Palm Beach Sydney

Palm Beach, Sydney is a magnificent location at the northern end peninsula of the Northern Beaches in Sydney. The water surrounds Palm Beach from three different sides with Pacific Ocean to its East, Broken Bay to its North and Pittwater to the West. One of the most outstanding beaches in Australia, Palm beach is highly renowned for tourism even for celebrities from Hollywood.

The history of Palm Beach Sydney dates back to the early 19th century as it was granted to James Napper. The Palm Beach stretches to about 1.4 miles or 2.3 kilometers from Little Head to the Barrenjoey Head. The village itself had been names after the renowned cabbage palm trees, the Livistona Australis, as they were abundant in this region specifically. The remnants of these can be viewed at the Hordern Park.

It does not matter whether you love to embark on long peaceful walks by the beach, amazing food with spectacular views or fun with the company whilst swimming. Take a look at Palm Beach, Sydney map and mark out the places from this list for an enjoyable trip.

Palm Beach :

The most amazing place for an ideal getaway with family, friends or partner is Palm Beach Sydney. The beautiful and golden sand along with the crystal clear waters are intriguing enough yet the dreamy sea view adds more to the never ending glory of this beach. There are many holiday houses and hotels here for visitors to stay and take in all the beauty and relax.

For the most excellent surfing experience, head to the northern region of the beach. The southeastern region provides more gentle and protective waves as compared to the challenging and fun northern waves. The southeastern region is also ideal for safe swimming in an ocean pool of 35m. There are plenty of nice and shaded picnic points as well on the beach.

For the most splendid views of the coat, follow the trail to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse that is heritage listed as well. This trail also provides scenic views of the Pittwater at the west and also the Kur-ring-gai

Chase National Park.

Other activities such as sailing, kayaking, and visiting filming location of Home and Away are also ideal to do here. Popular cafes and restaurants are ready to serve you at both sides of the peninsula, while you can enjoy stunning views at the same time.

Things to do in Palm Beach Sydney :

With so much to see and do in Palm Beach Sydney, take a look at the following list to plan your travel perfectly!

1.A Scenic Flight on a Seaplane :

If you are looking to embark on the most memorable trip ever, you must inculcate this scenic experience of flight by a seaplane.

This journey will begin when the plane will depart from the Rose Bay or Palm Beach in Sydney. Then, it will take you on a double orbit over the sensational Opera House and the gorgeous Harbour Bridge. You will also fly over Palm Beach, viewing it in the most breathtaking experience ever.

This is a great way to try new things as well as make memories that will last a lifetime urging you to always return here.

2.Learn Surfing at Palm Beach :

Palm beach has favourable surfing condition for both experienced and novice surfers.

If you are adventurous, you can take surfing lessons, to fulfill your Palm beach Sydney trip. Daredevil surfers go to North palm beach to surf in huge waves, whereas new surfers move to South corner to surf in moderate waves. Manly surf school organizes a mobile section at the Southern corner of Palm beach, where curious persons take the surf lessons. The protected location and medium sized waves help the new surfers to learn and enjoy surfing with proper guidance. The perfect time to learn surfing in Palm beach Sydney is June for consistent waves and better wind conditions.

3.Barrenjoey lighthouse :

    The Barrenjoey lighthouse was built in the late 19th century, in 1881.

Barrenjoey lighthouse has been a great popular tourist attraction ever since. It is located at the top of the Barrenjoey Headland in the Ku – Ring Gai Chase National Park.

The hiking adventures to reach the top of this lighthouse take roughly about half an hour. visitors enjoy the hiking journey and the spectacular view from the top. What you see are the magnificent views of the Pittwater and Hawkesbury River to the west region, Broken Bay to the north region and the Pacific Ocean to the east region. You begin your walk at the northern part of the Station Beach. You can access any one of the two tracks in the area. The Smugglers Track is steep and about 400 meters long whereas the Access Trail is around 800 meters long and is generally easier to hike on.

The lighthouse is open on Sundays from 11 AM to 3PM as well so you can also visit during these times.

