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Best Beaches in France- Travel in France

While thinking about the best beaches in France, the French Riviera Coast tops the chart. Beaches like the Pampelonne and Palombaggia are the kinds one must not miss out on experiencing, especially during the heights of summer. The enchanted diversity and famed hospitality can heighten your senses, and is undoubtedly a complete recipe for a blissful holiday at reasonable expenses.

France – commonly known for its mediaeval cities and alpine villages – homes some of the world’s most luxurious beaches. Fun fact? It’s not all on the Riviera. From the fairytales of the southern coastlines to the secrets of the northern coasts, the following enlisted French beaches give that sweet combination of adventure and relaxation, which is perfect for your next summer getaway.

1.Pampelonne Beach, St.-Tropez :

Labeled as the crown jewel of beaches, the ivory sands of the Pampelonne Beach contrasting with the glittering turquoise water justifies exactly why. The visions of the acres of scrub-covered dunes during the sunsets and the splendid yachts mooring off the coasts will never fail to take your breath away.

This fabled heart of the Saint-Tropez is where you’ll find the fanciest clubs like the Club 55 and the Nikki Beach to let yourself lose. Equipped with its own parking lots, excellent toilets and showers, and three first aid stations with lifeguard patrols, you’ll have almost nothing to complain about when sunbathing in this 6km long beach.

Its fame from the 1950s for icons like Brigitte Bardot, Juliette Greco and Picasso, just adds that extra glint to Pampelonne’s extravagance alongside its integrity of “free love” and “clothing optional”.

Moreover, there are a plenty watersports for you to enjoy, too, such as jet skiing, windsurfing and paddle boarding. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep a lookout for your favorite celebrity to pass by.

2. Palombaggia Beach, Corsica :

The island of Corsica is already one of the world’s most phenomenal places, and the Palombaggia Beach just further adds to the beauty. Stretched over the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea for about 2km, this beach undeniably serves the purpose for the perfect family vacation like Miami Beach.

While the glistening white sand contrasting with the azure water will lure you in, the shallowness of the warm water ensures safety, hence making it perfectly appropriate for your children to take a dip.

The surrounding coastal hotels certify exclusive services for the guests while the cafes and restaurants serve with delicious meals. And as for the pleasures of all the active holidaymakers, there’s a yacht club providing water motorcycles, skis and bicycles right down the territory. Even more, you can also practice activities such as sailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling during your stay. Even if for a 10 minute walk, the Palombaggia Beach is worth every step.

3. Côte des Basques, Biarritz :

This isn’t your typical “a-quiet-walk-down-the-shore” or “relaxing-bath-in-the-sun” beach. Cote de Basque is for all the surfers out there, because it is the capital of European surfing.

The blue waves of this bay are as rough as the large boulders that line the sandy stipe. And its angry roars echo for miles. But that’s exactly what makes this beach perfect for mastering your surfing tricks.

To add to its specialty, surfing festivals are held every summer for all the riders to show-off their skills and enjoy. So if you are a surfing lover, you might just want to take part in the next competition. And don’t worry about accidents. Highly trained rescuers are there to have your back.

4. Paloma Beach, Sent-Jean-Cap-Ferrat :

If you are into the ‘60s lifestyle and architecture, a visit to the Paloma Beach is a must for you. Old-fashioned houses with wooden platforms adorning narrow pathways, dainty boats decorating the waterbodies throughout the daylights, kind waiters serving you at cozy cafes – it’s all very homey.

The natural features are what make Paloma one of the best beaches for a small, perfect vacation with your family. The ocean blue water is embellished in pebbles. While the yachts rule over the surface and the villas on the shores.

For those travelers who prefer serenity and contemplation over being a partyer drinking champagne. You may want to add Paloma to your bucket list of retreats. However, the view of its picturesque rocky cliffs and the comforts of the sunbeds doesn’t really come cheap; unless you head over to the free beach nearby of course.

5. Grande Plage, Hendaye :

Also known as Ande (Plage d’Hendaye), it is arguably one of the safest beaches in the Basque Country.

 Upon arrival you are greeted with the salty breeze fanning across your face and golden sand under your feet. The wide slope of Ande allows you enough space to enjoy good games of football and volleyball.

Thanks to the low tides, it’s very convenient for you and your children to practice windsurfing. If you are not looking for special beach add-ons and glamour. Then Ande can just be the best choice for you and your children.

6. Trouville Beach, Normandy :

“One of the best beaches for family vacation in the French Northern Coast” – will be the words you’ll speak once you manage to get used to how huge the beach is. Its 1km long shoreline makes it free of crowd and is extremely clean.

Trouville has to offer every kind of entertainment that your heart may desire; from cafes, restaurants, bar and even sports clubs for your children. For the most comfortable accommodation Soleil Vacances Beach Hotel awaits to serve you all throughout the year.

And while vacationing, make sure to try the seafood served in every local restaurant. Where they are cooked according to special traditional recipes that will leave you wanting for more.

7. La Garoupe Beach, Cap d’Antibes Cape :

Once you visit this impressive curve of white sand of Cap d’Antibes. The image of the conjuring blue sea lapping against the rocky cliffs that home the most exclusive villas will make you forget your deepest sorrows.

