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Portugal cities

Portugal is a southern European country and the first to meet the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It was once considered one of Europe’s maritime glorious countries that ruled oceanic grounds and beyond. Not only did it reign over a major trading sea route, but it also had a dictatorial dominance amongst other nations. It’s one of the founding members of NATO that held colonial empire rule over South Asia and other parts of the world. Let’s explore Portugal cities which are really interesting places for visitors.

Portugal is known for its rich history, which makes it a well-known and culturally diverse European state. Some famous historical Portugal Cities include Coimbra, Guimaraes, Braga, Evora, and Leiria, among others.

The country is a hub for budget travelers looking for cheap transport fares and inexpensive accommodation. Tourists love to stroll around its architecturally charismatic capital Lisbon, delicious cuisine, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, football, and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lisbon :

The capital offers some of the most spectacular inland countryside vistas. Correspondingly, the outskirts dwellings are perfect for strolling refined streets, gawk, and bargain in markets, or enter old-fashioned cafes. Likewise, the iconic pastry shop Versailles since 1992 is a well-known coffee and dessert stop located inside the artistic corridors of Avenida da República. Others include Birck Café Lisboa, the bedecked lounge sit-in of A Brasileira, out of a fairytale story café Nikola, and the oldest yet classic Martinho da Arcada for ladies and gentlemen.

The heart of Portugal aspires to be one of the best European destinations when it comes to economical pricing for housing and food. If you want to visit unique places in Portugal cities, then this city offers an all-inclusive range of touristy appeals. Best months to visit Lisbon regulate around two phases; March to May for summers and September to October for peaceful autumn. There are fewer tourists, so adding a 2-day beach outing makes it a perfect expedition.

Lisbon is famous for its aesthetic beaches with colorful buildings in the backdrop, water sport activities, special events, and lively nightlife. The Cascais is known for the symbolic Citadel Palace & Nosa Senhora Fort, and Praia de Carcavelos is an overcrowded beach goer’s hub. Besides, Lisbon holds a few maritime attractions for deep-sea lovers. Padrao dos Descobrimentos is monumental seafaring for voyagers and Europe’s largest indoor aquarium Oceanário de Lisboa known for exotic fishes, rare fish species, stingrays, and other aquatic secrets.

Algarve :

You can call this place as Europe’s heel owing to its extreme south location. Algarve – also known as Faro District. It is well-known for its sandy beaches, shallow blue waters, exotic Atlantic beaches, golf resorts, and rustic restaurants. Algarve is the hub for travelers looking to enjoy coastline serenity surrounded with 3-star/5-star hotels, villas, bars, and cafeterias.

You can enjoy local cuisine at Wax Restobar, Rerstauranta Ria Formosa, and Café Alianca. A good coffee and pastry at Baixacaffe and Demo Urban Bakery is great for having the best appetizing Algarve’s brunch menu. This coastal city encompass some of Europe’s ideal family seashores.

The long-winded shorelines of Lagos has cliffs, beautiful beach spots, and the famous rocky enclave Ponta da Piedade. Albufeira; old towns, inns, and the damp sandy blue water beach of Praia do Tunel. Portimao has a regional heritage museum Museu de Portimão, sea cliffs, countryside accommodations, and the rejuvenating Rocha Beach. Don’t miss out Carvoeiro Beach famous for its blue waters, cave, cliffs, and lighthouse.

Lagos :

One of the best beach towns in Europe that has some of the most spectacular Portugal beaches and Portugal cities another amazing tourist attraction – Lagos. It is located in the south of Algarve and possesses great sightseeing pleasures. From steep rocky stairs to sandy beaches, hanging cliffs to blue water beaches, walled old towns to quaint streets galloped with gorgeous well-bred houses and bistros.

It’s a full-package tour to the whole country having cultural roots embraced with current traditions. Lagos is known for having exceptional beach points. The cliffs at Ponta de Piedade offer amazing peninsula seascapes bedecked with a lighthouse.

The woodwork stairs at the sandy harbor of Praia do Camilo is perfect for couples to tap on idyllically during their Portuguese itinerary. The Castelo dos Governadores is a castle with an ornate frontage candled with ancient watchtowers. In addition, the decorated and sanctified 18th century church of Igreja de Santo Antonio adds to the elegance to the city of Lagos.

Aveiro :

If you want to visit Venice with bigger water channels, then this is the place for you. It’s an enclave district with disciplined water canals that lets you rejoice as if you’re in the popular Italian city. It’s one of the nicest Portugal cities you must have to visit. It is located on the west coast adjacent to Ria de Aveiro lagoon. The water channels are seen navigated by colorful boats used to collect seaweed, but tourists too can enjoy its ride by paying a few Euros ($2 – $3) each.

Aveiro has a fascinating landscape bestowed with finest architectural wonders and beautiful beaches. Not far away from the city center, there is an ancient Cathedral of Aveiro famous for its dangling bell tower.

