Cheap hotels in Florida USA

Florida, a land of stunning beaches, vibrant cities, and rich cultural experiences, is a veritable treasure trove for avid adventurers and laid-back wanderers alike. As you prepare to embark on your journey and plan a vacation in 7 days in Florida, it’s essential to cover its most. Afraid not, we have curated an exquisite list of some of the most charming and affordable hotels, promising you an enchanting stay amid the vivid tapestry of this beloved destination.

Whether exploring the enchanting sands of Miami Beach or embarking on a solo female travel in Key West and the Florida Keys, this region offers many options for the thrifty traveller. So, prepare to be captivated as you explore these unique accommodations meticulously chosen to bring you the best of Florida’s offers. Leave no stone unturned as you uncover the secret havens and heavenly abodes, and embark on a journey that will etch itself in your memory for years to come.

1. Quality Inn Orlando-Near Universal Blvd $49:

Quality Inn Orlando-Near Universal Blvd, situated in one of the largest cities in Florida, offers an unparalleled lodging experience. This distinguished establishment’s speciality lies in its proximity to world-renowned attractions, such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld. A short sojourn to these prominent landmarks allows for an exciting and memorable vacation.

Guests are treated to a delightful breakfast experience, with the hotel’s complimentary hot breakfast service ensuring a great start to the day. Moreover, the property features an outdoor pool and sun deck, providing an ideal space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Vicinity dining options include vibrant eateries like The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, offering a distinctive fusion of flavours. Providing exceptional value, the Quality Inn Orlando-Near Universal Blvd is a sublime choice for travellers visiting this eminent city in Florida.

2. Maingate Lakeside Resort $59:

Maingate Lakeside Resort, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Orlando, sets itself apart from other resorts in Orlando with its serene lakeside setting. Visitors relish the calming atmosphere provided by the stunning Lake Cecile, where an evening stroll alongside the water guarantees tranquillity.

The resort offers unique family-friendly activities such as miniature golf, ensuring fun for all ages. Dining options include a poolside bar, grill, and pizzeria, catering to diverse culinary tastes and providing a comprehensive gastronomical experience.

With its proximity to Walt Disney World, guests can easily visit the famous theme park and return to the peaceful surroundings of the resort to unwind after a day of excitement.

3. The Link Hotel on Sunrise in Fort Lauderdale $74:

The Link Hotel on Sunrise, located in the bustling city of Fort Lauderdale, distinguishes itself with its eclectic art displays adorning the walls, exuding an air of creativity and sophistication. This unique attribute grants guests an immersive experience of the local art scene as they ponder the best things to bring for a vacation in Florida.

Additionally, the hotel houses an on-site restaurant, The Sunrise Bar & Grille, which serves delectable American cuisine to its patrons. The restaurant’s inviting ambience and varied menu options make it an appealing dining choice for guests.

Guests at The Link Hotel can enjoy amenities like an outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant and bar, and a fitness centre. The hotel’s proximity to attractions such as The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale, a premier shopping destination, and the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, a historic estate, offers visitors an enriching and entertaining stay.

4. Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach Oceanfront, an IHG Hotel $119:

The Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach Oceanfront, an esteemed IHG Hotel, sets itself apart from other accommodations by offering a captivating oceanfront experience at an affordable price. As a Florida hotel at a cheap price, it provides a perfect balance between comfort and affordability without compromising on quality.

This resort provides direct access to the pristine sands of Daytona Beach, making it an exceptional destination for beach lovers. On-site dining options include the Seaside Café and Lounge, where guests can savour delicious cuisine with a breathtaking ocean view.

Furthermore, the hotel offers an extensive outdoor pool area with a spacious sun deck, granting visitors a serene space to unwind and soak up the Floridian sun.

5. Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel $66:

Encapsulating comfort and value, Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel allures frugal explorers seeking a hidden gem among cheap hotels in Florida orlando. Emanating decor and affordability, guests revel in an exceptional experience while residing at this nice retreat.

