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Places to visit in Virginia

Enriched with history, culture and romance, there are many exciting places to visit in Virginia, the state for lovers. A wide range of variety is here in Virginia, starting from archival sites and sunny beaches to soothing towns and boardwalks, to offer you stunning trip.

Virginia is one of few states in USA that provides you the scope to plan the most diversified holiday. The golden history of American revolution, scenic beauty of nature, aesthetics of theatres and museum – all are packed in Virginia, making it one of the most beautiful places in the world, for families as well as solo wanderers. Among so many varied tourist spots, here is a list of top 22 best places to visit in Virginia to have an unforgettable vacation.

1. Williamsburg:  Unravel the country’s history

Williamsburg is comparatively new among the historical towns of Virginia being recognized in the 20th century. If one wills to experience the age-old heritage of the United States of America, then Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect choice.

The place constitutes with many historic homes, antique wares and monuments of historical figures. Skilled craftspeople and costumed interpreters portray some of the famous personas of USA like Patrick Henry, George Washington and many more.

Bush Garden and Water Country are the two amusement parks that make Williamsburg a family-friendly destination. The nightlife is so bright in Williamsburg and filled with NYC’s fanciest clubs and restaurants. The town is the best place to visit in Virginia. In November for its comforting weather and soothing ambiance.

2. Iris Inn:  Experience a luxurious romance 

The Iris Inn of the perfect places to spend some happy moment with your beloved one. Whether to stay in a main room, a secluded cottage or a cabin with the view of woods is up to the choice of visitors.

The amenities provided by the Inn includes room fireplace, personal hot tub, a spacious deck or comfortable large beds. One can vote for the Chocolate Lovers Package or the Sip and Slip on Your Boots Package to dial up the romance. You may wish to stay a night or two in Iris Inn with your darling to make sweet memories while visiting Virginia.

3. Shenandoah National Park:  Drive along Skyline Drive

The Shenandoah National Park is a beautiful spot, Which is best for hiking and arranging picnics. The biggest attraction of the Park is Skyline Drive, a serpentine road through hills and valleys.

This driveway is the northern continuation of the Blue Ridge Parkway that offers stunning vantage points worth pausing to click photos. The park has 500 miles of hiking trails filled with valleys and waterfalls. The park is one of the most attractive places to visit in northern Virginia that a tourist will not want to miss.

4. Luray Cavern:  Hear the rocks sing 

A short drive towards West from the Skyline Drive will lead you to Luray Cavern filled with hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites, the cave’s highlight is the Great Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument of the world.

One hour tour through well maintained walkways lead visitor to enormous chambers with towering stone columns and crystal-clear puddles. The cavern provides both a step-free entrance and all-paved walkways, making it more convenient to the visitors. The Luray Cavern is one of the “must-see” places in Virginia to experience an unearthly felling.

5. Mount Vernon:  See the home of first president

The famous Mount Vernon was the home of first president of the United States, George Washington that was built under his direct supervision.

The activities to be done there are to enjoy a quick stroll, visit the museum, walk through the mansion and pay a visit to the family’s tomb. As a tourist, if you are wiling to delve the history then George Washington’s Mount Vernon is a top-notch choice.

6. Natural Bridge:  Witness more than just a bridge

Not constructed with rods and cements, rather the Natural Bridge was formed due to the collapse of a cavern.

with a height of more than 200 feet and width of 90 feet, the bridge is one of America’s oldest witness for the tourists. In recent years, the Natural Bridge provides opportunity to ramble along Cedar Creek Trail starting from Cascade Falls. Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Zoo also play great role in engaging the tourists.

7. Old Town:  Roam around the historic center of Alexandria 

The old-fashioned orientation of Alexandria attracts anyone coming to Virginia. The old town draws the visitors with its conventional historic buildings and cobblestone streets.

Against the backdrop of the Potomac River, there are famous historic buildings, vintage shops, art galleries, and classy restaurants. One can wish to catch a settling view of the nation’s capital by taking a riverboat tour on the Potomac River. Though plenty of walking plenty is required. Alexandria’s old town is a nice place. And that takes your time to ponder around.

8. Virginia Beach:  Skate, hike or kayak

Stretching from the east of Norfolk, Virginia Beach is very popular for the hotel facilities, 3 miles long boardwalk and several amusement scopes. One can skate and cycle in the boardwalk.

The Beach Bay National Refuge protects 9,000 acres of coastline, where one can walk and hike along the trails. There are scopes to arrange picnic at the visitor center. The sandy shores of around 14 miles makes the perfect opportunity for every visitor to spend the beach vacation they crave. Among the fun rides are golfing, sea kayaking and boat tours. Starting from college going kids to grown-ups, Virginia Beach is alluring and entertaining to all age groups.

9. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center: Interact with sea life

Does matter if you are a keen marine enthusiast or just love to explore, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center offers something for everyone.

Among the aquarium residents include different kinds of turtles, reptiles, sandbar sharks, seals and otters. To enjoy a 3-D nature film, hit the six-story theatre which is suitable for all ages.  Providing an extended range of exhibits and activities for the hole family, this spot is one of well-known family enticement in Virginia Beach.

10. Roanoke:  Look at the star

The 88 feet tall vibrantly illuminated Roanoke Star or Mill Mountain Star is distinctly visible from every corner of the city.  

This manmade star is the center of peoples’ curiosity that make them admire the ravishing view of the city. One may also wish to explore the park, zoo and hiking trails of Mill Mountain. As a tourist, start the Roanoke Valley tour with an amazing view by visiting the star.

11. Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center:  Gaze in awe!

The center is an extension of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum filled with thousands of artifacts that inspire the visitors.

