never ends!  


Enclaved by the cleanest and bluest Mediterranean waters, the Maltese Islands takes us back to the 16th century. It brings every bit of our imaginations of the medieval era to life.  

Whether at the main island of Malta, the Gozo Island or the Comino Island, there is an infinite collection of things to do and see. From snorkeling at Gozo’s sandy beaches to hiking the rocky cliffs at Comino, you won’t tire out too easily.

Enlighten yourself at Malta’s most precious historic landmarks and museums. Go on a romantic boat trip with your partner by the refreshing harbors and witness exotic sunsets. Try extreme watersports and venture the outdoors with your friends. Take your children to amusements parks, and wildlife or marine safaris. Dine out with your family at the fine Maltese restaurants. Catch yourself a winner by going drifting and reef fishing.

Where to stay in Malta? Hotels, inns, resorts – no! The renovated farmhouses are definitely the best choice. Stylish comforts, relaxing atmosphere and added amenities make your stay worth every penny.

In summer, winter or spring – this tiny European archipelago will surely give you experiences to remember for a lifetime.  

1. Tour the Island of Gozo :

The idyllic Gozo Island has the most beloved best beaches in Malta. With colorful towns and pristine beaches, you’re sure to enjoy your holiday to its fullest here.

From Cirkewwa on Malta Island, hop on the Gozo Channel Line ferry and reach your destination in 20minutes. To tour the island there are quite a few options. Get on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus to sightsee Gozo’s main attractions, such as the Basilica of the Blessesd Virgin of Ta’ Pinu and the Victoria Citadel. You can rent your own car to see around the Dwejra Bay and visit landmarks, like Ġgantija Temples. If visiting the churches in a group, such as the Mosta Dome, rent a jeep safari. But the most enjoyable way to see Gozo is by going on the tuk-tuk. It’s a small, popular public transport of Malta that lets you enjoy the Maltese breeze as you sightsee through its openings. If you get hungry, grab some pastizzi. It’s delicious!

2. Cruise the Islands :

To explore the islands further from the waters, you can get on a cruise at an affordable price.

Most trips come with additional meals and comfortable lodging facilities, too. You will get the most scenic views of the islands’ medieval architectures, the immaculate sapphire bays, and natural rock formations from the seas. Day long boat trips to explore Malta, Gozo and Comino are especially popular during the summer. For trips around internal places, like the Grand Harbor or Blue Lagoon, you can rent your own small boat. Best part – you won’t even require a boating license.

3. Marvel at Valletta’s Elegance :

Cradled in-between Grand Harbor and Marsamxett Harbor, the capital of Malta is best known for its magnifying elegance.

Remembered as the city of Maltese Knights, Valletta exemplifies the saying, “good things come in small packages”. Overflowing with a rich past, Valletta’s pride are the St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grand Master’s Palace.To explore more of Maltese history, visit Casa Rocca Piccola and the vast museums with their cultural and historic wealth. At Marchant Street and Republic Street, you can shop for iconic souvenirs and feast on tasty Maltese cuisines. In the evening, discover the city’s dark mysteries by taking a ghost tour. Overall, Valletta is worth immersing yourself into the rich history of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers.

4. Explore Blue Grotto Cave in Southeast Malta:

The isolated southeast side of Malta has the most extraordinary natural outlooks.

It homes the Blue Grotto and the Dingli Cliffs. Inside of Blue Grotto cave is wonderful for brilliant light reflection. Atop the Blue Grotto, high above the Mediterranean Sea, the awestriking scenario of limestone caves by the seaside provides a sense of tranquility. You can take a boat trip to go fishing or to explore the six caves. The water sparkles with an even more brilliant shade of blue under the sun when you gaze from atop the Dingli Cliffs. Standing 250m above the sea, you’ll feel the nature sharing its serenity as it runs through your nerves. It’ll be almost difficult for you to leave without turning back for a last glance.

5. Make a Visit to the St. John’s Co-Cathedral :

Begin your expedition from the heart of Valletta. Here resides the St. John’s Co-Cathedral.

A 16th-century treasure, you’ll be in awe of its artistic interior. From the floors, through the vaults, and up to the ceilings; are drawn the stories from the past. The frescoes, the eight chapels, and the golden decorations – each a masterpiece – are everything beyond your imagination. Certainly, it’s one of the best free things to do in Malta.

6. Step in to the Grand Master’s Palace :

Another of Valletta’s notable points of interests is the Grand Master’s Palace.