Within the hotel grounds, many facilities invite relaxation and leisure. These facilities include a fantastic swimming pool, cutting-edge fitness centre, and an impressively outfitted business centre for entrepreneurs.

The hotel’s favourable location grants access to many palate-pleasing dining establishments, serving a diverse gastronomic delight. Adjacent attractions and exhilarating activities encompass sun-drenched beaches, upscale shopping centres, and vibrant nightlife. Experience a luxurious getaway at Fort Lauderdale Grand Hotel without sacrificing your budgetary preferences.

6. Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando FL $100:

The Rosen Plaza Hotel attracts travel lovers who prioritize comfort and affordability when seeking a Florida hotel at a cheap price. Each elegantly designed guest room bespeaks warmth and repose, while the vast array of amenities aims to fulfil every desire.

Notable offerings include the sprawling pool area, invigorating fitness centre, and an assortment of dining establishments within the hotel complex.

Due to its excellent location in Orlando’s busy downtown, the Rosen Plaza Hotel offers its visitors easy access to the best nightlife and theme parks. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this distinguished hotel, where affordability meets comfort and exceeds expectations.

7. Floating Sea Cove Resort & Marina in Florida Key $91:

A haven of aquatic tranquillity, the Floating Sea Cove Resort & Marina earns acclaim as one of the cheapest hotels in Florida on the beach. Idyllically set within the mesmerising Florida Keys, this distinctive floating abode offers seafaring enthusiasts a budget-friendly escape from the mundane. Boasting a private marina, the resort fully immerses guests in the serene, turquoise Atlantic waters.

Savour extensive waterborne pursuits at this unparalleled resort. This includes snorkelling through vibrant coral reefs, diving into the mysterious depths, and partaking in adrenaline-fueled sport fishing.

The tourists can embark on a breathtaking sunset cruise. Escape the ordinary and experience a unique coastal sanctuary at the Floating Sea Cove Resort & Marina.

8. Orlando Lake Buena Vista, an IHG Hotel $127:

Indulge in the unrivalled offerings of a Florida economical hotel at the Orlando Lake Buena Vista, an IHG Hotel. Embodying sophisticated elegance and unpretentious pricing, this remarkable establishment furnishes guests with various conveniences and mouth-watering on-site dining options.

This hotel’s prime location puts visitors within walking distance of well-known attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

They are tucked away in the thriving heart of Orlando’s entertainment sector. Bask in the indulgences of the Orlando Lake Buena Vista within a reasonable price and gain unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Holiday Hotel & Resort $78:

Fusing lovely comfort with frugal sensibilities, Holiday Hotel & Resort captivates economical wayfarers searching for a Florida hotel at a low budget. Nice accommodations and a tempting array of services cater to guests seeking tranquillity and leisurely pursuits.

The radiant pool area, rejuvenating spa, and modern fitness centre provide ample opportunities for relaxation and invigoration. The resort’s propitious location grants access to a diverse collection of grand establishments, offering a panoply of international cuisines.

In addition, an abundance of neighbouring attractions and activities, such as sun-soaked beaches and enthralling cultural sites, ensures a fulfilling stay. Embark on an extraordinary escapade at Holiday Hotel & Resort without depleting your fiscal resources.

10. LA VISTA INN Port Richey, FL $64:

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Port Richey, LA VISTA INN allures travellers seeking cheap hotels in Florida city. Exhibiting an idyllic balance of comfort and affordability, this charming inn ensures guests enjoy a pleasurable stay.

On-site amenities include a serene pool area, ideal for unwinding after a day of exploration. The inn’s prime location allows for easy exploration of local attractions, ranging from nature preserves to historical sites.

Nearby gastronomic venues offer an eclectic selection of culinary delights, sure to please food lovers. Relish the enchanting allure of LA VISTA INN, where quality and affordability coalesce.

