Weather in Greece in October

The most visited country Greece reveals sunny weather in October. It is not scorching hot In October, but remains moderate warm weather, which is convenient for tourists.  

Who would not love to travel to a less crowded place remained with perfect weather? Every tourist seeks the best time to visit Europe .

Honestly speaking, the weather in Greece in October is the best time to visit Greece. Even more, plummets costs are just what you need!

Let us see how the weather in Greece in October is in different places.

  1. Santorini

For the sun-lovers, Santorini’s weather is ideal. It remains warm most of the time with a temperature range of 17-22 ° C.

  • Mykonos

Mykonos boasts a temperature range of 18-22 ° C. The water here remains warm and is the perfect time to have some beach delight! 

  • Corfu

Corfu has warm weather in Greece in October. It remains moderately hot mostly.

  • Athens

The capital city of Greece, Athens, offers slight rain in October, but overall, it features pleasant weather.

  • Navagio Beach

Although Navagio Beach has many sunny days in October, average precipitation also takes place.

  • Meteora

Meteora has very different weather than most – it is rainy and possibly windy in October.

  • Lindos

Lindos has an average temperature of 21° C in October. It boasts sunshine for almost 7 hours a day!

  • Asos

Asos presents good weather in October having an average low temperature of 20° C, which is the best time for visiting Asos.

So, this is how the weather in Greece typically remains in October.