Regardless of being office to the President, you’re welcome to have a look inside. You can take a relaxing stroll at the gorgeous courtyard filled with statues and fountain. Or walk inside to admire the décors of the State Rooms, the drapes of the Council Chamber, and the grandness of the Supreme Council Hall. You can even visit the ambassador’s room and the armory with its impressive collection of weapons. Venturing such treasured landmarks surely are amongst the best things to do in Malta.

7. Enjoy Nature at the Barrakka Gardens :

To spend your afternoon, head to the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens.

The panoramic views of the Grand Harbor will take your breath away. Enjoy the gifts of nature, lose yourself to breathtaking scenes, or visit the nearby temples and memorials. Below the Gardens you’ll find the Saluting Battery. Here cannons are placed and a salvo is fired daily at noon. The Gardens overlook the Three Cities – Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. Each has its own specialty to impress its visitors, and hence are must-see attractions.  

8. Lounge at the Beaches :

Beach in Malta is a fabulous scenic portrait. Being a Mediterranean island comes with sunny coastal lines and glistening blue waters.

Swimming, sunbathing and trying watersports are some of the top things to do in Malta, for families especially. The twinkling golden sands, crystal clear seas and salty warm breezes are more than refreshing for the soul. Whether it’s the Mellieha Beach with its perfection, or the Ghajn Tuffieha with its evergreen beauty – Maltese beaches know how to please. The secluded rocky bays, like St Peter’s Pool and Slugs Bay, are nothing of less. Treat yourself to a beach barbeque at the Golden Bay during the striking sunsets.

9. Take a Dip at Blue Lagoon :

The Blue Lagoon, in short, is the nature’s perfect swimming. The water is the most mesmerizing shade of turquoise, always glittering under the sun.

So shallow and minimal waves make the lagoon ideal of snorkeling and diving. It’s perfectly safe for children too. The rocky cliffs framing the golden sands underneath the blazing sun paint the perfect beach scene. It’s usually crowded till sunset, but still is a visitor’s favorite.

10. Dive Underwater in Comino :

If you’re an adventurer, go scuba diving at the seas of Comino. The rich aquatic life, filled with creatures like octopus and barracuda, is something you don’t want to miss out it.

The underwater caves at the lagoon, and especially the ones in Santa Maria Caves, glow in midnight-blue luminescence. The clean water is an extra bonus to the life underwater, making it even better to explore. While on the surface you’ll be traveled back in time, under the sea you’ll be teleported in a fairyland. Explains why Malta is so magical!

11. Walk the Streets of the Silent City :  

The old capital of Malta continues to shine with traces from the past. Once Malta’s noble city, today Mdina is loved for its pleasuring calmness.

Pass through the Main Gate and you’ll learn why it’s so enchanting. The streets are usually quiet, and the only sounds heard are from tourists scuttling in their fancies. Minus that, you’ll get the feeling of having travelled back to the medieval era indeed. This hilltop town is filled with ancient monuments and lush greenery, hence why it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As small as Mdina is, venturing through its history while tasting some delectable sweets is almost endless.  

12. Delve in Mdina’s Historical Attractions :

St. Paul’s Cathedral, the oldest in Malta and most important in Mdina, is glorious from all angles.

It was designed by Lorenzo Gafa, a very famous Maltese architect. Its lavish architecture consists of a remarkable dome, intricately designed interiors, columns of marble, and magnificent ceiling paintings. When you’ve had enough of the gilded artworks, stop by Palazzo Vilhena (Saint Publius Square) to experience the geological exhibits. For more history hunting, visit the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum located on Villegaignon Street. Or simply head over to the neighboring town, Rabat. Now that’s another ancient nirvana!

13. Wonder through Sliema and St Julian’s :

Malta’s most touristy cities are Sliema and St Julian’s. The water by the port reflects off the golden structures and clear blue sky, giving a magical feel.

The city homes exclusive Maltese restaurants and shopping malls for your recreation. Lavish and comfortable hotels here provide excellent services to make your vacation worthwhile. From the seaside hotels and restaurants you can get the unique views of Valletta Harbor. Fancy clubs and casinos stand close at hand for your entertainment. A beautiful promenade lines along the cities which visitors love to spend their summer nights at. Even better, go swimming with dolphins at Marine Park Malta. Or from Sliema around the Grand Harbour take an underwater safari trip.  