Different aspects of aviation are included in the exhibition starting from the primitive means of flight to recent commercial crafts. The center house is full of demonstrations where the staffs are already to respond your queries. Visiting the center for the first time you will love to take a flight in the interactive flight simulator and motion capsule ride simulator which featured stunning experiences.

12. Norfolk:  Explore the military base

Being a waterfront city in southeastern Virginia. In Norfolk, the largest naval base is situated on the Chesapeake Bay.

The most famous attraction for history lovers is the science and technology museum named Nauticus. Therefore Families or solo travelers can take tours of Naval Station Norfolk where they can explore the base’s great ships and aircraft. If you love to unravel the military stories of the Navy then you are ought to pay a visit to Norfolk city.

13. Richmond:  Check out American Revolution sites

Being the capital of Virginia, Richmond is one of the major cities that holds great significance in American independence movement. Richmond has contrasting features; it depicts the great history of America as well as provides a glimpse of modern city life.

If you wish to live the moment of Patrick Henry’s famous speech, visit St. John’s Church. Here, re-enactors conduct the renowned “Give me liberty or give me death!” words. One can visit the Virginia State Capital in order to explore the city’s past in shaping the future. Therefore the present scenario of the city attracts visitors with loads of shopping centers, coffee shops, bars, lounges, and art galleries. While traveling Virginia, you surely don’t want to miss either view of Richmond city.

14. Middleburg:  Ride horses and taste wines 

Filled with many equestrians and fox hunters, Middleburg is reputed as “the nation’s horse and hunt capital”.

Including the famous Chrysalis Vineyards, Greenhill Winery & Vineyard, and Boxwood Estate Winery, many other wineries skirt the town. Though Food and wine admirer are whole heartily welcome to experience Virginia’s versatile culinary legacy at Market Salamander. The natural scenic beauty of the town will also make you feel delighted as a tourist.

15. Winchester:  Pick your own apples!

The month of May welcomes the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival that has been running since 1927.

The festival features march-pasts, fireworks, group dances, carnivals and crowning the Apple Blossom Queen. There are several orchards like Marker Miller Orchards where one can pluck his own fresh juicy apples. So, while visiting Virginia in May, pay a visit to the orchards of Winchester.

16. Abingdon:   Watch a show at theatre 

The Barter Theatre in Abingdon is regarded as the “State Theatre of Virginia” with more than 160,000 visitors annually.

The theatre arranges shows of different genres from comedy to tragedy and offers live music as well. There are several museums, art galleries, and studios to keep the visitors engaged. The popular Virginia Highlands Festival is celebrated in Abingdon.

17. Arlington National Cemetery:  Pay tribute to brave souls

The Arlington National Cemetery is America’s hallowed ground. Although it is across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. The grave of President John F.Kenedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the most visited grave in the cemetery.

Tourists also search for the prominent United States Marine Corps War Memorial. The Seabees Memorial, a 9-feet tall bare-chested, muscular Seabee greeting a small child, also includes among the notable monuments. The Women engaged in Military Service of America Memorial moreover a tribute to all women in the US military.

The Arlington House is most famous since it was the home of Robert B.Lee and his wife for long 30 years. Close to the mansion, remains the grave of Pierre L’Enfant, planner of the city of Washington, D.C. If you are a history enthusiast then you are sure to love the Arlington National Cemetery.  

18. Primland:  Find love in the meadow of Dan

Primland, an incredible mountain resort about 300 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. This secluded resort is the perfect romantic gateway for couples due to perks like treehouse or cottage, private balcony, soaking tubs & fireplaces.

Among the luxurious amenities, includes a 18-hole golf course, yoga, spa with couple massages. Couples can bond while experiencing a guided stargaze session and learning archery or fly fishing. The resort serves mouthwatering tasty meals that deserves a 10 on 10. Having a quiet surrounding and lots of romantic activities, Primland is the best place to visit in Virginia for couples.

19. Charlottesville:  Take a look at Monticello

This place is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Charlottesville is indeed known for its rich history and It’s known as ‘Mr. Jefferson’s Town’ to the locals since the legacy of Thomas Jefferson shines vibrantly here.

The house built by him is a UNESCO World Heritage site named Monticello. Charlottesville is definitely an appealing place for every wine lover since dozens of wineries and vineyards are available in the town. Being a tourist, firstly you will be delighted to take a walk in the Downtown Mall where there are 150 shops and restaurants.

20. Jamestown:  Witness the ruins of English Settlement

The oldest British settlement in North America is situated in Jamestown. Only a few antique buildings, the foundation of the church tower, and the churchyard of the original settlement remain.

But you can find a re-created version of Powhatan village structured basing on the contemporary drawings, archeological sites and replicas of three English ships. The Jamestown settlement attracts the visitors by providing an overview of the 17th century Virginia while Greensprings Interpretive trail offers 3 and a half mile walking and hiking path.Travelers may also pay a visit to the Glasshouse to see glassblowing where America’s first English industrial business started.

21. Manassas National Battlefield:  Reserve a guided tour

A million visitors come to Manassas National Battlefield annually to witness the ground where two American Civil War took place.

To get a thorough explanation of the historical background, you can take part in the 45-minute guided tour led by rangers. Visitors can also stop by the Stone Bridge, Stone House, and the park museum filled with interesting artifacts.

Virginia, the place where presidents were born, offers endless possibilities to untangle the authentic history of America. From romantic gateways to magnificence scenes, all are available here to make you endure a beautiful and splendid respite from your tiring workloads. So, with the list of top 22 places to visit in Virginia, schedule a trip in your next vacation to create noteworthy moments.