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Top 10 must visit Places in Italy

Italy will knock you off your feet with its beauty, culture, history, food, wine, beaches, mountains, ancient ruins and so much more that makes you fall in love right from the start. First off, you the readers need to realize that Italy is a versatile visiting place that has many-sided attractions. From colorful houses to architecture’s maestro buildings and colossal mansions, from glorious past king statues to enclosed Roman temples decorated with mesmerizing mirror works. Other than that, Italy is a marvelous place to grab a seat at a restaurant and enjoy scrumptious street delights like springy pasta, balloon bread porchetta, the flavoursomepanelle, decorated pasta allanorma, and a whole lot variety of cheese indulged Italian cuisine.

Travelling around Italy remains one of the best and rarest experiences in life. Italy is a destination that needs no introduction as it’s quite difficult to find a similar country in the world. It is fifth most visited country in the world with more than 50 million tourists a year! There are so many highlights in this beautiful country.

Undoubtedly, Italy’s vistas is a pure breath of fresh air; the serene canals of Venice, the pastoral Tuscan wine lands, the well-bred cobblestone streets of Rome, the ample Arno River running through Florence, to the awe-inspiring cliffs of Positano, and beyond. Italy is a nail-biting experience to be honest, when its every corner is occupied with a magical stance. The leaning tower of Pisa is no bounds to earth’s gravity and valley of the temples are too scary with those starry-eyed lights around it. Look no further, if you’re considering visiting Italy, it’s a Roman Empire destination that holds years of chronological Western Civilization. . So, let’s get started about the biggest high heel boot-looking country on the map of the world. One more time… let’s go:

1. ROME:


If you’re considering enjoying a visiting wanderlust destination, it’s Italy. Secondly, if you’re assuming to cherry pick a single place out of it, then Rome probably is the best out of the lot.

This architecture-wise extravagant city is one of Italy’s pride places where it nestles in some of the most splendidconcrete and glass ‘structures. You cannot overlook the iconic Colosseum which is a medieval Roman gladiatorial arena. The St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest building compound with many-sided corners and commotions. The Pantheon is a staggering structure that depicts the Roman church designs of that time.  To be honest, the land of Rome is cultivated with courteous grounds to visit and enjoy your holidays.TheTrevi Fountain is for all those who hope for their deepest of wishes to come true by throwing a coin in the encircled water spring. The Roman Forum edifice at the city’s hub portrays the ancient Roman Empire.

It doesn’t ends here; you can stroll around the white Sistine Chapel, enjoy the perfect pizza, pasta and coffee at the famous Piazza Navona square, and if you’re considering yourselves as the happy-go-lucky Gotham’s Joker, the Spanish Steps in Rome is the perfect place to spark on some clumsy yet sassy dance steps. Rome is one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Rome is best suited for couples looking for the perfect honeymoon stay at a hotel close by dreamy sceneries. The fragrant orange blossoms in the garden of oranges has one of the best hand-in-hand walkthroughs for couple, the Villa Borghese at the Galleria Borghese Museum is a place where the architect Flaminio Ponzio and Scipione Borghese threw parties; now it gives the couples room to enjoy a deluxe dine-in with an incredibleview of the remaining Rome. Other places where husband and wife can roam in Rome for bridging on their lifetime promises include Campidoglio, Ponte Sant’Angelo, Trevi Fountain, Gianicolo Hill, to name a few.

Rome has a cascade of sites to visit that has that perfect revelry roller coaster. You won’t be surprised if you feel like if you’ve gotten trapped in a spectacular labyrinth of rustic Roman renaissance.



Sicily is Italy’s lucrative breadwinner for tourists’ attraction hotspots.  Its ‘summiting active volcanoes on the long ashy terrain stretches is one of southwest big Island’s spectacular sky-view vista. The Mt. Etna is a glorious active volcano that desires to grab your venturesome guts and hiking equipage’s attention. Sicily blends in a mix of land and sea with a variety of places to see, especially its natural attractions. For e.g., the mountaintop castles of Erice are awe-inspiring given to its handcrafted medieval architecture.

