Florida is warmer in the Winter

Florida is warmer in the winter than any other states of USA. Widely known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is also known for its amendable weather.

The winter in Florida lasts from December to February. You can enjoy the cool breeze visiting some of the beaches in Florida as the weather is comparatively warm there. You will find the warmest water around Florida if you go to the Miami beach. The water temperature of the Miami beaches during winter averages 22°C.

Some of the best places to visit in Florida in winter are mentioned below for your convenience:


Miami is called the cultural and financial hub of South Florida. One of the great things to do in Florida is visiting the Miami beaches. If you ask what is the warmest place in Florida in January? The answer will be Miami beach.

Due to the temperature being an average of 17-24°C during winter, you can enjoy the adventures of the beaches that includes sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The Miami beaches can be termed as the best beaches in Florida. Besides other winter destinations in Miami includes the Bayfront Park, Art Deco District, Ocean drive and many more.

For the vibrant fashion scene, beaches, historic sites and everything about Miami is worth exploring. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this city is among the best places to visit in Florida during winter.

2. Key West:

Key West is the southernmost city in Florida and one of the warm places in Florida in December.

Florida is warmer in the Winter : Key West

If you are seeking a warm weather holiday during winter, Key West will deliver you sunny skies, weather averaging a temperature of 70s Fahrenheit with many tourist attractions.

The winter months of Key West will provide you with lots of sunshine, little rain and no chance of hurricanes. So do visit the Key West for enjoying the white sand beaches along with the city’s extraordinary architecture.

3. Naples:

Naples is one of the warmest places in Florida in February having an average temperature of 15-25°C.

Florida is warmer in the Winter : Naples

Locally owned art galleries and boutiques, global luxury brands and many more sprawls across the city making it glamorous. But the beaches here have a quieter feel featuring residential street and single-story bungalows.

You can also enjoy sunset on Naples Pier or explore parks by Kayak. If you want to have more remote experience, you can explore the deserted isles of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

4. Fort Lauderdale:

One of the warmest places in Florida in March is the Fort Lauderdale having an average temperature of 75° Fahrenheit.

If you love the sun, sand and surf, then this is your place. The main attraction here are the beaches, but there are many other things to enjoy here too. This city is a predominantly residential resort city with a Venice like series of canals and waterways.

This city has more to offer you other than just sand and sun; a surprising amount of history, a lively art scene and a unique ecology as a part of the Everglades.

Furthermore, the city’s broad walks, restaurants and shops give it such an atmosphere, that sun-starved northerners crave in a Florida vacation.

The warm weather in winter in Florida gives you amazing opportunity to be adventurous out in the city. You can explore many places enjoying the sunny and breezy weather. Give it a try and we promise you that your vacation won’t go in vain.