4.Northern Beaches and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Tours :

For a well scheduled and timed tour in Australia, consider this one as it will save you time and is highly regarded for an informative and adventurous trip.

With this tour, you will be able to visit the top beaches in the region along with other famous attractions and sites. The tour will bring you to the filming location such as the Alf’s Bait Shop and Summer Bay Surf Club, where Home and Away has been filmed and will inform you about the interesting facts of the local areas, you will visit thereby providing educational aspects to the tour.

The travel is extremely convenient and easy to get along with. They pick you up directly from your place in Sydney and drop you off at Manly at the end of the tour. You can then take enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Manly Ferry on your journey back to Sydney.

The guides are highly organized and at the top of their game so you can just take your time to enjoy the trip and relax.

5.Walks through Parklands and Palm Beach, Sydney Home and Away Locations :

Nothing better than a peaceful walk on an otherwise adventurous trip. Palm Beach offers some of the most scenic highlights where you can easily wind down and just relax.

For the most perfect walk, do the following. Walk from the western region of the village close to the Ferry Wharf to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. A perfect spot for the most ideal brunch would be met by stopping at the Boathouse Palm Beach, located mid way of the route.

After this, you are to continue the walk through the Governor Philip Park and then move on to the beach in the southern region. Through this route, you can visit the filming locations for Home and Away as well. Upon arriving at the Southern end, you can have a surfing lesson or simply dip in the waters for a fun and relaxing experience.

At this point, if you are not tired and fancy some more beautiful views, hop on the walk to the Pittwater region from the Hordern Park along the Stairway to Heaven. Sure there are a ton of stairs but it is well worth the fantastic views.

6.Ferry Rides to Ettalong :

The Ettalong Beach is a rather quiet and serene village located on the Brisbane Water, on Central Coast, Australia.

Here, you can enjoy relaxing times by the calm beach and the markets nearby provide ample opportunity to indulge in food and drinks. The coffee from The Box on the Water is well renowned in this region and you must have it when you are here.

It is an exceptionally ideal place to visiting with the kids as you get to provide a safe and shallow water environment for them. The playground also serves enjoyment to the kids. The Ferry here leaves multiple times in a day. The ride is half an hour long and takes you along the Broken Bay, Pittwater and Brisbane Water.

You should simply sit on the deck outside to take in the sun and look at the magnificent views of the beaches, beautiful coastlines and attracting greenery.

7.Ferry Rides to Patonga Beach :

Patonga Beach is an isolated village on the Central Coast, just as the Ettalong Beach.

Patonga Beach, located  on the Hawkesbury River, is an amazing beach. It is famous for the pub that overlooks the gorgeous ocean water and the relaxing campsites as well.

Cruise all the way to the Cottage Point Inn restaurant for extremely exquisite dining experiences. Enjoy the scenic views of the Hawkesbury River and enjoy a beer and lunch at the pubs in Patonga.

You can also have a peaceful walk on the headland through to the Pearl Beach along the fabulous Warrah Lookout. The ferry leaves from the Palm Beach in the late mornings and returns by mid afternoon.

8.Swimming at Palm Beach rock pool :

Palm beach rock pool is a great spot as an oceanside pool, where visitors feel like swimming in a paradise.

Palm Beach rock pool is a staggering pool that is situated on the eastern side of Palm sea shore at the Southern end. This rock pool is 50 metre long and is separated by a boundary as an island pool. There is no strong wave here, so kids can enjoy swimming in such a safe place. This rock pool is an amazing place to spend a lovely summer day. It is a nice place to relax and swim under the sun.  It is a tranquil place, preferred by tourists who want to avoid crowd. Palm Beach rock pool is in a good location with breathtaking view. This rock pool includes all the amenities, as toilets and showers are close to the pool.

9.Visit the Avalon Beach :

This fabulous sandy beach is near Palm Beach and is 500 meter long. It is ideal for visit during the warm months.

The pool, playground for the kids, surfing breaks all pave way for a fantastic and adventurous time. The village has Pacific Ocean on one side and the calm and relaxing Pittwater on the other side.