The amphitheater at Taormina in Sicily  is one of the biggest spherical auditoriums of Italy standing today as a well-preserved.The Palermo’s bazaar is the must-visit place if you’re looking for exotic foodstuff followed by Italian Romeos with moustaches chanting praises for their bestselling products. The Ballaro Market is quite famous for its exotic fruits and veggies variety. Before mentioning the terrific inner titbits’ of the culturally diverse Sicily, you cannot ignore the mesmeric blue beaches. They’re famous for couples and families looking to witness some of the most pretty dreamy sunsets orchestrated with rustic Italian towns’ backdrop. For newlyweds, the Isola Bella Sea Beach in Italy  is an exotic Easter egg surprise. The gorgeous Isola Bella Sea Beach is bedecked with spellbinding turquoise blue waters. The cool cream-colored sand seashore adds an extraordinary balance between land and sea. Sicily is one of the top romantic getaways in Italy for couples.

The Pasta nation’s offshore land mass occupies ‘some of the greatest Greek temples and ancient hallmarks. Surprisingly, Sicily has its own Valley of the Temples located at its Southern border outskirts.Others include the Temple of Segesta, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Juno, Temple of Hercules, and Temple of Athena, to name a few.

Sicily has been a busy place for conquerors and rulers to enjoy sovereignty and dominate the far-distant Italian land with strict dictatorship. Here you’ll find people belonging to different races like Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, and Italians.



Exclusively for the travellers who are into fine rustic living with a touch of a fantastical inland’s fable according to legends.The Amalfi Coast dates back to Poseidon whom people consider the supreme architect of the village of Positano. This village has a heartfelt landscape where couples travel in flock to spend their honeymoon and holidays. And yes, don’t forget to follow up pathways towards the traditional Amalfi and its vibrant Salerno Town.

Amalfi Coast is a pleasure point if you’re looking for warn and freshly seared sun tanning over the pale body. For couples looking for a long hand-in-hand stride could set their eyes on the splendid beach Spiaggia del Fornillo where pretty pebbles and clear waters act in harmony with your spousal affection. Besides, the Amalfi beaches in Italy are considered to one of the longest coastlines located in Europe. Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In case you’re a into a wavy wanderlust addict, then you can board on a ferry or use the bus to travel to rural towns like Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi & Atrani, Praiano,Ravello, and Conca dei Marini. The driveway from Positano to Vietri sul Mare ‘Road has some of the most dramatic coastline turning checkpoints incorporating up to a thousand far-flung shorelines.


 After Rome, if you could crown the exotically existent throne to a place in Italy as its runner-up, then it’s definitely Naples. It is a farfetched carpeted land full of both Roman Empire’s glories and downfalls.

The catchy Naples consists of brocade buildings, architectural churches, raised hilly towns, and pretty rustic beaches on its sides. The top attractions of this Italian city include the Royal Palace and the majestic Piazza del Plebiscito squares where you could enjoy eye-candy glimpses of nearby mountain tops and domicile etched harbours.

The best travel package to Naples is its closest proximity to Pompeii; one of Italy’s finest preservations of volcanic extinctions. From Naples to Pompeii is the amazing daytrip in Italy.The city of Pompeii is kept untouched for centuries by green spring and lively summers all due to the scorched and crippling devastation caused by the long barreled lava that journeyed its way to all sides and corners of the once evergreen glorious city.

Moreover, you can stop by the aristocratic Grand Cafe Gambrinus for a traditional Italian snack and hot cappuccino. The one thing you would regret is by not having the notable Neapolitan cuisine available throughout channelled thoroughfares having impressive penchants of the ancient Roman Empire times.The Royal Palace of the Capidomonte Museum is a magnificent archeological remain that still stands today as one of the best exemplary manifests for your archeologists to follow.

