The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State, has a plethora of fantastic tourist attractions, which is no surprise. Tourists flock to Florida’s inland and coastal locations all year to enjoy themselves to the fullest. However, some of the locations are clearly overrated. You’ll undoubtedly have a fantastic time in any of these locales, but you’ll also have deal with crowded beaches, long restaurant lines and probably even noisy hotel neighbors.

1. Orlando-Walt Disney World:

Walt Disney World claims to be “the happiest place on earth,” but this statement also carries some disagreements.

There are several things in Walt Disney World that are overrated. We surely enjoy many of Walt Disney World’s eateries, rides, and accommodations, but not all of them are worth the cost. Although the décor is nicer than those found in most theme parks, how much is a well-decorated 1970s ride truly worth?

These experiences might well be “excellent,” yet their quality falls short of the hype, expense, or extended hold times.

 2. Miami:

Miami is the world’s third most overrated city, according to the hundreds of individuals polled for this year’s global rating.  

The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida : Orlando-Walt Disney World

Many people have recognized that there are some aspects of the metropolis in South Florida that are off-putting. Sometimes Miami Beach is so malodourous that you question why anyone would go to the beach as a first place.

The humidity of Miami can drench all your energy and make you all tired and fatigue. A family trip to Miami van leave a financial strain on you since almost everything here is extremely costly. Miami, being the city of beach, offers many things to do in Florida, but it’s often over crowded to have a peaceful vacation.

3. Key West:

Key West is indeed an overrated destination for myriads of reasons, most notable of which is that, it is not what it appears to be from the outside.

The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida : Naples

Why would you squander your money in Naples? Simply go north to Siesta Beach, which has white powder sand and free parking and is one of Florida’s most stunning beaches.

It has the potential to be one of the best places to visit in Florida undoubtedly. If you have sufficient money to live in Naples, you can live comfortably. That’s the only thing there is to it.

4. St. Petersburg, FL. :

Although it is a great place to stay, St. Petersburg appears to be out of reach for most people.

The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida : St. Petersburg, FL.

Of course, people expect to spend a bit more wherever they travel. It’s indeed heaven for the wealthy or snowbirds, but it is quite difficult to stay here. St. Petersburg is a massive metropolis.

Segregation and racism remain obstacles in this city, as they are in other megacities. Anything on the “south” side is regarded as risky, lethal, hazardous, drug-infested, and crime-infested.

5. Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale isn’t among the safest cities in Florida for visit. The rate of crime in Fort Lauderdale is moderate.

The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida : Fort Lauderdale

Most of the issues are linked to burglary of items, auto theft, taunts, and violent crimes. A further major issue there in region is drug smuggling. When you’re strolling about the streets at night, you must generally try to bypass certain areas.

With so many cons included, surely Fort Lauderdale is one of the most overrated travel destinations in Florida.

6. Clearwater Beach:

It’s been so heavily developed that there’s barely any coastline remaining.

The Most Overrated Travel Destinations Florida : Clearwater Beach

The traffic is terrible, so plan on spending two hours of your valuable seaside time to sit in it. Again, you must cope with the hurricane season, the potential of bugs invading your place, and the constant traffic congestion in the Clearwater Beach area, as in other parts of Florida.

7. Sanibel Island:

Unless your primary travel criteria are to be surrounded by snobbish people and pricey shopping, Sanibel Island is overrated.

The beaches, which aren’t very noteworthy for south Florida, must be walked to, the shelling isn’t as good as it is in other surrounding locations. The traffic and parking situation are complete nightmare.

The weather is not so travel friendly and one may find the dining experience quite overpriced. 

8.   St Augustine:

In the last few years, St Augustine and the surrounding St Johns County have risen at an exponential rate.

Throughout the county, there are numerous new construction communities in various stages of development. The place is not as serene as it was previously, since population and traffic has increased much.

During summer, the humidity is excessive, and you will become hot, if you are not sitting by the beach in the wind or comfortably tucked away in the air conditioning.

8. Jacksonville:

Jacksonville is infamous for its scorching heat and insufficient transportation. It might be difficult to move around without a car due to a lack of bike lanes, walkways, and public transportation.

The accommodation costing is comparatively high and finding a decent location to stay is difficult. This place if often over hyped for its large area but Jacksonville is not worthy to be listed as the finest Florida tourist destinations. It is a city filled with creative work, be it in the field of art or food, but the prices may be off budget sometimes. 

When it comes to travel, everyone has their own tastes. But this list of most overrated travel destinations in Florida will help you to design your itinerary accordingly. Keeping the pros and cons in mind of such places, you will succeed to make the best use of your trip to Florida.