Lake Geneva Weather

Lake Geneva Weather

Lake Geneva weather is highly appreciated by numerous travelers visiting every year. You can delve in adventurous outdoor activities during warmer months, and experience the chills of Swiss Alps in winter. Alternatively, spring and fall come with splendid budget offers and visitors love the solitude.

Lake Geneva Weather

Lake Geneva weather is quite spirited all throughout the year, which only adds to it captivating beauty. Summers shine with pleasant days, while winters are livelier than most tourist destinations in the world. At the spellbinding Lake Geneva, Switzerland, you’ll enjoy cooler temperate climates, with average temperatures varying drastically. Half the year is warmer than the rest with relatively lower precipitation rates and humidity level. So, no matter at which season you decide to visit, you’ll be greeted with picturesque mountains and sprightly days.

Summer :

The warmer months boast plenty of sunshine at Lake Geneva, Switzerland, with daytime highs rising around 82.9°F (28.3°C) and nighttime lowering below 60.3°F (15.7°C). If you’re not into traveling during the searing heats of the tropical regions, but still wish to travel between Junes and Augusts, consider Lake Geneva.

Geneva weather Summer

You can go on cruise rides over the sparkling lakes, hike the velvet Alps, and attend vibrant festivals including the Lake Geneva Parade. Note though, both active hordes of crowd and surprise rainfalls are common summer features.

Fall :

Generally, the best time to visit Switzerland is throughout the shoulder seasons, between April and October. Thus, if you’re seeking more pleasant winters to explore nature within friendlier budgets and milder temperatures, arrive in Lake Geneva between September and November.

Geneva weather Fall

Moreover, both airfare and hotel prices are usually more reasonable, so you can comfortably travel with family. There’s only one downfall, however the prevalent rain showers throughout the season. So, just make sure to pack an umbrella or two.

Winter :

Lake Geneva weather year round sees a much cooler climate, and so expect bone-chilling winds and snow-capped Alps in the winter. Then again, December to April is a common favorite amongst sport enthusiasts who are drawn to the stunning white Alps.

Geneva weather Winter

Thus, be prepared to rub elbows with throngs of ski-lovers and mountain climbers in this winter wonderland. Additionally, be sure to finalize your reservations few months in advance and pack enough winter attires, such as snow boots, coats, and gloves. Also note that prices tend to be relatively higher around Christmas and Easter, so plan well.

Spring :

Lake Geneva weather hourly forecasts in spring usually range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The period between May to June will suit you best if you want to be spared from the tourist rush. Simultaneously, visiting outdoor attractions like the Grange Park and the Conservatory and Botanical Garden Geneva with families and friends will be easy during these warmer months.

Geneva weather spring

Although, you can definitely find accommodation at prices which will be lighter on your pocket, there’s only once catch. As it’s an off season, many resorts and restaurants tend to remain closed during these periods, so remember to call ahead.

Now that you know well about Lake Geneva weather, which season are choosing to arrive in?