For the seaside lovers, Bay of Naples; also known as the Gulf of Naples is your wandering grounds to enjoy the waves together with some incredible Italian rustic landscapes in the background. Also, you have to visit the Grand Piazza del Plebiscito that reflects the well-bred Rulers of their times which had imperial constructive instincts. It’s almost as if you’re looking at the whole Western Civilization under one roof.

The Naples is famous for one of Italy’s refined marketplaces where you find home makeshift items, staples, souvenirs, and more. You can visit the bustling stalls and public strolls at Poggioreale market, market of Antignano, Portobello Road and Car boat, and Porta Nolana Market.

Last but not least, Naples main central hubs for tourists include the city’s archaeological museum, the San Gennaro Catacombs, the fortress Castel Nuovo, Castel dell’Ovo, and the Castel Sant’Elmo.


A volcanic island with a pastoral drive coupled with attractive beaches, the Ischia Island comes at the second spot in the most beautiful islands in Italy right after Capri. It is located on the Bay of Naples and has some of the finest greenery all across Italy; the Giardini Ravino botanical garden is a must visit foliage attraction located at Forio d’Ischia. Moreover, the bucolic ashy land of Ischia is known for its mineral-rich thermal waters. The Hot Springs boil the Maronti Beach seashore sands with fierce temperatures.

The Ischia Island has figurative structures that symbolize the earliest rules of the Romans. The Roman remains lie at the Cataromana Beach and has a fascinating medieval coastline setting. You should definitely visit the ancient castle Castello Aragonese built by Alfonso D’Aragnona as well as the 15th century fortress Guervera Tower. In case you love entertainment on foot, then you can visit the panoramic garden & concert arena Giardini la Mortella.

The towns at Ischia feel like a countrified settlement ready for some movie-like action. The stone crossing bridging gaps between Ischia and the medieval Roman strongholds is another spectacular location to stroll around and enjoy an enlightening Roman Golden era experience. You cannot miss out the healing waters and exotic beaches that surround the island of Ischia. Don’t stop here but there’s more; Mount Epomeo is a flowery mountain peak with the best blue sea views, Citara Beach with restaurants and stalls for families, and Spiaggia dei Maronti for swimming and body tanning.

Stunning attractions of Ischia makes it a complete package for tourists from all around the globe.


Milan is one of the places on the planet earth that has more tourists on streets rather its own residents. It’s one of the most remarkable cities of Milan that has town squares, marble floors finished with board games like looks, luxurious brand shops, medieval themed restaurants, and whatnot.

The world’s oldest shopping mall Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is also located in Milan where you can gawk and shop your favorite clothes, shoes, and more. Besides, you can stroll around with a stylish nerve around the Quadrilatero della moda where some of the most prestigious ‘shopping streets could be found.

Furthermore, Milan has great travel spots if you’re looking for other best bits of Italy. The Cathedral Square has its own distinctive history and geo-political folds and turns over the years. For relaxation time after a hectic shopping spree could head down to the serene shorelines of the Camogli Beach. It’s located at a small fishing village that is just an hour drive away from Milan. A few other attraction hotspots you shouldn’t miss include Castello Sforzesco, Brera Art Gallery, the Navigli canals, and Porta Nuova.

When visiting the rich Roman dedicated city, the Milan Cathedral (also, Duomo Di Milano) is the biggest center of attraction for travellers wanting to look at a massive archaeological masterpiece. The famous white Cathedral dates back to 1386 whose foundation stone was laid by Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo and Lord of Milan Gian Galeazzo Visconti.

And yes, don’t miss out on the favorite Milanese food you can eat all day. Slurp and chomp on the Italian delicacies like the Risotto alla Milanese, Cassoeula, Cotoletta, Panzerotto, and the famous Milano Mascarpone. In case you’re looking for a cheaper way to travel across Milan and its adjunct towns the ATM train is the best choice to travel. It will help you enjoy an exclusive Milan city detour in a matter of hours (or even minutes).


I bet you had no idea that Venice is built on millions of logs that have been driven in to the ground. These logs were mainly from Alder trees known for its water resistance. These were bought to Venice by boat from other countries such as Slovenia and Croatia.

