What is the cheapest way to travel across the US?

Flying can actually be the most cost-effective method to travel cross-country on a budget, especially when bargains are available. Traveling by bus or train is also a cost-effective way of getting from one end to another. To save a few bucks on your total trip price, plan ahead of time and investigate alternate dates, as well as departure and destination places.

Cheapest way to travel Cross country flights

Flying across the nation could be less expensive than taking the train or bus if you’re willing to book when the greatest offers are available. Budget airlines frequently run promotions that seem almost too good to be true, such as one-way tickets for less than $50 across thousands of miles. You have to buy domestic flight tickets 1 month ago, to get a reasonable plane fare cheapest way to travel.

Riding a bus

Bus travel is another economical option for cross-country travel, having more departure and destination sites than rail travel for around the same price. This lengthy bus journey includes numerous stops and bus changes, as well as possible extended layovers in bus stations. A bus trip, while not glamorous by any means, could be a decent option to save money on a cross-country trip.


Traveling cross-country from New York to Los Angeles is roughly 2,800 miles one way. Divide it by your vehicle’s average gas mileage per gallon, then multiply by the current gasoline price per gallon. Gas may cost more than $200 each way at a price of roughly $2.30 per gallon. When you factor in the costs of housing and meals, as well as car wear and tear, it’s clear that a road trip isn’t the most cost-effective vacation option cheapest way to travel.

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