14. Grab a Fish in Marsaxlokk :

Marsaxlokk resides in the south of Malta and is best known for its fish market lining the port.

Fishermen take their colorful luzzu (fishing boats) into the bay waters to catch fish to sell them at their freshest. You can purchase your own fish and have especially cooked for you, too. The vast market not only consists of a variety of fishes but also souvenirs. You will get souvenirs here at relatively cheaper prices than in Valletta. Facing the shore are numerous restaurants serving delicious Maltese seafood you mustn’t miss out on.

15. Take a Horseback Ride at the Golden Bay :

The Golden Bay is mostly loved for it gorgeous sunsets by the beach, but there a few hidden gems worth experiencing.

One of them being horseback riding. If you want to roam around the small villages and greeneries at the Golden Bay from a different perspective, simply ride on a horse. Take the ride during a sunset down the curvy lanes and let the nature slip you away. It’s one the most interesting things to do in Malta.   

16. Taste Some Wine :

Yes, wine! It is surprising to know that Malta also specializes in wine growing.

Thanks to the year-round sun, the lands are fertile and ready for fresh wine produce. To taste Maltese wine head to places like Meridiana. Savoring wine right where it’s pressed, aged and bottled definitely deserves a place in your list of things to do in Malta. A 400-year old wine cellar, which was built by the Knights of St. John, samples the best of Maltese wine. You can easily book your own tour here at a very reasonable budget for a good amount of time 60 to 90 minutes.

17. Rejoice in the Maltese Nightlife :

Another of Malta’s low-key highlights is its nightlife. With its vast array of nightclubs, bars and casinos, the Maltese party scene is every bit exhilarating as it sounds.

For a true partier, Paceville at St. Julian’s is their main hub. If you’re looking for a more relaxed ambience, try the pubs at Valletta. The casual bars in the villages also serve the most impressive drinks. Malta also has its own lively arts and music scene, with a variety of annual festivals to celebrate in almost every season. During summer and spring you’ll be able to enjoy open-air clubbing in some of the villages and bays. Not only that, remain your eyes and ears open. You might just hear about splendid boat parties, too.

18. Tour the Maltese Villages :

At the quaint little villages you will have plenty of things to do and see in Malta.

You can experience more of Malta’s historical value at Birgu. Initially, back in the 16th century, it acted as the headquarters for the Knights of St. John. Now all that stand proud today for you to admire are the grand Inquisitor’s Palace, the Malta at War Museum, the Malta Maritime Museum, and the Fort St. Angelo. The Popeye Village in Mellieha is definitely the most entertaining, especially for your kids. Built initially as the film set to the famous Popoye movie of the 1980s, today is an amusement park. At the Ta` Qali crafts village you’ll find old-fashioned handmade Maltese crafts. You can purchase souvenirs of pottery, glass, jewelry and lace at cheap prices. The Country Village of Zebbug with the twin-towered Baroque Parish Church of Saint Philip must not also be missed.

19. Enjoy a Night at Manoel Theatre :

The Manoel Theatre is a big hit in Malta. This architectural gem is intricately designed with gilt decoration from the floors to the ceilings.

The main auditorium is adorned in blues and golds, and has 623 seats. Not the biggest, but enough to give a comfortable and intimate feel. Enjoying and relaxing in the Roman-inspired central courtyard is one of the favorite things to do in Malta at night for a visitor. The theatre mainly showcases the Maltese arts, such as live music concerts, opera shows, and ballet recitals. The small square is also used for art exhibitions which you can enjoy over a few wonderful drinks from the internal bar.

20. Go and Play on the Outdoors :

The Maltese beaches are enjoyed tremendously for the offerings of numerous active leisure and watersports.

At Malta you are sure to have the best scuba-diving experience. The underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea here is rich with marine creatures and caves. Plus, there are numerous diving sites to try, especially in Comino Island. At majority of the beaches you can enjoy thrills of windsurfing, paragliding, water skiing and jet skiing. At Gozo kayaking, mountain climbing, abseiling, zip lining and mountain biking are extremely popular amongst sports and adventure lovers, too. And if this is not enough, go camping at Comino’s campsite, hike the southern cliffs, or try karting and archery on the main island. Anyhow, it’s all super fun!

Now that you have learned the variety of things you can do and see in Malta, start filling in your bucket-list. The Maltese islands are awaiting your arrival to pamper you with its endeavors and give you a lifetime experience.