There is a large amount of boutiques, cafes and eateries all along the road on the beach. The chill and laid back vibe of this beach will always intrigue you to return again.

Hotels in Palm Beach Sydney :

The Palm Beach, Sydney accommodations are listed below.

Sea view Hotels in Palm Beach Sydney :

1.Bellagio By The Sea :

This is the most ideal and renowned hotel for great views of the beach and the sea. The beautiful seascape views are unmatched and the standard of the hotel is fantastically high. The best and most clean rooms, bathrooms are available here at Palm Beach & Resort. The staff is friendly and highly supportive and understanding of the customers. This hotel’s breakfast, lunch and dinner experience is also lovely.

2.Pretty Beach House :

On the hillside in Broken Bay, this is a luxury and all inclusive guesthouse that is located at the five minutes walk distance from the shoreline. It has great facilities such as inclusive rates for eateries and drinks. The owners are highly professional and helpful for customers. The Bouddi National Park is just eight kilometers away from this guesthouse as well.

 Luxurious Hostels in Palm Beach Sydney :

3.The Priory Palm Beach :

This hotel offers a luxurious stay for holiday and vacations in Palm Beach Sydney. The hotel is marvelous in architecture and design. The Priory Palm Beach hotel provides the amenities such as pools, internet, air conditioning, fireplace and more. The amazing scenic views of Pittwater are outstanding from this hotel.

It is overall and excellent and enjoyable place to stay at.

5.Contemporary Hotels Palm Beach :

A renowned hotel in Palm Beach, the Contemporary is a place where you should wind down and relax. It is a luxurious escape from the otherwise hectic and adventurous journey you might be having on your holiday. The excellent and exquisite amenities such as internet, pool, lounging is at your disposal here.

The scenic views are magnificent and ideal for the perfect luxury holiday.

 Budget Hotels in Palm Beach Sydney :

5.Sydney Collaroy Beachouse :

With comfort all around, this beachouse will give you the best on a budget. With facilities such the outdoor pool, outstanding staff and internet, you will love this place. The area is spacious, tidy and clean. The views of the beaches and the location in particular is just spectacular and it needs just a two minute walk from the beach. There is no fuss around this place so you can truly relax and rest up.

6.Manly Beach House Hotel :

This place has simple rooms that will bring peaceful vibes to your stay. There is no fuss around this place either so you can have the most relaxing and chilled time here. For a budget in staying here, you enjoy a five minute walk from the Manly Beach. This is an ideal place for your trips to Palm Beach.

Restaurants Near Sea / Beach :

Have a look at the most renowned and visited Palm Beach,    Sydney restaurants below.

1.The Palm Beach Grill :

This is a pick up, delivery and dine in service restaurant with the mist casual eating experience. It draws out not just local but all kinds of visitors for its immaculate taste. The specialty of the Kosher Hot Digs being an American classic just tell you how chill and laid back the place actually is. The amazing dishes such as Aged Prime Rib, Sundaes, Oysters St Charles and more always keep you visiting this place again and again.

2.The Circle :

Open for just a divine dine in experience, The Circle brings the most exquisite delights for you at the table. The seafood menu, sushi, endless lobster and mimosas are just a few of the magnificent delicacies. The pop sickles and even their coffee is absolutely marvelous. It is open specifically for brunching on Sunday and for breakfasts. So you must make time during these occasions to visit the restaurants for an excellent meal.

Shopping in Palm Beach Sydney :

The Boathouse Home :

You are definitely going to be shopping during your trip to Palm Beach Sydney, The Boathouse Home is definitely recommended. The absolutely aesthetic and pleasing homeware items are just spectacular and it is no doubt that you will get a lot of stuff from here.

Decorate your home back in your place of origin with beautiful and vibrant pieces of furniture and other homeware items from the Boathouse Home.

Now that you are well aware of the adventures and excitements that await you in Palm Beach Sydney, Australia, you must plan your trip now! Enjoy beautiful Palm Beach, Sydney weather wherever you go whether it’s a hike or a simple walk.