Moreover, the old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Constructed on 118 landmasses in a lagoon, the city of Venice with its canals, overpasses and palaces and also known as the City of Canals, is one of the most visited travel destinations. But be careful while interacting with the locals; the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting Venice is a sore-point amongst the residents. Venice now receives over 20 million tourists per year, a figure which continues to increase. That’s why many of them have started leaving to get away from the crowd and the inflation.

The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is located on the island with the same name, and it can be best admired from the Saint Mark’s Square. Ca’ d’Oro, known also as Palazzo Santa Sofia, is one of the most beautiful palaces in Venice. Once covered in gold, it is a beautiful model of the Venetian Gothic style. Now, the palace accommodates the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery for public viewing. Similarly, The Doge’s Palace is absolutely gorgeous. For entertainment, you can visit the Teatro La Fenice also known as “The Phoenix” is one of the most prominent and oldest opera houses in Venice.

Gondola rides on the canals of Venice, by passing the historical buildings is one experience you may never forget, especially if gondolier sings a song for you and your significant other.

A small fishing village located in the Venetian water; Burano is a fun day trip. Its small houses are brightly painted, creating a rainbow-colored backdrop, it is easily accessible by bus from St. Mark’s Square and affordable than the city itself.

The Lido is the barrier island between the Venice and the Adriatic Sea, which offers a relaxed vibe and being famous for hosting the Venice International Film Festival annually. The mesmerizing Glass blowing is an old art in Venice, centered on the island of Murano.

If you want to travel to Venice then please do so quickly because according to a research Venice is sinking, because of both natural and deliberate causes. Also, take a hefty sum out for your trip because this city is expensive!

For the seafood lovers, you can definitely eat their way across Venice. The city has a fresh supply of fish and shellfish from its lagoon all year round. It is recommended to have at least 3-4 days to discover the best parts of this city and be sure to include a day trip to the beaches of Venice which are often overlooked. If you’re short on time, it’s still possible to discover the best of Venice in 2 days or even one day if you’re visiting as part of a cruise.


The Cavoli beach’s crystal clear shallow blue waters with viewable coral reefs make it one of the most popular beaches of the Elba coastline.  As delectable and fresh as the sardine fish, the Cavoli beach is one of the most romantic beaches of the world that adds a spectacular poise the Mediterranean coastlines. Besides, the Cavoli seashores are popular among kids due to its soft sand that can be used to make sand castles and shallow waters best to practice different swimming techniques. The colorful town dwellings add to the distinctive countryside splendour that beautifully blends in with the turquoise Cavoli coastlines.


If you’re considering a relaxed and soporific residing, and want to enjoy holiday in the silent hilly terrains of Italy, then these trio beaches can help you with this. The Marasusa beach, Tropea beach & resort, and the Calabria coastlines have that tranquil setting with hotels and restaurants built on the exquisite Roman Empire theme. The Tropea Seaside Resort is quite famous among the best beach resorts all over Italy. You should definitely check in these three crowd-unruffled places if you’re looking for a tranquil travel stop.


The rustic nearby lodges and the rustic color landscape at Sardinia makes it one of the most elegant abodes for couples looking for having a memorable honeymoon trip. The granite alleyways add a gorgeous view to the lovely coastline town of Sardinia, hence, making it a cool destination for strolling and enjoying fresh waves and breezes of the blue waters.

Top attractions for tourist apart from the splendid seashores of Sardinia encompass the Cala Mariolu picnic point surrounded with steep rocky cliffs. The colorful and dramatic vistas of the Pisan churches and Spanish Baroque are phenomenal. The Nuraghe has remains and ruins that date back before the Roman Civilization flourished in these lands. Sardinia has rich aromas and aftertastes with its brilliant seafood cuisine. Last but not least, you must try the famous pecorino cheese appetizer and the Pizzetta sfoglia; the famous pizza of Sardinia’s nearby vicinity Cagliari.