The artistic nouveau buildings surrounding the vicinity reflects as a symbol to this city. Also, the museum located in a former monastery has an ornate tomb built with mesmerizing marble, which makes it a popular tourist destination of the prestigious city.

Porto :

Porto is a coastline locality famous for its regal bridges and well-renowned wine production. Moreover, it’s an aristocratic society that sprawls around the riverside district of Ribeira. Famous for its rich European antiquity and highborn thoroughfares incorporating cobblestone streets, merchant chalets, and decorated eateries. Speaking of adornment, the São Francisco Church is well-known for its elaborative interior and gold-plated carvings.

Palácio de Bolsa of the 19th century (formerly a stock exchange market) is an architectural fortress built to attract potential European investors as well as traders from around the world. Porto is Portugal’s second largest municipal and is a commercial hub of great significance. It runs important water trades routes at the Mondego river and the countryside Douro River; famous for the spectacular town surrounding it.

As a port coastal district, it’s an ideal cruising spot for picturesque sightseeing. The city has pleasant climate all year around due to Mediterranean winds, making it an ideal city for beach goers. Some famous places of Porto include the iconic Luis I Bridge across Douro, Porto Cathedral, Victorian gardens at Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, and the red carpeted Livraria Lello bookshop.

Nazare :

Best known for swift waters and sandy beaches assisted by monstrous wave mountains in the backdrop, Nazare is a surfers’ paradise. It’s located in the Oeste region and Leiria District where oceanfronts experience overwhelming high tides. It is a famous surfing destination where water sports happen round the clock.

The underwater Nazare Canyon assists flouting walls of waves, making it a non-stop surfing sport showground. Nazare in Portugal is one of the two biggest surf breaks, where surfers ride over colossal natural sea waves; the other is Jaws in Maui.

This year, in February 2020, Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira rode a huge wave that reached a towering height of 73.5 feet. Though the coastal city doesn’t have prominent landmarks nor major buildings, but those brutal seashores humming on the coastline is what makes it special. You can go to Nazare Beach for a shoreline stroll and waterside dining, or carry on your surf boat towards the North Beach.

Algarve.. (Yes, again) :

No wonder we would love to cover this beautiful coastal city once more to let you know that it’s a perfect warm winter destination. The beaches located at different locations within Algarve offer pleasant weather during the late-year season.

Moreover, the coastline golf resorts and manors make it an ideal escape for couples searching for a soothing daylight escape warmth. The perfect wintertime visit is between December to February having temperatures – 9°C and 16°C, as the daylight ensures it’s an enjoyable weather condition.

Some of the best seashores and coastal towns at Algarve include Albufeira; an ideal family holiday destination. Likewise, Tavira is also popular among families and tourists. Other popular places around the vicinity include a ruined castle overlooking a picturesque landscape view from the hilltop. Other must-visit places at Algarve include Carvoeiro, Praia da Rocha, Cabanas, faro, and Vilamoura.

Sintra :

One of the most beautiful Portugal cities near Lisbon and in the nearby region of Lisboa lies the countryside locality of Sintra. It’s a resort town over the Sintra Mountains in the Southwestern European nation. The lush green forest terrain dotted with mansions and palaces is what makes this a great tourist destination.

Moreover, you’ll find the emblematic Sintra National Palace having traces of Moorish and Manueline heritage architecture. Besides, it’s tranquil atmosphere with breathtaking scenery makes it a perfect place to visit in Portugal for couples and newlyweds for their honeymoon.

Furthermore, there are a lot of hidden gems in the city apart from deep-rooted foliage and ancient cathedrals and palaces. The Palace of Pena is iconic for its pastoral colors of yellow, blue, red, and grey color. Cabo da Roca incorporates shoreline vantage point and a medieval lighthouse, and the hilltop fortress Castelo dos Mouros with some amazing seascapes.

Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira :

A sophisticated civil community of native Portuguese habitat, Vila Nova de Milfontes is a territorial division of Odemira. The latter is a resort town in the region of Alentejo in Beja District. Specifically to its continental location, it’s the western coastline terrain running across the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s an ideal destination for Europeans looking to enjoy a sassy Spanish holiday hoisted with incredible coastlines. It’s famous for exotic beaches and hometown to Italian, Dutch, and German ethnicities.

Vila Nova de Milfontes encompasses some of the best seashores of Portugal cities along with urban inland dwellings. These beautiful beaches include Malhao, Furnas, Aivados, Ribeira da Azenha, and the Foz coastal fronts. Moreover, you can enjoy water sports, fishing, natural walkways, horse riding, paragliding, and experience safari adventures.

Madeira island :

Madeira is the largest Portuguese island, that is at the top of a large shield volcano and rises about 20,000 ft from the base of the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is a sovereign region within Portugal famous for its hilly landscape and English chalets.

