Things To Do In California

Things To Do In California

There are endless things to do in California all throughout the year. Traverse through Hollywood and its globally acclaimed film industries like Paramount and Universal Studios. Hop on Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour. Disneyland is perfect place in LA for a holiday excursion. Enjoy the live concerts in Hollywood Bowl. Whales can be watched in Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles region during the years. The Golden State of California will make you fall in love with its offerings for eternity.

Things To Do In California

California is a marvelous state of America, boasting an abundance of typical and unique things to do. It’s truly amongst the most adventurous hives for travelers across the globe. The best thing about California is its natural mix. There are the high points with enormous snowy mountains, alpine forests and cool lakes. Then there are the low points with sunny beaches, serene islands and majestic desserts. Often referred as the Golden State, it homes some of the country’s major exciting cities and charming towns. Hence making its way as one of the most vibrant cities in the world.  While San Francisco will pleasure you with the most unforgettable natural scenarios, the City of Angels has Hollywood and Disneyland waiting for you. Visit Venice Beach Boardwalk, drive down all the highways, try every single outdoor activity, and savor each moment. With unlimited things to do, below are just a few of California’s best treats. No questioning; you’ll love them all.

1. Spend a Day at Catalina Island :

A day trip to Catalina Island is one of the great things to do in California in weekends.

Things To Do In California - Spend a Day at Catalina Island

Not only is it a popular vacation spot for visitors of LA, but also demanding honeymoon venue. Cruise through the stunning Long Beach Harbor to reach this charming island and unwrap all its gifts. It’s mainly divided in two main centers: The Two Harbors and The Avalon. At the beach, don’t just lounge. The waters are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Or make the trip more worthwhile by touring the famous landmarks. Visit the Casino – no, it’s not for gambling; in fact has a movie theatre and a ballroom. Head downtown for some delicious Mexican food. End your day with short trip to Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden, and discover pure Californian produce in one land. Catalina Island is one of the best places to visit in California.

2. Witness migrant whales at Monterey Bay :

At Monterey Bay you will get the most scenic views of migrating whales in California.

Things To Do In California - Witness migrant whales at Monterey Bay

You either join a tour group or carter your own boat to admire the sights of whales swimming, hopping out, and shooting water out of their spouts. Depending upon the seasons, you can view the variations. Expect to see gray whales, dolphins and killer whales migrating during the cold. Humpbacks and blue whales accompany mostly after mid-April till mid-December. To explore more of marine wildlife, visit the Monterey Bay’s Aquarium located on Cannery Row.

3. Get a New Insight of the Venice Beach :

Venice Beach is bustling beach area with skate park, street performers, boutique shops and café bars.

Things To Do In California - Get a New Insight of the Venice Beach

As soon as you step on to the glittering sands, you’ll be greeted by the beach’s stunning ambience and views. Go checkout the historic walls with their ever-changing art scenes. Then go observe skateboarders boasting their talent at the skate park. Witness numerous body-builders getting jacked in the outdoor gym at Muscle Beach. Catch some waves by going surfing in the blue waters. Take a slow walk down the beach during a quixotic twilight with your partner. This is amongst the few fun things to do in California for couples.

4. Drive Down the Big Sur :

The Big Sur is a rugged coastline with the most unbelievable quaint vistas.

Things To Do In California - Drive Down the Big Sur

It is located between Carmel Highlands and San Simeon. Drive through the 70miles of Highway 1, and it’ll feel like a trance you wouldn’t wish to break. Bold hills tower over the wild Pacific water. Redwood tress fill-in the greenery and add to the delight. The bravura Bixby Bridge rules over it all. Stop by and catch glimpse of large Californian condors flying and passing whales in the ocean. In winter include a stop for watching Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas Rookery in your road trip itinerary, too. It is situated 7miles north of San Simeon. If you wish to spend the night nearby, check in at the popular Madonna Inn and experience true Californian hospitality.

5. Reminisce Your Childhood at Disneyland :

Reserve an entire day with enough cash for this one.