11. Equus Inn $73:

Unearthing a sublime amalgamation of opulence and cost-effectiveness, Equus Inn draws thrifty explorers pursuing a Florida hotel at a cheap price. The inn’s polished accommodations are complemented by an array of facilities designed to enhance the guest experience. 

This hotel offers the immaculate pool area, the well-equipped fitness centre, and versatile event spaces for memorable gatherings. In the vicinity of Equus Inn, guests will discover a vibrant culinary scene featuring an assortment of delectable cuisines.

Moreover, the inn’s favourable location affords easy access to the region’s prominent attractions, from stunning beaches to fascinating historical landmarks. Savour an unparalleled experience at Equus Inn, where luxury and affordability harmonize.

12. Hotel Monreale Express I-Drive Orlando $93:

Immerse yourself in the unmatched offerings of a Florida economical hotel at the Hotel Monreale Express I-Drive Orlando. Exemplifying sophistication and accessibility, this distinguished hotel presents an assortment of conveniences and delightful on-site dining options to suit every need.

Advantageously situated in the heart of Orlando’s entertainment district, the hotel’s enviable locations include world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Enjoy the innumerable indulgences of Hotel Monreale Express I-Drive Orlando without overburdening your budget, and create cherished memories that endure the taste of time.

13. The Red Carpet Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport $61:

Embodied in affordability and exceptional comforts, The Red Carpet Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport entices travellers seeking cheap hotels in fort Lauderdale. Sophisticated accommodations and a host of appealing facilities cater to guests in search of both repose and engaging activities.

The invigorating pool area, contemporary fitness centre, and versatile meeting spaces offer numerous opportunities for leisure and connectivity. The hotel’s auspicious location allows for expedient access to a multitude of exquisite dining establishments, proffering a vibrant array of international cuisines.

In addition, various neighbouring attractions, such as pristine beaches, cultural sites, and the renowned Port Everglades, ensure an enriching sojourn. Delight in the remarkable Red-Carpet Inn experience without burdening your wallet.

14. Ramada by Wyndham Kissimmee Gateway $65:

Ramada by Wyndham Kissimmee Gateway, a beacon of accessible luxury, draws discerning travellers desiring a Florida hotel at a low budget. Each elegantly appointed guest room exudes tranquillity and repose, while an extensive assortment of amenities ensures a gratifying stay.

Notable amenities include the hefty pool area, energising workout centre, and a variety of on-site food options. Ideally situated in close proximity to Orlando’s premier entertainment venues and amusement parks, the hotel provides guests with the ultimate vacation experience.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambience of the Ramada by Wyndham Kissimmee Gateway, where comfort meets affordability in a harmonious blend.

15. Seralago Hotel & Suites Main Gate East $59:

Seralago Hotel & Suites Main Gate East distinguishes itself as a choice destination for travellers seeking cheap motels in Florida. This beautiful institution assures guests have a relaxing and enjoyable stay by providing elegantly furnished accommodations at a reasonable price.

There are food options on-site, a warm pool area, and a well-equipped fitness centre. Seralago’s prime location affords effortless exploration of the region’s renowned attractions, from theme parks to shopping centres.

 Neighbouring dining venues present diverse culinary delights guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Experience the allure of Seralago Hotel & Suites Main Gate East, where affordability and quality coalesce.

16. Travelodge by Wyndham Venice $68:

 Unveiling the splendours of a Florida hotel at a low price, Travelodge by Wyndham Venice Hotel captivates guests with an exquisite balance of refinement and value.

The hotel’s gracefully appointed accommodations are complemented by an array of amenities tailored to enhance the guest experience, including a pristine pool area, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and delightful on-site dining options.

In the vicinity of the hotel, guests can explore Caspersen Beach and Venice Fishing Pier. This hotel is 3 miles away from Venetian Waterway Park. The hotel’s advantageous location and commitment to affordable luxury ensure an unforgettable getaway steeped in lasting memories.