The archipelago is a large islet that occupies distinctive attractions and tourist activities. Here you can enjoy adventurous road trips, meander in weekend fruits and vegetable markets like the Workers’ Market, Mercado dos Lavradores, walk around steep irrigation systems, or take a ride in the traditional Monte Sledge aka Wicker Toboggan.

It’s warm cities in Portugal and a perfect winter destination where you can easily avail of excellent food and accommodation at inexpensive rates. Also, don’t forget to reach your head above clouds over the mountain peak of Pico do Arieiro.

Evora :

Famous for city squares and fountains, baroque buildings, and luxurious 5-star villa accommodations at a budget-friendly cost, Evora has everything to enjoy the vibes of Portuguese culture. It’s one of the best UNESCO heritage sites in Europe and one of the main cities in Portugal where tourists gather in huge numbers during the autumn season.

The civic society is the capital of Portugal’s south-central region of Alentejo. Evora is famous for its historical significance and has plenty of ancient sightseeing for a full day. You can visit the 800-year-old Roman Temple of Evora, Igreja de Sao Francisco embracing Gothic architecture, and the ornate skeletal-looking Chapel of Bones.

If you’re looking to wandering around art, the University of Evora is perfect for it. Overall, there’s a lot to see in this rich cultural city ranging from best food to Alentejo handicraft, nature roving and adventure, in-city tranquility, and wanderlust amidst century-old monuments.

Azores island :

A seismic wonder off the coast of mid-Atlantic Azores is an exotic archipelago of Portugal with spectacular earth-torn terrain and green pastures.

This island is known for its adventurous movie-like landscapes, fishing spots, picturesque towns, small villages, and blue hydrangeas shrubberies. Also, the lake calderas in the largest island of São Miguel and the nearby town of Pico is a must-visit if you’re visiting Azores.

The evergreen isle is a popular winter destination with temperate climates. Astonishingly, here you’ll find the best budget Portuguese cuisine and inexpensive accommodation.

Sesimbra beach :

An ambitious beach housing society and a borough of Portugal, the town of Sesimbra is a perfect destination for those looking for a 3-day swing at the blue water coastlines.

It’s also an important fishing town of the country settled adjacent to the Sado River that falls into the Setubal Bay. If you’re visiting this bustling seashore town, your expedition should include beaches, photogenic anchorages, and the panoramic views of the Serra da Arrábida mountain ranges.

Besides, you’ll find delicious seafood and a composed nightlife with fewer crowds in early Spring and falls.

Setubal beach :

A serene beach city with abundant tourist attractions, Setubal is a busy port and a fishery spot for travelers. It is a scenic coastal metropolis incorporating one of the biggest fishing industries of Portugal.

Also, the Manueline monastery and the Moorish Castle are iconic in this coastal town with both Portuguese and tourists rushing in. Setubal is a rare gem that many foreigners neglect, but once visited, it shows how great this anchorage city is.

A few sites of Setubal include its beautiful beaches. Arrabida Nature Park, the green estate of Quinta da Bacalhoa, and the fresco market hall of Mercado do Livramento. But your trip isn’t complete without the Caribbean dream and a ferry trip at the Tróia Peninsula.

Obidos :

Best known for its time-honored settings, Obidos is a hilltop abode encircled by a fortified castle wall. This medieval town is a wonderful place to enjoy a tranquil stay with your loved ones.

It’s a small city in the Oeste region having around 4000-5000 inhabitants residents living on its premises. It’s a classical Portuguese walled town with narrow streets and steep stairways that head towards some amazing tourist attractions. Besides, the large lagoon coastline and sandy step ways of Lagoa de Obidos is a great spot for holidaymakers.

Other places include the preserved medieval Castle of Obidos, Asian sculpture garden bacalhoa Buddha Eden, and a former old manor house turned-museum Museu de Ceramica for ceramics exhibition. It is probably one of the worth to see cities in Portugal.

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Portugal is an all-inclusive destination that covers a lot wanderlust geek can digest. From spectacular foothills to mesmerizing beaches, countryside towns to modern cities, artistic streets to architectural virtuoso constructions, baroque cathedrals to beautiful castles – the pro-Spanish country is a full-on Europe tour through the lens.

Every city, town, and village incorporates scenic beauty, happy people, and some amazing tourist attractions to fall in love with. Portugal’s fairytale city of Sintra is great for travelers who love fiction and fantasy. The Azores is for the archaeologists, Algarve for beach lovers, Evora for ladies and gentlemen, so on and so forth. Besides, the football-crazy nation is quite famous for its bakery and pastry shops, and of course, you cannot ignore the codfish bacalhau specialty. Everything is under the radar and Portugal is Europe’s oldest country established in 1297. All in all, Portugal hits the top chart when it comes to enjoying an outlandish European tour that has extraordinary itinerary cultures at its best.