Best Beaches in Malta

Best Beaches in Malta

At the best beaches in Malta, visitors can take pleasure in warm sunny weather and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea. Head to the north and take part in active leisure, like windsurfing, at Golden Beach. Find, in the heart of Malta, the alluring waters of Blue Lagoon to dive into its evergreen beauty. On the south, revel in the soothing sunsets at Mellieha Beach over barbeque grills and drinks. Believe it or not – your ideal beach day on a budget awaits in Malta.

A handful of the Mediterranean’s best beaches with the cleanest European waters are found in Malta. The archipelago boasts the warmest climate in EU even during the cold season. Besides after celebrating the beach life in Malta, there’s still enough daytime left for travelers to continue sightseeing. And while Malta may have a smaller landmass compared to other European lands, its coastlines are the complete contrast. In addition, Maltese hospitality and cuisine along these coastlines are incredibly delightful – such you’ll have difficulty in forgetting.  Whether you’re a beach vacationer or a marine life explorer, the deep blue oceans have ample offerings at your wait. From sunbathing on the golden sands till the last drop of sun glazing over the earth, to diving underwater towards the remains of centuries old shipwrecks, at Malta’s best beaches you’re in for experiences that will surely lure you back in again and again.          

1.Mellieha Beach:

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to spend time with family and companions, Mellieha Beach is ideal for you.

Situated in northern Malta, this beach attracts numerous tourists over the year, especially during summer. The clear blue water so still and warm, you’ll instantly feel at ease with each slow passing breeze. The sandy shoreline with its magnificent Mediterranean views elevate the maritime position of the Mellieha Beach. Therefore, Mellieha Beach is definitely one of the most amazing sandy beaches in Malta. The shallow waters with small waves make it safe for children. There’s a water playground in addition to other activities, such as jet and water skiing, and volleyball and football courts. You can also rent pedal boats or even go parasailing if you wish. The zone also has plenty of snack stalls, bars and cafes, and shopping centre. After a great day of sunbathing and entertainment, go sightseeing around Mellieha. Several significant cultural and historical monuments of the island are here. Some notable ones are the White Tower of the Order of the Joannites, the Ruins of the redoubt Tal-Bir and Escalar, and many other medieval chapels and churches.

2. The Blue Lagoon:

A small boat trip from Gozo to the island of Comino is an inlet with the most dazzling azure waters.

The color is unlike anything you might ever experience again. The Blue Lagoon, a name so perfect, is smoothly a traveler’s favorite. Stepping into the scene you’ll immediately be welcomed by scenic views of the rocky beige cliffs twisting through the lagoon. With twinkling white sands under your feet and warm salty air brushing against your cheeks; rest assured it’ll be your best beach trip. Comino may be a small island, but the Blue Lagoon surely makes up with its ever natural beauty. It’s as popular for outdoorsy hikers as it is a hub for divers and snorkelers. The main beach does get busy too often. Luckily, there are small strips along the same coast only a few steps down for privacy seeking loungers. After a pleasuring sunbathe, tasting the Maltese seafood at the diners adorning the island streets is definitely a must. With the rocky Crystal Lagoon nearby, a diverse marine life under the ocean, and both underwater and land caves – the Blue Lagoon indeed offers much to explore.    

3. Golden Bay Beach:

Another of Mellieha’s tourist-pleasing beaches, the Golden Beach is beautiful and sandy.

Here the calm water and lively atmosphere will surely delight you. Set within a cliff facing the northwest, its surrounding landscape is indeed a visual treat. The broad creamy shoreline of this Blue Flag Beach has enough room to play and lounge on. You can enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing here to you fullest desires. Aside from watersports, the Golden Bay is also popular for beach barbeques and parties during Malta’s most impressive sunsets. To shop for your barbeque necessities, there is a supermarket nearby too, together with the cafes and snack bars. One of the top beach resorts in Malta resides here, overlooking the enchanting scenarios. The Radisson Blu Resort and Spa awaits with the best seaside luxury to welcome and pamper you throughout your stay.  

4. St. Peter’s Pool:

At the St Peter’s Pool beach, it’s all about snorkeling and fun.

It is one of the four South beaches in Malta, and is the easiest to reach. This beach is technically not even a beach, given it has a rather rocky surface that is creviced in-between weirdly formed cliffs and downward slopping terraces. The blue water is right in center, shaped like a pool against the surface, before flaring outwards into the ocean. Located near Cape Delimarin at the southwestern coast of Malta, St Peter’s Pool beach is more popular in terms of a quick dive than sun lounging. It may not be ideal for a typical family beach vacation, but the panoramic views are worth every glance.

5. Xlendi Beach, Cliff and Caves:

The small beach of Xlendi Bay is at the southwest of Gozo. Xlendi beach is the best beaches in Malta for sport enthusiasts.

Framed with massive cliffs and hidden caves ready to be explored, Xlendi Beach is especially popular amongst village locals besides tourists. The mild wind blows the waves against the rocky bay. And the powdery sands trail downwards to the shallow blue water. All year-round numerous lovers of watersports visit here for diving and snorkeling into the deep clear water. The underwater reef formations are also amazingly adventurous, exploring which should be in your itinerary.

6. Armier Bay Beach and Little Armier Beach:

In the north of Malta, At Armier Bay, there are the two neighboring beaches.

The Armier beach and the Little Armier are both a visitor’s favorites. Mostly a backyard for the Maltese themselves, families lounging with tent setup is not an unusual sight here. Located in more remote areas provide an abundance of fresh ambience and heartwarming serenity. The everlasting views of the turquoise clear seas accompanied by the Comino and Gozo islands makes every moment valuable. Aside from a long cool bath in the water you can most definitely enjoy banana rides and jet skiing.

