Best Parks in Los Angeles

Parks give a tangible reflection of the lovable and liveable environment of a city. Los Angeles never fails to continually charm the visitors with the shifting colours of its wonderful parks. It has an abundance of enthralling parks rich in breath-taking natural landmarks.

Parks in Los Angeles proffers the visitors to enjoy diversionary array of recreational activities. In summer, hiking, biking, fishing and boating, plus snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice climbing are the glees that please everyone.

Bird-watching and camping opportunities are the perks in a fall trip here. Some of the natural marvels of these parks are adorned with expansive botanical gardens. All these make Los Angeles a long prioritized sustainable travel destination for tourists as well as the locals.

1. Echo Park :

Echo Park is an exquisite and lurid locale in the heart of Los Angeles. It is a hidden treasure that often gets passed over by the Silver Lake.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Echo Park

Colorful mural:

The colourful mural welcoming the visitors at the corner of Echo Park, attracts visitors, which makes it one of the parks in Los Angeles with a view.

Café and book shop :

Local writers, readers and artists since 2008 have been lured by the Stories Books and Café in the beautiful and artistic oasis of Echo Park. Besides buying, trading and selling books, this shop also organizes different literary events, including book release functions, comedy shows and live music events.

2. Griffith Park :

Griffith Park is a spectacular and uncredited resource for LA residents and visitors. It’s one of the Top Rated Weekend Getaways from LA.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Griffith Park


There is quite a variety attraction, including a museum, the observatory and planetarium, a wholesome outdoor concert place, and tons of trails – both uncomplicated and challenging.


Fern Dell area is famous for shadowy walks and picnics. This park includes the helicopter pad which is situated on east of the observatory, provides some of the best views of the city. There are lots of wildlife in the park as well, and you can see coyotes and bobcats if you’re there early in the morning or late at night.

3. Palisades Park :

The Palisades Park is a marvellous park in Santa Monica extending 1.5 miles along the Ocean Avenue. It offers great scenic views over the Pacific Ocean.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Palisades Park

The iconic palms whisking in the ocean breezes and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean attract visitors. It is the best place to enjoy a sunset. You can head north of Wilshire to find a quiet spot and beat the crowds around the Pier. Palisades Park is really peaceful & meditative. Moreover, during the season of winter and snow, some hiking trails provide provisions for cross country skiing.

4. Grand Park :

Grand Park is a great tiered park in downtown LA with open lawns and space for kids (and adults) to run around. From the city hall, the park bears an event’s lawn.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Grand Park

It also has an inbuilt concert stage. Up the hill, a water fountain leads to splash pads for the kids. Similarly, it’s a harmonious scenic area to relax or enjoy a hiatus to let your children cool off. This place is simply awe-inspiring, vibrant, and beautiful both during the day or after sundown. This is said to be the heart and soul of the city and rated as one of the Top beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles.

5. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area :

Kenneth Hahn State Park is great for easy and moderate hiking. It’s a favorite place for people of all ages and one of the best parks in West Los Angeles.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Recreation area :

You have to pay an entry fee of $7 at the main gate of the park rest areas including Doris Japanese Garden, viewpoint. This park includes beautiful artificial cascades, picnic spots, and kids’ play zones also. It’s a relaxing oasis with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Scenic View :

This park also adds a beautiful creek and small ponds with fishing in the lower area. This park is a picturesque spot in the middle of the busy city. There are a bunch of trails that snake around the park for you to explore. All these make Kenneth Hahn Park one of the best parks in Los Angeles for picnics.

6. Lake Hollywood Park:

It’s amazing and one of the best parks in Hollywood with a very quiet relaxed setting.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Lake Hollywood Park

Hollywood sign:

This is the place you want to go if you’re looking for a good spot to take pictures of the Hollywood sign with little to no hike. It’s part of the Beverly Hills area. This park is a wonderful site to visit and spend time to get away from the busy urban lifestyle.

Fishing in the lake:

The lake reservoir contains drinking water for the city. So, swimming and boating are not allowed, but you are free to fishing if you wish.

7. Elysian Park :

Elysian Park is one of the best parks in East Los Angeles. This pastoral park has a series of running and biking trails, that make it a harmonious diversion from city life.

Best Parks in Los Angeles: Elysian Park

Scenic view :

This is a beautiful park with many astounding features like huge picnic area, a well 2.5 mile curved paths from Academy Road.

Play ground:

spring wildflowers, ball fields, tennis courts and wide lawns. It’s situated in a close proximity of Dodger’s Stadium. This is LA’s ancient most park, and although it is a little shabby around the borders, it is a hail respite from the urban sprawl.

8. Tongva Park :

It’s a fun park for kids and adults as well with slides and jungle gyms, whisking you way from the bumble of the city. This is one of the Kids fun places in Los Angeles for free, while for adults it’s renowned as one of the best parks to read in Los Angeles.

Tongva Park

Tongva Park is beautifully landscaped with panoramic manicured paths to wander around, all shades of green trees, plants, bushes and lawns. If you are visiting Santa Monica or a local, this is a must see! Marvellous park with ocean views and fun playground that also have a water play area and a few other fun decor items. Moreover, It has an incredibly and creatively laid out public park with climbing equipment, monkey bars and slides like you’ve never seen before.

The myriad diversified landscapes, national parks of Los Angeles are abode to a plethora of mother nature. They retain the most stunning landscapes in the country. People get enchanted for fresh air, the smell of trees, the treat of greenery to the eyes, amazing view opportunity alongside enjoying amenities of physical wellness, enchanting people. Each park has its own distinctive character; you just have to unearth the one that’s suitable for your family.