17. Galleria Palms Hotel $107:

Discerning travellers seeking a Florida hotel at a low budget need to look at the Galleria Palms Hotel. As an economical lodging option, this establishment presents a cornucopia of amenities, guaranteeing an enjoyable stay. Exuding an idyllic atmosphere, it provides an extraordinary sanctuary for visitors within the Sunshine State.

An opulent oasis, the Galleria Palms Hotel boasts immaculate accommodations, a divine swimming pool, and an impressive fitness centre. Each chamber’s aesthetic demonstrates sophisticated décor and features complimentary Wi-Fi, guaranteeing guest connectivity. Commence the day with a delectable complimentary breakfast before embarking on nearby excursions.

Venture to proximate attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld for an unforgettable experience. For sustenance, indulge in nearby culinary establishments like the succulent offerings at the Ravenous Pig or the eclectic cuisine at Seasons 52. Galleria Palms Hotel provides exceptional value, ensuring a memorable visit.

18. Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista $76:

Travellers in pursuit of a cheap Florida hotel shall discover the Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista as an affordable yet delightful option. Experience a reprieve from the hotel’s distinctive attributes and advantageous location.

The hotel offers a diverse range of amenities, including chic guest rooms, a duo of inviting swimming pools, and an up-to-date gym facility. Nearby attractions encompass an abundance of entertainment options, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Delight in the gastronomic wonders of nearby dining establishments, including the sumptuous fare at Victoria & Albert’s or the appetizing offerings at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. Experience the Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista difference for an extraordinary stay.

19. Magic Moment Resort and Kids Club in Kissimmee $111:

Parents and children alike will delight in the Florida hotel at a low price, in Magic Moment Resort and Kids Club in Kissimmee. This exceptional lodging option specializes in providing engaging experiences for the entire family, ensuring an enchanting holiday for all.

Aimed at fostering memorable moments, the Magic Moment Resort boasts a vibrant playground, a delightful kids club, and a picturesque swimming pool. Visitors will also find comfortable accommodations with complimentary Wi-Fi, keeping everyone connected. Savour a scrumptious complimentary breakfast as you prepare for a family fun day.

Enjoy countless attractions in the neighbourhood, including Gatorland, the Kennedy Space Center, and Fun Spot America. Satisfy your hunger with delicious cuisine at nearby dining establishments, like Charley’s Steak House’s savoury dishes or The Catfish Place’s delightful seafood. Experience the enchantment of Magic Moment Resort for a truly unforgettable family vacation.

20. Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando $117:

Budget-conscious travellers searching for cheap hotels in Florida Orlando will be elated with the Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando. Providing an unbeatable combination of affordability and comfort, this hotel presents a delightful haven for visitors seeking to explore the Orlando area.

Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando is an inviting sanctuary offering cosy accommodations, a sparkling swimming pool, and a well-appointed fitness centre. Complimentary Wi-Fi ensures guests remain connected during their stay. Energise each morning with a delectable complimentary breakfast as you prepare to embark on exciting adventures.

Conveniently located near Orlando’s most prominent attractions, guests can effortlessly visit Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Disney World. The hotel is within walking distance of Pointe Orlando, a lively shopping and dining district. Indulge in the gastronomic delight of nearby restaurants, such as the tantalising Cuban fare at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar or the exquisite Italian cuisine at Maggiano’s Little Italy.

In conclusion, Florida’s budget-friendly retreats harmoniously blend frugality and finesse within the sun-kissed, palm-fringed landscape. These affordable havens serve as the perfect gateway to experience the resplendent offerings of the Sunshine State. Embrace an adventure that transcends the ordinary, creating unforgettable memories without breaking the bank. Let your heart lead you into Florida’s captivating realm, where economic sanctuaries effortlessly unite with splendour, crafting a truly one-of-a-kind experience.