7. Paradise Bay Beach:

Enclaved within a natural cove with rugged cliffy sceneries, the Paradise Bay is another of Malta’s beloved beaches.

This sandy beach at the northern most tip of the island offers the quaintest of all views. Just grab your lounge chair and lay underneath the umbrella to soak up its beauty and ambience. The clean and clear water will pull you in like a magnet. And with every dip during your snorkel, you’ll feel more refreshed than the last. When in mood for a small adventure, rent a kayak and sightsee through the surrounding coastline over the sea. The little nooks and crannies that the bay has to offer will surely amaze you at their discovery. It is secluded, peaceful and an absolutely breathtaking spot for a relaxing summer vacation with your family.

8. Dahlet Qorrot Bay:

If you’re looking for a quaint beach for a spring or autumn holiday, the Dahlet Qorrot Bay beach awaits your arrival.

Located near Nadar and Qala villages in the northwest of Gozo, the bay is admirably gorgeous with giant rock formations. Making it even more picturesque are the vegetation and fishermen huts that cut into the limestone cliffs. The beach is quiet with tranquil environment due to less crowd, hence why you’ll find it ideal for relaxation. Swimming in the warm, clean and blue water amidst the corals and fishes is almost magical feelings. You can enjoy a picnic with your family while watching the waves under the hot sun here. Or you can simply sit by the pebbly shoreline to relish in the calmness during twilight. Every moment is worth savoring.  

9. Ghajn Tuffieha:

Claimed as the most beautiful beach in Malta, the Ghajn Tuffieha is located on northern west coast of Malta.

This Blue Flag Beach is the Apple’s Eye of the island; a secret cove for romantic sunsets. The silky soft, red sands are warm and inviting. The ocean glares a tempting shade of blue and is the cleanest you’ll ever find. There are lush green hills hugging the inlet with coarse rocks peeking through the pathways. Release your stress lounging under the glorious sun while your children build sandcastles. Go snorkeling, scuba diving or water skiing with your friends. Dine on the mouthwatering Maltese cuisines at the nearby restaurants with your family. Or take a long stroll down the shoreline during sunset, hand-in-hand with your partner. This tranquil beach has it all, and for everyone.

10. Imġiebaħ Bay Beach:

A secret utopia-like beach at Imgiebah Bay is a slight trek down a winding pathway, away from the mainland of north Malta.

Once reached, you’ll be rewarded with its astonishing views. Undisturbed by men, this piece of gem has a small rocky shore perfect for picnic. It’s further outlined by clear turquoise waters with mild waves at front and rocky cliffs with beautiful vegetation guarding behind. Not the ideal beach for the fainthearted, but definitely for those looking for complete solitude. Just make sure to carry enough food and drinks, as there aren’t any local stalls close at hand.

11. Ramla Bay Beach:

The Ramla Beach is Gozo’s prettiest and the Best Beaches in Malta, which is perfect to spoil your children at.

Nestled at the foot of a luscious green valley, one cannot get enough of its rich yellow sands and crystal waters. It’s not only a popular place for you and your family to go snorkeling and diving at. Nor is it just about the delicious seafood served at the local diners. There’s also plenty of spots to go exploring for every adventure lover out there. The landmarks adorning the beach add to it majestic wonders. There are ancient remains of the Romans for you to seek out. And so are the ethereal views of the legendary Calypso’s Cave – the very home to the nymph that Odysseus had been with for seven years. This sand beach in Malta is a must-visit for every visitor. It is also on the list of Malta’s Blue Flag Beaches.

12. Dwejra Bay Beach: 

The Dwejra is an indescribable geological masterpiece of Gozo.

Its submerged caves, rocky cliffs and natural pools along with picturesque sunsets create unbelievable views. Imposing the Azure Window and the Inland Sea, it’s a serene lagoon, but with dramatic waves and high winds. The beach location, though, is absolutely fine for swimming, scuba-diving and even sailing when the tides are low. There’s no questioning; you will find it difficult to resist the charms of the Dwejra Bay Beach.   

13. Hondoq ir-Rummien:

Another small gorgeous beach near the Qala village is the Hondog ir-Rummien beach.

This sandy beach is adored by the locals, and for good reason. It’s a small sandy beach with bright azure waters. There may not be enough space to sunbathe in, but you’ll surely fall in love with its quietness and seclusion. You can swim and snorkel in the inviting water, and even explore the small caves on the beautiful rock formations. While admiring the great views of Comino, dine at the local kiosk for the delicious Maltese seafood. After a long reassuring day underneath the sun, you can enjoy fresh wind during summer nights over barbeques with friends and family.   

14. San Blas Bay:

The San Blas Bay – the perfect Maltese secret beach.

Hidden away from civilization with no trace of manmade infrastructure in sight, this is where you lose yourself to nature. Rusty-orange sands under your feet, crystal azure waters reflecting the sky, and green hills shielding you with their massive frame – the feeling is almost surreal. At San Blas beach you can take a swim in the warm water and rejoice in the fresh salty air. Even with the added difficulties in reaching the beach and the absence of local diners and shops, the serenity of the beach never fails to attract visitors.  

Now that you are done reading, which of these red and gold beaches would you like to visit first? Maltese beaches are full of diversity in color, atmosphere, nature and amenities. All are awaiting your arrival. So hurry and plan your next summer getaway at some of the best beaches in Malta today.