Facing the north-east, the sun here offers the softest kisses giving you the gentlest sunbathing experience unlike anywhere else. In case you get bored though, just rent a boat for fishing or take a bike to hike through the splendors of Cap d’Antibes. If looking for something less adventurous, simply head off to the Provence market to receive special festive vibes.

Hotel du Cap–Eden-Roc is a posh hotel, which offers luxury and status to guests. And if you’re looking for a more standard hotel, La Garoupe-Gardiole is only 600m away from the beach. When you are bored of the regular continental meals, the Old City is the place to go. They serve you with the most delicious menu that consists of not only traditional seafood. But also Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

8. Plage des Marinières, Villefranche-sur-Mer :

Marinieres easily adds up in the list of favorite beaches in France.

The primitive sand, when you step on it, feels unpleasant and smooth simultaneously. The turquoise water at the beachline is so transparent to see easily small colorful fishes swimming.

And when you dip your feet in, the tingling of the fishes sends welcoming waves through your veins. With a stiff cliff standing high in the background and a low wooden hill at its left. The entire scenario just becomes perfect.

9. Crozon Morgat, Brittany :

Regardless of not being a part of the French Riviera. The Crozon Morgat Beach, will still not fail to take your breath away.

Its striking blue sea framing a secretive cave with low tide and the fresh stream is nothing less than perfection. The soft pebbled sands, the light Atlantic breeze, and the promising calmness of the sea – all are so welcoming; you’ll fail to turn away.  To make sure family vacations are made worthwhile. The beach is fitted out with everything one may need, starting with slides, trampolines, and water attractions for children. All the way to a yacht club and a diving center in the vicinity of the port.

The most unique part is the quaint boulevard that stretches along the shore. Where during the evening’s many artists and musicians perform theatricals under the shades of the tall spreading trees.

10. Aiguille Beach :

The South of France homes the quaintest beaches and Aiguille Beach is just another proof of that fact.

The reddish cliffs and dense flora that surround the beach bare their own majesties, and will lure you immediately. Especially during the summer, when the rays cast off shadows of the overhanging cliffs, one might definitely forget to blink. Beware though, the decent to the beach down the steep stones require your outmost attention.

Another way to enjoy the rocky seascapes is by taking a stroll down the streets of the town whose architecture reflects the tempting combination of modern and old. Adding more to the hype the beach has scuba-diving opportunities and is surrounded by the stunning Pointe De l’Aiguille Park.

11. La Salis Beach, French Riviera :

Another of the sandy beaches that makes its way on the list of the most expensive beaches in France.

Even the street food by the beach appears so costly during the summer that it’s best to carry your own food along. In addition, the beach doesn’t provide sunbeds for rent. So you might have to remember to pack an umbrella in your bag alongside your sunscreen. Then why to visit such a beach, you may ask.

Well fortunately, its expensiveness and lack of sunbeds doesn’t take away the relaxation and warmth of the atmosphere. And beach activities like windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling are active all throughout the day.

12. Plage Du Petit Sperone, Corsica :

The Plage Du Petit Sperone beach is the perfect live definition of paradise, and with every step over the silky white sand you’ll be made to believe it.

Away from the bustling city and with the absence of urban attributes. This perfect nature invites you to dive into its serenity. Bathing under the yellow sun amidst the low rocks and lush greenery, while the calm azure water conjures your mind, this heavenly getaway is all you need to feel alive.

This is undeniably one of the best locations for a romantic retreat. With villas for accommodations being available only towards the cities. The walk-through nature might just be the perfect excuse for more quality time with your partner. What adds more to the splendor are the Sperone Golf Club between Petit Sperone and Grand Sperone, and the horse riding club in Bonifacio. Indeed, it is one of the best beaches in France.

13. Les Calanques de Cassis, Provence :

Known more its adventures appeal than just swimming, Les Calanques de Cassis beach seems to have redefined the term beauty.

 Enclosed within huge mountains of rocks and thick forestry before opening to the vast blue sea – it’s like a masterpiece painted by a great artist.

As small as it might be in size, it is still perfectly equipped a toilet, a bathhouse, food courts and small shops.

14. Santa Giulia Beach, Corsica :

Santa Giulia Beach is impartially known as one of the best beaches in France and the world, and not only in Corsica.

The beach is a fine picture with clear turquoise water, fine white sand, scenic rocks and lush trees. The beach flows effortlessly into the shallow calm water, which makes it perfectly suitable for children. Parents can enjoy without having to worries about their toddles scurrying into the water.

You can rent a motorboat to go explore the nearby bays and beaches, which cut the entire shore. As for the cherry on top, the restaurants there serve meals of cuisines from all around the world to suit to everyone’s taste buds.

15. North Picardy, Wissant beach :

Rightly labeled as the pearl of the Northern Europe. This is not your typical laid-back beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, neither is it equipped with water sports and activities. But there are arrangements for kite flying.

Picardy stretches over 12km and gives off the impression of being untouched by civilization. Once acquainted you’ll be awed by the traditional commitments of the inhabitants of the villages nearby. When taking stroll, the pristine sight of the dunes, cliffs and forests calls upon you. With the crashing of the waves filling in the emptiness you can feel the sense of serenity that heightens within.

If you are looking for a luxurious vacation by the beach with exclusive yachts and delicious seafood. Then France awaits your welcome to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Whether on the Northern coast or the French Riviera, these beaches will give you the experience of utopia. So dive in now and plan your perfect getaway at one of these best beaches in France!