Things To Do In California - Reminisce Your Childhood at Disneyland

It’s Disneyland, after all! Watch the most beloved Disney characters come to life. Hop from ride to ride. Delve in the lively shops and restaurants. And just take loads of pictures. The world’s best theme park has amusements for everyone. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the top things to do in California with kids.

6. Stride the Hollywood Walk of Fame :

Your trip to California is definitely incomplete without touring the world’s most renowned sidewalk.

Things To Do In California - Stride the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Brass stars embedded with names of over 2600 celebrities who made a mark in Hollywood adorn the pavement. Find your favorite across 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine Street. Then pose for the camera.

7. Hike to the Hollywood :

Grab your backpack and hike your way to the indelible icon of LA.

Things To Do In California - Hike to the Hollywood

Park at Lake Hollywood and begin your climb up the Santa Monica Mountains. Get splendid vistas of the Hogwarts Castle, Griffith Observatory and whole of southern California. Refresh yourself along the way in the lively ambience. Stop on your way at Burbank Peak and leave notes of wishes under the Wisdom Tree. Once you get behind the Hollywood sign and look down upon the lands, remember to breathe. 

8. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge :

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the prime destination of San Francisco.

Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most quintessential places of the state, the best way to experience it is on foot or bike. Stop at Vista Point and lose yourself to the awe-inspiring sights of the north. One top of this iconic engineering achievement over the San Francisco Bay breathe in the freshness, and relax. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge definitely makes it to the list of unique things to do in California.

9. Explore Chinatown :

The Chinatown in San Francisco is very colorful and touristy. Stand at the gilded Dragon’s Gate and behold the vision ahead.

Explore Chinatown

Red traditional lanterns hang from the above, while ancient architectures frame the alleys. Locals and tourists flock in bliss. It’s the oldest Chinatown in US, and you’ll find loads to see and do. Being the largest one outside Asia, Chinatown has plenty of souvenir shops for you to rummage through. Stop by at any restaurant and have delectable Chinese cuisine. After having roamed the two best sites of San Francisco, head to Fisherman’s Warf and the infamous prison of the Alcatraz Island. A trip to the latter is indeed for one of the things to do in California.

10. Relish Yourself at Lake Tahoe :

An alpine lake, cradled between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a wonderland for every adventure enthusiast.

Relish Yourself at Lake Tahoe

With each new season, it serves newer visual treats. Come during summer, to heighten your senses in the warmth and delve in sailing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and water skiing. In winter, lose yourself to the snow by trying snowboarding and mountain skiing. You can also take in its natural grandeur via hiking trips at any time round the year. It’s all splendid every way. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for its stunning view.

11. Tour the Winery of Napa and Sonoma :

Once you taste Californian wine, you might end up offending the French. And why not?

Tour the Winery of Napa and Sonoma

The wine flavors are indeed made by the best hands on earth. Every sip is so juicy and sweet against the taste buds, they’ll linger on your memory for ever. But don’t only stick to tasting all the wine. Go sightseeing around the quaint valleys too. They’re absolutely stunning, especially during fall. Napa also has dainty shops and some Mexican food-serving restaurants, which you’ll love. If you’re on an over-night trip, there are lovely boutique hotels nearby waiting to serve you. To further pamper yourself, visit the world-class spas the valley boasts. Before the sun sets, hop on a hot air balloon and gaze down at lands from the sky.

12. Rejoice in the Sunset at Santa Monica Pier :

Head to Santa Monica Pier and forget about life. Get yourself busy on the giant yellow Ferris wheel at the Pacific Park.

Rejoice in the Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Have dinner at the restaurants or take a drink from the bars. Hunt through the souvenir shops or take a leisurely roam around the shoreline. A land of historical significance, its fantastic sea views and lively atmosphere will give you every bit of reason to shut yourself from the stressful world. Santa Monica Pier is one of the lovely place to spend an evening beside Pacific Ocean.

13. Beat the Waves in Malibu :

You either choose to conquer the waves by yourself, or watch others do so while lounging.

Beat the Waves in Malibu

Anyhow, you’ll eventually realize why Malibu’s Surfrider Beach has earned its reputation. This premier surfing site has long piers alongside endless beaches, special gated neighborhoods, and much more. Head to the pier and spend the day fishing. Or hangout at the cafes nearby before taking walk down the shoreline during the sunset.  

