Solo Travel in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a gorgeous city that is full of fascinating locations . It is an ideal place for a Solo Travel in Los Angeles , as he can explore this vibrant city at his own choice. People from various ethnicity and culture live here together amidst all the beautiful landmarks, which is a delightful sight to see. Solo traveler can also experience the natural wonders of LA through hikes and long drives.

Solo Travel in Los Angeles

A solo traveler has many things to explore in LA, as it is one of the most Beautiful cities in the world. He can discover a new world, where the manmade stunning structures are surrounded by God gifted nature. He can enjoy freedom and satisfy his own inclinations to the fullest. If he stays close to beaches like Santa Monica, he will discover a magnificent nature to relax amidst.

There are many top beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles. Santa Catalina is a famous island, which lies South-west of Los Angeles. There are top Things to do in Santa Catalina island, Los Angeles for travelers in summer holidays and vacations. A solo traveler can explore this island by hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Los Angeles is a splendid city with many tourist attractions. It is better for a solo traveler to follow some travel tips for safe travel, while traveling in LA.

Safety in Los Angeles for a Solo Traveler:

  1. Los Angeles is a huge city, no doubt. However, you will often see some homeless people wearing shabby clothes roaming around the streets of LA. They can annoy you for money and/or food. It’s best to stay away from them, since you’ll be travelling alone.
  2. In the Metro Rail, you will get to see the Vagabond or Maverick people. Their dusty attires, rough hair and strange looks may create fear in you. Avoid sitting beside them, as they can pull your bag or belongings. So, keep your belongings safe.
  3. Leave the Metro station before 6pm, because afterwards this place is not safe for a solo traveler.
  4. Be cautious if you are staying in a budget hotel in a Black majority area. You have to return to your hotel before sunset. Otherwise you can face pickpocketing.
  5. There’s huge crowd in the beaches of Santa Monica Boulevard. You’ll find a lot of Maverick and hippie-type people there. So keep yourself away from them and be alert at all times.

Things to do in Los Angeles:

1. Take a stroll around Venice Beach Boardwalk :

Venice Beach Boardwalk, along the sea beach in Santa Monica, is quite fascinating. Spend a few hours in this extensive beachside area to watch the exciting outdoor activities, like skateboarding and juggling. You’ll surely enjoy each moment.

Take a stroll around Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles

Visit the stalls and have some drinks, while enjoying the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Many stalls, surf board rental places and boutique shops are scattered along the way of the Venice Boulevard.

Venders sell a variety of colorful paintings and souvenirs. And can busy yourself like the locals by shopping for designers’ swimwear. Also, do visit the nearby volleyball courts, skating area and Muscle Beach, for even greater pleasure.

2. Spend time in Santa Monica Pier :

Santa Monica Pier is a coastal recreation spot near Los Angeles downtown. People usually rush to the pier in the evening to enjoy the exotic sunset and escape from their busy city lives.

Spend time in Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles

Standing by the Pier, you can admire the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean and breathe in the fresh air. Busy working people come to this delightful place to sit beside the shops, munch on some fresh sea food, and while enjoy their leisure in peace.

You can stroll around the beach or can take a bath in sea water also. The views of the gently sloping waves of the blue water from the pier is immensely pleasing. There are many top beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles for the nature lover tourists.

3. Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory :

The Hollywood sign is a cultural icon of Hollywood film industry, LA. You can see this sign from any point in Santa Monica Mountain for free. From Griffith Observatory area above the hills, visitors receive spectacular views of the surrounding region, especially of the Hollywood sign.

Solo Travel in Los Angeles Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

You’ll be surprised by the view of the grand Hollywood sign, which you’re probably more used to be seen before on TV or movies. If you want, you can also take a bus ride to reach up to Griffith Park.

Griffith Observatory is situated on the top of the hill near Griffith Park. So when you visit the Griffith Park, you can take the glorious sight of the Hollywood sign from there as well. Griffith Observatory is the leading astronomy center, which is free for the public. You can observe the stars and moon from a powerful telescope, and explore the museum that has tremendous exhibits of the outer space.