14. At Palm Springs Commune with the Nature :

Residing within the Coachella Valley in LA is the most beautiful haven of dates.

At Palm Springs Commune with the Nature

Miles of searing savannas and jagged cliffs hug the lands creating scenic views to admire. Immerse yourself into the nature’s gifts of vast flora and fauna. Explore more of the wilderness by visiting the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. If you want a peak into Palm Springs’ history, stop by Indian Canyons. Get a ride on Palm Springs Aerial Tram and head up to the dewy wilds of Mt. San Jacinto State Park atop of which you’ll get the most epic views. Hike 50 miles of tracks if you like and be greeted with dusts of snow on the way. Or go camping in Joshua Trees east from Palm Springs for more unforgettable experiences.

15. Venture through the Wilderness of Redwoods :

If you want to partake in a vast array of outdoor activities, head to the Redwood National Park.

Venture through the Wilderness of Redwoods

At this natural wonder you’ll find the giant trees on earth, and some of them are ancient in state. Hugging 40miles of the coastline, the dense woodland protects various rare species. Go camping, hiking, fishing and kayaking, or simply stare up at the towering plants and take in the relaxing environment. Take a drive down the path of the Giants to marvel further at the nature’s creations.

16. Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park :

A day trip to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park is definitely a perfect plan for all you animal lovers.

Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

It shelters over 3700 animals of 650 species across 100 acres of parkland. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of a zoo, at least you can learn a great deal about wildlife. The zoo’s best feature is not caging its animals in the typical claustrophobic ways. Instead they are left to roam freely in the open over specific boundaries. This gives you the advantage to see some of the animals up-close.

17. Dive in the Wonders of Yosemite National Park :

Located at Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Yosemite National Park is one of the most picturesque sites in the entire country.

Dive in the Wonders of Yosemite National Park

It homes three epic waterfalls that are amongst the top 10 longest waterfalls in the world. You can further see enormous granite cliffs, giant sequoia groves, deep valleys, colorful meadows, and wide-open wilderness. The exciting part is that you can also go rock climbing, hiking the 800miles of trails, and mountain biking here. Reach the Taft Point or hike to the top of the Half Dom – either ways you’ll be graced with spectacular natural sights. You’ll even find standard diners to have meals and hotels to stay at here in Yosemite. Even you’ll agree at the end, that venturing here is indeed one of the top things to do in California.

18. Experience the Heat in Death Valley :

The Death Valley is one such weird hotspot – literally, it’s very hot.

Experience the Heat in Death Valley

It’s a desert wasteland with panoramic vistas, uneven sand dunes, and stoned mounts that will not fail to flatter you. Situated in the Mojave Desert, the valley mostly comprises of the Death Valley National Park. Its sand dunes and snow-capped mountains are more unique than any other landscape in California. This dry hostile environment, with the incredible Dante’s View and the Ubehebe Crater, are definitely worth experiencing. Other interesting places include the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns, Scotty’s Castle, and the Mesquite Sand Dunes.

19. Take another Road Trip through Eastern Sierra & Highway 395 :

The Eastern Sierra has quite a few of Golden State’s most remarkable backdrops.

Take another Road Trip through Eastern Sierra & Highway 395

Actually, whether Highway 1 at Big Sur gives the most majestic vistas or Highway 395 at Eastern Sierra is an endless debate. The magnificent mountain ranges, and the natural sites make it the most scenic driveway of California. The one-way drive begins at LA and stretches westwards to San Francisco. Stop by Red Rock Canyon State Park to admire the dramatic rock formations and breathtaking desert cliffs. Other points of interests in your list might include the Lone Pine, the Mono Lake and the Buttermilk Boulders. Pullover especially at the Mammoth Lakes for a quick dip at the one of the numerous hidden hot springs.

So which of these top things to do in California has caught your interest? Add them to your travel wish-list now and come vacation at this effervescent state. A bigger list of more interesting things await at your welcome to give you unforgettable memories and experiences.