4. Enjoy the Train ride at Getty center and discover Ancient Art :

Getty Museum is popular for enlightenment through displaying ancient European art and sculptures. The Architecture of this establishment is very attractive, which impress the visitors. It is a very safe place for a solo traveler.

. Enjoy the Train ride at Getty center and discover Ancient Art in Los Angeles

This immense structure is placed on the Brentwood hill top of the Santa Monica Mountains. Visitors mostly take the sleek hover train ride as it reaches close to the museum. It was created by a well-known petrol- industrialist, named Paul Getty in 1997.

It was his passion to collect famous old European paintings, drawings and valuable sculptures of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. His rich collection explicates us of how developed the art and sculptures were between the 15th and 18th centuries in Europe.

5. Movie Studio Tours :

Hollywood, Los Angeles is glorious for its film industry and some renowned film studios. A solo traveler will get the chance to watch live movie shoots and even some renowned celebrities only in Hollywood, LA.

Universal Studios, Paramount and Warner Bros are the prominent studios that offer studio tours for the visitors. Guests can see behind the scenes of famous movies and TV shows.

Visitors can pursue behind-the-scene facts and explore the numerous movie sets. If you are lucky, you might even spot famous Hollywood celebrities from up-close. 

6. Roam around Walk of Fame :

A solo traveler can get a close touch of the famous celebrities, while moving around the ‘Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood. More than 2600 famous stars are eternalized by hand and foot prints in pink terrazzo with golden letters.

Solo Travel in Los Angeles Roam around Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

Around ten million visitors walk along the mile-long sidewalk to quest for their favorite actresses, actors, singers and musicians. The surroundings of the ‘Walk of fame’ is very lively and vibrant. You will also get to witness street performers singing and playing music, and entertaining the passerby with fun tricks.

Night life in LA:

Dance Club :

Los Angeles Club Crawl is a very stylish and night club. The night out party with dance is very enjoyable there. Events and live music occur on certain days. If you prefer a crowded dance floor with hip-hop music and DJ nights, you must visit the nightclub Exchange in Downtown.

Dance Club in Los Angeles

Sound Night Club is very entertaining for music and dance lovers, too. On the other hand, the Mayan night club is popular for meringue, salsa and some other Latin trend dances. For even bigger party thrills, reach the top of the skyscraper and get into Elevate Lounge to dance till midnight.

Drinks :

Sky Bar is a lovely place for the singles also. You can enjoy the pleasant drinks  in this appealing atmosphere. It is the perfect place on Sunset Blvd for a rejoicing night. Likewise, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Hollywood is popular for live music and island fun.

Sky Bar in Los Angeles

Library Bar includes a huge selection of beers and wines to entice the drink lovers, while The Roof Hookah Lounge is a fantastic and cozy place to chill. You must taste the vegetarian pizza while you’re here – it’s delicious. The Rooftop at the Standard is pretty nice for scenic views of Downtown. It is adorned with sculptured topiary, a red AstroTurf deck and lots of water pods.

Shows at Night :

A solo traveler, who is looking for an amusing night, can enjoy free live music shows at LA. Free Friday night jazz sessions at Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles is appreciated among the music lovers. Jazz at LCMA presents some talented musicians, who perform from 6pm to 8pm every Friday night and keep the audience thoroughly entertained. EL Rey Theatre, adorned with great architecture, is famous for live concerts as well. It has a grand ballroom and special events are arranged often.

Shows at Night in Los Angeles

Microsoft Theater offers live shows at night in LA Downtown. The Wiltern presents various types of performances like, jazz and pop songs.

A solo traveler achieves great experiences while traveling the gorgeous city of Los Angeles. This city is safe for a solo traveler, even if the traveler strolls around the wild nature, sea beaches, or up the hills. Undoubtedly, you will have a great adventure during your tour in LA.